The rumour mill is circulating once again with hints at the launch date, specs, and more for the upcoming NVIDIA 50 series launch. In this article, we’re breaking down all the rumours about RTX 50 graphics cards. 

What are the Rumoured NVIDIA 50 Series Graphics Cards? 

We’re not sure just yet which cards will be launching on day one, however, we can expect to see a full lineup of RTX 50 series cards post-launch. Based on previous NVIDIA GPU launches, it is possible we’ll see the RTX 5090, RTX 5080, and potentially an RTX 5070 / Ti launch in the first wave. There’s no intel about a possible RTX 5050 as of yet, but given the jump in spec, we’ll see with the 50 series, this could be a great candidate for budget gamers.  

  • RTX 5090 
  • RTX 5080 
  • RTX 5070 
  • RTX 5060 

When Will NVIDIA RTX 50 Series GPUs Launch?  

The million pound (or hopefully less) question. Let’s be honest we all want these new GPUs right now, but it looks like we might be waiting a little longer. While the details are still murky, one thing’s for sure: NVIDIA is cooking up something big for the RTX 50 series launch. While we can’t say for certain which cards will hit the shelves first, if NVIDIA keeps to their usual release timeline, we can expect 50 series GPUs sometime around late October or early November.    

NVIDIA RTX 50 Series Specifications 

It is still too early to guess with any accuracy at NVIDIA RTX 50 Series GPU specs. However, we do have some idea of what we might see. With the Blackwell architecture at its core, these GPUs are poised to deliver enhanced ray tracing, improved AI capabilities, and faster rendering speeds, all contributing to smoother and more lifelike graphics. RTX 50 series graphics cards will also likely see the introduction of GDDR7 memory, which boasts significant speed improvements over GDDR6 and GDDR6X VRAM.  

Hyped For RTX 50 Series Graphics? 

Time will tell how these cards will fare in the latest games, but we can’t wait to check them out towards the end of this year. Are you waiting for the RTX 50 series to drop before your next upgrade? Make sure to let us know in the comments.  

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