Jonsplus has just released their second product, and taken their first step into the full-size ATX PC case market. The i400 is a really cool customer, with an emphasis on cool. It features a vertical air tunnel design that channels airflow across all your core components. Both of the stunning models contains this innovation.

Vertical Cooling 

Jonsplus i400 airflow

Imagine, if you will, a tunnel with a dual carriageway that you’re driving along. It’s all going pretty well you’re making good progress.

Then at the end, someone has broken down in one of the lanes and all the traffic has to use just one lane, traffic builds up and tempers start to rise. This is how air acts running through your PC case. Well, the Jonsplus i400 is cutting down on that traffic jam.

First, what it does is move all the parts that don’t need to be in the main chassis and give them their own space out of the way. For example, the PSU has its own dedicated vertical compartment with its own airflow at the front of the case. This is contrary to the industry norm of a horizontal compartment above or below the motherboard. By moving the power supply away from the motherboard, Jonsplus has freed up a huge amount of airflow to cool the core components installed upon it.

Then, the i400 takes advantage of the core concept that hot air rises. There is space to install up to a 360mm radiator on the top and a 240mm radiator on the base, alongside up to three 120mm fans on both. With this setup, you’ll soon have air flowing superbly for the ultimate in air cooling.

Subtly beautiful PC case

The first thing you notice about the Jonsplus i400 is that it’s sleek and elegant. This case is also built from premium materials, helping it to achieve an eye-catching aesthetic.

Jonsplus i400 radiator cover

The i400 comes with tempered glass side panels. The aluminium panels come in one of two colours; they can come in either a silver or black finish. Further accentuating its clean lines, the aluminium sports a brushed finish.

The glass panels are smoked to cut down on glare from any RGB installed in the case. Alongside this, a radiator cover can be installed next to the top radiator. This serves to channel the light down onto the core components. These two features combined will emphasise the components you want to show off, while helping to hide those components you wish to hide.

The Power of Choice 

Jonsplus i400 motherboard compatibility

With the Jonsplus i400, the depth of products available for use to build your dream gaming PC or workstation is staggering. From a variety of motherboards to a plethora of power supplies, even the space for storage is mind-boggling. 

The space within the main chamber is more than enough to fit an E-ATX motherboard with a width over 330mm. This much space also allows for a high-performance GPU that is up to 340mm long. If you want to improve the airflow around the graphics card you can consider fitting it vertically, which can be easily accomplished with a PCIe riser card (sold separately) and the rotatable PCIe rear panel.

Now to power all the variety of components you can install in the i400, you’ll want a high-power PSU. The front mounting for the PSU in this case leaves plenty of space for 270mm long high wattage power supplies. The space underneath the PSU is also perfect for cable management, you can minimise the clutter even in the glass-sided case thanks to a cover that fits over the PSU bay. Furthermore, the cavity below the PSU can also host three storage drives, two 3.5″ HDDs and a 2.5″ SSD. This combined with four locations to mount four more 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives behind the motherboard, gives this case exceptional storage potential.

Order your Jonsplus i400 PC case

So, are you looking for a stylish case that will turn heads without being flashy? Do you want your thermal performance to be top-notch? Then pre-order the Jonsplus i400 today from Overclockers UK.

Jonsplus i400 silver case with tempered glass panel

Jonsplus i400 Silver Tempered Glass Panels

  • Mid-Tower Case
  • Tempered Glass Side Panels
  • Vertical and Horizontal GPU positions
  • Offset Power Supply
  • RGB Channeling Radiator Cover

Jonsplus i400 Black Tempered Glass Panels

  • Top Mount for up to 360mm Radiator
  • Bottom Mount for up to 240mm Radiator
  • Supports up to 168mm Air Cooler
  • 40-mesh Dragon Filters
  • 25mm Feet for Airflow Clearance
Jonsplus i400 black case with tempered glass panel
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