Whilst 70% of UK parents believe that esports can have a positive role in their child’s education, only 32% are happy for them to have an active career in the industry. There isn’t enough awareness of the vital skills gaming can develop or the expansive career options available.  

That’s why we’ve complied this informative blog article detailing everything there is to know about esports in education, including the benefits, skills, and career opportunities.  

Gaming Is Not Just for Fun

As the popularity of gaming and esports continues to grow and expand, many schools, colleges and universities are creating esports programs.  

Some of these even include an official qualification in esports for students to work towards.  


Created with the British Esports Association, Pearson has made the world’s first BTEC qualification in esports.  

Primarily skill-based, it covers topics such as; strategy and analysis, events management, live-streaming, video production, and computer networking. All of which provides an insight into the world of esports and develops skills that are beneficial to careers not just in esports, but also digital and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) careers.  

Degree Programs

Across universities in the UK, you can now earn a degree in esports. These programs detail similar topics as the BTEC qualification but also include digital marketing plus the law and regulations behind esports.  

Some of the universities and colleges that have established esports programs include;  

  • Staffordshire University  
  • The University of Portsmouth  
  • Birmingham City University  
  • The University of Roehampton 
  • The City of Liverpool College 


Along with creating dedicated degree programs, students at universities are setting up their own esports societies. These societies allow students to share their love for gaming along with participating in playing at a competitive level.  People of all skill levels are encouraged to join and get involved!  

Local to Overclockers UK is the Keele University Esports Society. In 2019, we helped create the Overclockers UK Gaming Lab for students and members to use. Take a look at the video down below and check out the final result.

Make a Career Out Of It

This infographic details all of the transferable skills and careers pathways.  

Image credit: British Esports Association

If you want to find out more information on what careers are available to you in esports – check out the British Esports Association’s dedicated webpage.  

Accredited Esports Programs for Students

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

In 2021, esports was added to the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) programme. In order to achieve their Bronze, Silver, or Gold DofE award, it must take place via a school or college group.

Before adding esports to the program, the DofE created a pilot across schools and colleges in the UK and discovered that playing esports develops skills such as strategic thinking, communication, leadership, and teamwork. Along with self-esteem and critical social skills.  

If you want to find out more about the DofE award and its esports program – check out their dedicated webpage!  

British Esports Association

The British Esports Association is a UK based non-profit dedicated to promoting esports in the UK. To spread their passion for gaming, the association works closely with schools and colleges to create esports event. Along with educating parents, teachers and the government about esports and its benefits.  

The Association operates the British Esports Student Championships event.  

NSE (National Student Esports

The NSE or National Student Esports leads the British University Esports Championship – the official British university esports competition.  

NSE works closely with major names in the gaming industry, such as Nintendo and Riot Games, to promote their passion for gaming and the esports industry. Plus, thanks to their Intel FutureGen partnership, students will benefit from support for their future careers. 

Esports Championships

Taking part in esports in school, college, or university grants you access to participating in leading student championships! Engage in fast-paced completive gaming with your team and be in with the chance to earn cash prizes or build your own brand! 

Esports and the Commonwealth Games

For the first time in history, in 2022 it was announced that esports would be included in the British Commonwealth Games.  

160 athletes from 28 other countries in the Commonwealth arrived in Birmingham between August 6th – 7th 2022 to take part in the Commonwealth Esports Championships. Players went head-to-head in three major competitive video games, DOTA 2, eFootball series, and Rocket League. In all of these games, players earn bronze, silver, and gold medals.

If you’re feeling inspired

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To complete the perfect competitive set up, you’ll need some five-star peripherals. We would highly recommend our incredible range of Endgame gear accessories.  

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Heading Back to School? 

It’s that time of year again. The school bell is ringing, and your tech needs an upgrade! You can find plenty of dedicated articles on the OcUK blog to ensure you’ve got everything you need to earn that A*.  

Save on your Back to School Shopping
Back to School

The Overclockers UK Academy 

You’ve got the ultimate esports battle station so why not show off your skills via live streaming? Our Overclockers UK Academy has all the information you need about creating the ultimate streaming set-up.  

What’s more, you can find other helpful and informative articles and video guides, just in case you want to touch up your PC hardware knowledge.  

Have You Studied Esports at School? 

Have you studied an esports course at school? Or perhaps you were part of a society or club? Whatever the case, share your experience with us in the comments below.  

*Prices correct at time of writing and PC specs are subject to change.

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