The trend for white hardware is well and truly rooted into PC gaming now, and boy are we glad! Phanteks has released white editions of a number of their products, meaning we are all one step closer to having a sleek, on-point gaming PC. Available from today, you can get the Eclipse P600S, Enthoo Evolv X, and SK PWM dRGB fans all in an elegant matte white. What’s more, they have released three PCIe 4.0 riser cables and a vertical mounting bracket, so you can show off your high-end GPU in style. 

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 

Mid tower chassis
Tempered glass side panel
3 x 140mm dRGB fans
Sound-dampening panels
Integrated PWM hub for up to 8 fans

The Phanteks Eclipse P600S strikes the perfect balance between high-performance and silent operation. The carefully curated interior can support a myriad of hardware options, whilst the sound-dampening panels and PWM fan hub help to reduce noise levels. There are many innovative features, including a vertical GPU mounting bracket and support for dual systems*. Able to host up to an E-ATX motherboard, this case really grants you some amazing options when it comes to hardware. 

*This bracket is sold separately. 

Thermal Performance 

To maximise your gaming PC’s thermal performance, the P600S offers incredible fan and radiator support, going beyond the traditional sizes. Already equipped with three 140mm dRGB fans, the front panel can hold either three 120mm or three 140mm fans, whilst the top panel holds the same amount of 120mm fans or just two 140mm models. The rear panel can be equipped with a singular 120mm or 140mm fan, with this mount capable of holding radiators the same size. 

As you would expect, the top panel can hold either a 360mm or 280mm radiator. It is the front panel that defies expectation, able to mount up to a 420mm radiator. This paves the way for impressive custom water-cooling loops! 

Extensive Options

The final point to touch on is just how much storage capacity the Phanteks Eclipse P600S can hold. Whilst only four HDD brackets are included, there is support for up to 10 HDDs with additional brackets. The extra six can be mounted on the motherboard tray. Plus, with accommodation for three 2.5” SSDs on the rear of this tray, the Phanteks Eclipse P600S is a great choice for content creators. 

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X 

Mid tower chassis
Sand blasted aluminium
2 x hinged tempered glass doors
3 x 140mm dRGB fans
Supports up to 10 x HDDs and 9 x SSDs*

*With necessary brackets. 

With both hinged tempered glass panels, the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X is a chassis that’s great for showing off your high-end hardware. With a mix of solid and mesh panelling, this case has wonderful natural airflow that is further bolstered by the integrated 140mm dRGB fans. This case shares a number of innovative features with the Eclipse P600S, such as support for dual systems and an included vertical GPU mounting bracket.  

Keeping Cool 

Once again, there are three integrated 140mm dRGB fans on the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X – two on the front panel, and one on the rear. Alternatively, these can both be replaced with 120mm fans, with space for three on the front panel. The top hosts three 120mm or two 140mm fans, as well. When it comes to radiators, the rear holds either a 120mm or 140mm, the top can support a 360mm or a 280mm, whilst the front can host up to a 420mm radiator. Arm your gaming PC with some powerful custom cooling! With clearance for a CPU cooler up to 190mm tall, you near enough have your pick of the market. 

Storage and Hardware 

This spacious ATX mid-tower case has incredible flexibility when it comes to the hardware you can install. There is clearance for GPUs up to 435mm long, which covers most models available right now. Motherboard form factors are supported all the way up to E-ATX, provided they are 280mm wide. Plus, the power supply can be a maximum of 314mm long, depending on how many HDDs you have and where they are placed. 

Within the PSU shroud, there are two positions to situate your hard drives and four brackets to hold them. Moreover, you can install your drives in both positions, which would limit your PSU to 195mm in length. In total, there are placements for up to ten HDDs and nine SSDs, with six brackets included for that drive form. The additional six HDDs can be installed next to the motherboard, whilst the SSDs can be mounted and hidden behind panels on the right side of the chassis. 

dRGB Lighting 

Both the Eclipse P600S and Enthoo Evolv X feature dRGB fans, with the latter also sporting two chic strips on the front panel and a highlight of the PSU shroud. Effects and colouring can be configured utilising compatible software packages such as Asus’ Aura Sync or MSI’s Mystic Light Sync. 

Phanteks SK PWM dRGB Fans 

dRGB fans with 12 LEDs each
Three packs
Nine blade design
Unique rigid frame
Available as 120mm or 140mm models

The Phanteks SK dRGB Fans are an outstanding addition to your thermal armoury. In addition to looking amazing, with the 12 integrated LED evenly spread to create an ethereal glow, these are high-performance fans. Sporting a nine-blade design, they have been intelligently designed to focus airflow for more effective cooling. 

Plus, as they are compatible with PWM fan hubs, there is a focus on quiet performance as well as efficiency. Spinning up to 1500RPM during heavy workloads, they only produce up to 27dB(A) of noise. Enjoy whisper-quiet performance at all times. 

Both the 120mm and 140mm come as packs of three, with a glorious all-white aesthetic. Stock up and deck your gaming PC with these high-quality fans! 

Phanteks PCIe 4.0 Riser Cables 

PCIe 4.0 riser cable
Dual-layer design
Gold plated connectors
Available in three lengths – 150mm, 220mm, and 300mm
Two adaptor types – 90- or 180-degrees

With vertical GPU mounting becoming ever more popular, the Phanteks PCIe 4.0 Riser Cables are the perfect accessory. Their dual layer design promotes high stability and facilitates the full PCIe 4.0 x16 bus speed. Each lineway is individually shielded, preventing interference from EMI and EFI. Thanks to the flexible cable, you can achieve smooth, clean curves as you extend the PCIe connection from your motherboard to the vertical mounting bracket. 

There are three cables available. The 150mm and 220mm cables both sport the 90-degree adaptor whilst the 300mm comes with the 180-degree adaptor. Each cable is compatible with different Phanteks cases, as listed below. 

150mm PCIe Riser Cable

  • Enthoo 719
  • Pro 2
  • P200
  • Future cases

220mm PCIe Riser Cable

  • Evolv X
  • P500
  • P600
  • Vertical GPU kit
  • Future chassis

300mm PCIe Riser Cable

  • Enthoo Elite

Phanteks Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket 

Vertical GPU bracket
Includes anti-sag rubber pads
Powder-coated steel
Features 1 to 4 expansion slots
Includes 220mm PCIe riser cable

Last but not least, we have the Phanteks Vertical GPU Mounting Kit. This includes a powder-coated steel bracket, 220mm PCIe 4.0 riser cable, and anti-sag rubber pads. Blending seamlessly into your chassis and securely mounting your GPU, this bracket is compatible with graphics cards that use between one and four expansion slots. The first two are uncovered, providing access to the I/O.  The rubber pads help support the weight of your card with the bracket, on the whole, being compatible with many GPU models. 

When it comes to cases, this mounting kit was designed to be used with Phanteks cases, such as the P300A, P360A, and P400. With minor mods to your case, it will be compatible with ATX chassis that have seven expansion slots. 

Upgrade Your Aesthetic 

With these sleek cases and essential accessories now available to pre-order, the only thing left to decide is: which case to go for?! Drop us a comment below with the case you’d choose and why! 

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