So Many Games! – Best of SGF and Xbox Showcases

It’s happening! What’s the procedure, what’s the procedure??? STAY CALM! Okay, so Summer Games Fest dropped last week, and OMG, there’s a ridiculous amount of heckin’ cool games on the way. In this article, I’m breaking down (I break down every day) the games we’re most excited about.  

Before I go crazy and info dump about my new favourite games on you, it is 100% worth checking out both the SGF and Xbox showcases. Both live streams were jam-packed with awesome announcements and fun.  


Yes, it’s not exactly a new announcement, but I really don’t care. Fable dropped a new trailer and… Is that SUPER HANS? Playground Games shared more of their upcoming reimagining of the infamous RPG series at the Xbox Games Showcase, and TBH, the internet is kind of killing it with the Super Hans memes right now😩.  

I spent an ungodly amount of time playing Fable 2 and 3 on the Xbox 360 back in the day, and this latest trailer feels like a 20cc nostalgia hit straight into an open vein. Everything from the world to the NPC dialogue has transported me back to my childhood bedroom. 

The New Fable Game Has Been Revealed! Here’s Everything We Know So Far 

The New Fable Game Has Been Revealed! Here’s Everything We Know So Far 

Civilization VII

SGF might have been a little short on major announcements, but a new Civ game is all we need to get by. The legend of strategy games, Civilization has been around since 1991 and has taken on an almost cult-like following over that time. The teaser trailer for Civ 7 was just a taste. What we know is that a gameplay showcase is on the way this August.  

Lego Horizon Adventures 

Rumours of a Lego Horizon Adventures game have been in the pipeline for some time now, but we finally have deets! Showing off brick versions of Aloy and robot dinosaurs, this first video of the game has us really excited.  

Batman: Arkham Shadow 

Upcoming Meta Quest 3 exclusive Batman: Arkham Shadow is one we’re definitely keeping our eyes on at the moment. The trailer has given us a brief glimpse at the Gotham we’ll be entering. Filled with gas, insanity, and darkness, the showcase has set up the Rat King to be our villain.  

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 

Hold onto your wallets, as Activision wants at least £69.99 from you. Set to take place in the ’90s, leaks have already revealed the game will likely launch on October 25th with a campaign mode, multiplayer across 16 maps, and, of course, the return of the zombie game mode. 

DOOM: The Dark Ages 

The slayer is back! In this prequel, players are set to explore the origins of the DOOM Slayer while taking on the usual hordes of hell. And oh boy, DOOM has never looked this good before.  

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair – DOOM Edition – Black/Red

  • DOOM logo on both the front and back of the chair, alongside ‘Rip and Tear’ tagline
  • The mark of the DOOM Slayer adorns the front of the chair
  • Distinct black and red colours with demonic pentagram iconography on the back
  • Adjustable lumbar support providing support for your lower back
  • ‘Oversized’ seat and backrest – optimised for long gaming sessions
  • Enlarged 4D padded armrests
  • Luxury memory foam headrest for improved comfort
noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Doom Edition
noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set DOOM Edition

noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set – Doom Edition

  • Memory foam pillow set featuring designs from Doom
  • Plush cover material which is breathable and soft-to-the-touch
  • Dense memory foam core for amazing neck support with every game
  • Dramatic black headrest pillow with Doom logo and Slayer’s Club icon
  • Lumbar pillow features the Doom logo paired with iconic, red sigils
  • Adjustable band meaning you can place this pillow exactly where you want
  • Best paired with the noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Doom Edition
  • Machine washable at 40°

Dragon Age: The Veilguard 

Dragon Age is back! BioWare’s new trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard dropped at the Xbox Showcase and introduces us to seven new companions. Harding the Scout, Neve the Detective, Emmrich the Necromancer, Taash the Dragon Hunter, Davrin the Warden, Bellar the Veil-Jumper, and Lucanis the Mage-Killer. Set to launch this year, we can’t wait.  

Oh, would you look at that? A gameplay trailer has dropped now, too!

Ready To Game? 

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Have I Missed One? 

There have been so many announcements in the last couple of days and there’s even more on the way this week! I’ve barely scratched the surface so far, if I’ve missed the game you’re excited for, make sure to shout at me in the comments.  

*Prices correct at time of writing and PC specs are subject to change.

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