Personalise Your Play

Just when you thought noblechairs couldn’t be any more epic. Now you can personalise their EPIC, HERO, ICON, or LEGEND gaming chair with your own designs.

Personalise Your Play

The Overclockers UK printer can replicate your branding or artwork in vivid colour and precise detail. Get your streams looking on point, show off your skills, or add that personal touch to your favourite gaming chair. Here’s everything you need to know to about our custom printing. Personalise your play!

The Dimensions 

As each model is its own unique shape and size, the available canvas you have to work with differs depending on the series selected. Here are the measurements you have to work with: 

noblechairs EPIC dimensions
noblechairs HERO dimensions
Headrest: 130mm x 90mmHeadrest: 200mm x 100mm
Backrest: 360mm x 330mmBackrest: 360mm x 550mm
noblechairs ICON Custom printing
Headrest: 170mm x 150mmHeadrest: 140mm x 140mm
Backrest: 320mm x 400mmBackrest: 360mm x 400mm

These measurements are width x height. 

How to Get Your Design Printed

Step One: Choose your chair – ICON, HERO, EPIC, or LEGEND. It’s a big decision, so check out our ultimate noblechairs guide for some help.

Step Two: Once you’ve decided which chair you want, click the appropriate link above to take you to the custom printing product page. Select if you want the headrest, backrest, or both printed, and then purchase! Once that has gone through, you’ll receive an email from our printing specialists asking for the artwork you’d like printed.

Step Three: Send a suitable image (see below for details) and our printing specialists will provide you with a mock-up of the final product. Here is the moment to make any tweaks or adjustments.

Step Four: Once you’re happy, we can go about printing your chair. When printed, it will be shipped out to you. Printing can take up to five days.

For full instructions, check out the Overclockers UK Academy video:

noblechairs with Overclockers UK printed branding
Custom 8Pack Chair Print

Premium Quality Printing 

Thanks to our innovative printing techniques, we can now fuse your images directly onto the PU or real leather upholstery. The process cures the image onto the surface, creating crisp, clear images that are incredibly durable. Any attempt to remove the image is going to result in more damage to the chair than the print.

Of course, premium gaming chairs require top-quality care. The printed image can be cleaned without worry of damage, too. It’s recommended you avoid highly corrosive cleaners as, once again, that will deteriorate the chair. Instead, we advise using the noblechairs Premium Care Kit. The cleaner and care gel have been specially formulated to clean and protect your noblechairs. Plus, it is subtly scented with factory-fresh leather for that effortless touch of luxury. 

noblechairs Premium Care Kit

  • Two microfibre cloths
  • Cleaning gel
  • Protection formula
  • Polishing sponge
  • Leather scented
noblechairs premium leather care kit for gaming chairs

What We Need From You 

To be able to print on your chair, we have a few requirements from you. Our parameters are: 

Custom printed noblechairs EPIC with Overclockers UK branding
  1. Be a print-ready vector file 
  1. Use the CMYK colour model 
  1. Not infringe copyright laws. 

Vector Files 

The vector file formats we accept are: .AI (Adobe Illustrator) or .PDF (Portable Document Format). Your image will need to be cut out and separated onto a single layer so that we can add white or primer layers if needed. But what is a vector file? 

Traditional image file formats, such as .JPG, .JPEG, or .PNG, are made of pixels. These pixels are tiny squares that, when resized, can blur or deteriorate. Therefore, they do not make suitable images when they need to be scaled to fit a larger canvas.

Vector files, on the other hand, are presented as mathematical equations. Not only is this easier for the printer to read, but they can also be scaled and resized without loss of quality.  

If your image is a pixel format, then you can convert them using software, such as Inkspace. Alternatively, you can use any number of paid services online that will be happy to do the conversion for you. 

CMYK Colour 

The CMYK colour model utilises Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – much like your printer at home. It’s a four-colour printing process, commonly known as full-colour printing. To best re-create your image accurately, it needs to also use the CMYK model. 


You need to own the rights to the design you want printing. Simple as, no ifs and buts. Your design cannot infringe on third-party rights or statutory regulations. For more information, please familiarise yourself with our copyright disclaimer. This is available to read on the product page for each custom printing chair.

The Bit We’ve All Been Waiting For

Now the official stuff is all out of the way, we can get to the really good stuff. Here are some of the designs we’ve printed so far. Don’t they just look amazing?! 

noblechairs ICON with Artyfakes design
Custom printed noblechairs EPIC with Sizzsarz branding
noblechairs HERO with Lionheart design
noblechairs HERO with kassiopeeia design
Custom printed noblechairs HERO with Blood Hunt branding
Custom printed noblechairs ICON with RGB Skull design
noblechairs EPIC with Blue and Queenie design
noblechairs HERO with kayPOWXD design

Business Branding 

If you’re a business, and you fancy a custom-branded solution, then we can certainly accommodate! Just get in contact with our B2B team, and they’ll talk you through the next steps. 

What Will You Get Printed?

Itching to get printing? Drop a comment below with what you’ll be getting printed or tag us when you ‘gram them, @overclockersuk

Custom Printing for noblechairs

  • Available for EPIC, HERO, ICON, and LEGEND
  • Durable printing
  • Precise and bright colour replication
  • Unique dimensions for each chair
  • High quality
noblechairs EPIC custom printing dimensions
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