UPDATE – Toy Trains Infinite Loop Is finally here 

Our favourite comfy VR game, Toy Trains, gets its first major update – out now! 

When we first checked out Toy Trains at the start of this year, we immediately fell in love with the game’s relaxing gameplay, cute aesthetic, and pure nostalgia. Developer Something Random has already released the awesome Infinite Loop update, meaning there has never been a better time to hop on board. 

Launched April 18th, the Infinite Loop expansion adds 12 new levels to the game’s storyline, and a long-awaited sandbox mode!!! Finally, we can go insane and build even more cute model railways. Inspired by community feedback, this new mode allows players to unleash their creativity and design their own railway masterpieces. 


The simply brilliant Toy Trains is now out on PlayStation VR2Meta Quest 3 / 2, and SteamVR!  

Toy Trains, a passion project produced by former developers of the critically acclaimed SUPERHOT, launches today, January 16th 2024. In Toy Trains, players discover a magical miniature world straight out of a childhood fantasy where they’ll need to help the loveable inhabitants, the Railies. Build railways, connect the cute people of this world, and decorate to your heart’s content. There is a lot to love about Toy Trains. 

You can check out the launch trailer and our full review below.  

We got to try new VR puzzler Toy Trains early! Cosy, creative, and a heck of a lot of fun, here’s everything you need to know about Toy Trains VR.

A fitting start for the first of 2024 and 12th overall instalment of our Coming To VR series, Toy Trains is one of the best VR cosy games I’ve ever had the chance to play.   

Polish-based games studio Something Random has come out swinging with their first title, Toy Trains. Set to launch on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 3 and 2, and SteamVR from January 16th, this is a game your inner child will not want you to miss. 

Made by former developers of the smash hit VR game SUPERHOT, Toy Trains tasks players with creating the model railway of their dreams, all the while solving puzzles in a world where vintage toys spring to life and childhood memories are rediscovered. 


As much as we all deny it, deep down, there is nothing more we crave in our hearts than a model train set… or maybe that’s just me?? Either way, Toy Trains scratches that itch without having to take over your house or hide in shame in the loft. (I swear to Hades, I do not own a model train set; it was ten years ago. We can forget it happened now.) 

Weirdly reminiscent of my own experiences, Toy Trains sees players open a long-forgotten dusty suitcase in their grandpa’s attic. Inside, you’ll find pure nostalgia with trains, houses, and tracks you’ll need to layout to solve puzzles. The story in Toy Trains is all about your imagination, and if you’re anything like me, then you’ll fall in love with this gem almost immediately.  


Gameplay is as simple as it is gratifying. Use track, bridges, and more from the catalogue to fulfil the demands of our new train layouts’ inhabitants, the Railies. Featuring gorgeous storybook-esque graphics, satisfying animation, and a brilliant, cosy original soundtrack, it’s incredibly easy to lose hours of your life to Toy Trains VR; and that’s not something we’re mad about.   

Designed to flex your brain and unlock imagination, the gameplay centres around clicking together pieces of track, decorating our layout with hay, little farms, and more. All whilst unwinding with challenges and puzzles. 

Arguably, the game’s best feature is the lack of scorekeeping or timer. Want to pick up a train and a dinosaur like you’re Godzilla? Go right ahead! By removing the urgency most puzzle games have, the developers have created probably the best way to relax after a long day. I’ve been using Toy Trains off and on for about two weeks at the time of writing as a way to unwind after work, and I love it.  

The charm of Toy Trains comes not only in the form of helping the cute townspeople, listening to the awesome soundtrack, or even from the graphics. Toy Trains genuinely had me feeling like a child again, one of the first things the game has you do is place a train on a small set of tracks to help build the town hall. Rather than progressing in the story, I spent an embarrassing amount of time watching the train go round and round.  

Environments are where this game shines. The attic we’re playing in falls into the background pretty quickly once you focus on the little train set in front of you. However, taking time to look around, you could almost believe you were just in your grandparents’ loft. The actual trainset world in front of you, however, is just as detailed. Whether you’re pushing the trees around or dipping your fingers into a lake, everything just reacts how you’d expect it to.  

Solving puzzles is our way of helping the townsfolk with their problems, and they’re incredibly charming and fun. The puzzles, yeah, they’re good, great even. From the get-go, you’ll have to think about the best way to meet all the requirements. You’ll go from needing to connect just one area all the way to connecting multiple different locations with bridges, switches, and a whole lot of track pieces.  

Toy Trains TL;DR 

Should you buy the game? Yes, 100%! Toy Trains is genuinely brilliant and one of the best VR games I’ve played in a while. It’s clear from the get-go a lot of love has been put into this game by a team that seriously knows what they’re doing. Everything from the sound design and graphics all the way to the mechanics for placing pieces down is flawless. 

Toy Trains is set to launch January 16th on SteamVR, PlayStation VR2, and the Meta Quest 2 and 3

All Aboard 

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