Spring Cleaning the Overclockers UK Way!

We’ve all heard the saying, a tidy desk equals a tidy mind. Since May 10th marks ‘clean your room day’, here at Overclockers UK we couldn’t think of a better time to do a little spring cleaning!  

Spring Cleaning the Overclockers UK Way!

Keep on reading to see our top tips for keeping your desk clean and organised to help improve your gaming and work performance. We’ve also included some of our favourite accessories to keep a tidy desk and a clear mind.  

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning here at OcUK has received a much-needed upgrade! Our jam-packed spring cleaning hub has all the tools and expert top tips you need for all your in-depth cleaning needs.  

A Cluttered = a Cluttered Mind:

Messy desk

Whether you are gaming or working, knocking into various bits of clutter on your desk is a notable distraction. It’s been shown that a disorganised environment can result in increased anxiety and stress levels, along with fits of rage at knocking over the same mug multiple times a day.  

To help create a stress-free work or gaming environment and boost your productivity, it’s worth taking some time to clean up the snacks, cups, and stray pieces of paper cluttering up your space and your head.  

The OcUK Way to Keeping Your Desk Clean:

Our team of experts has compiled their top tips to help you keep your desk clean and tidy.  

  • Invest in a large gaming mat to help keep your desk surface clean from marks and crumbs when you inevitably eat food at your desk.  
  • Cable management! Cable management! Cable management! That’s all we have to say…  
  • Cup holders or coasters are your friends! Use them to avoid leaving rings and accident spills on your desk  
  • Consider cleaning up and organising your desk once a week. This is a good idea for those working from home. At the start of your work week, consider giving your desk a quick clean to get you ready to start work.  
  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter! You should only have things that you use on a daily basis on your desk.  
  • Raising your monitors either on a mount or a stand gives you more space on your desk.  

TLDR; 5 Easy Steps to Clean Your PC Set Up

Best Cleaning Products for Your Gaming Set-up

Along with these helpful tips, we’ve also got a dedicated range of products designed to help you clean your chair, monitor, keyboard, and all your other accessories. 

IT Dusters Pixel Perfect Screen Cleaner Wipes

IT Dusters Pixel Perfect Screen Cleaner Wipes (PP-W50):

  • Wipes designed for monitors
  • Anti-static
  • Safe for screens
  • Free from harsh chemicals

noblechairs Premium Care and Cleaning Kit (NBL-AC-LCK-001): 

  • 1 x 100ml cleaning gel and 1 x 100ml care gel
  • Includes a polishing sponge and two microfibre cloths
  • Designed for real and PU leather chairs
noblechairs premium leather care kit for gaming chairs
Glorious Mouse and Keyboard Cleaning Kit (GLO-ACC-CK)

Glorious Mouse and Keyboard Cleaning Kit (GLO-ACC-CK): 

  • Designed to help clean mechanical keyboards and mice
  • Includes a microfibre cloth, a power blower, and brush

Upgrade Your Set-Up Today:

If you are looking for some useful desk accessories, OcUK has a full range of products designed to help you organise and keep your desk clean and tidy.  

I’ve included some of my favourites down below for you to take a look at.  

OcUK Mega Mat 3XL Premium Elite Deluxe Tactical Gaming Surface

OcUK Mega Mat 3XL Gaming Surface (GS-004-OG): 

  • 3XL gaming surface  
  • Constructed from woven fibre technology  
  • Rubberised base for additional grip on your desk  
  • Quality stitched edges to ensure outstanding durability  
  • Finished with a stylish geometric print 

Glorious G-T Trident Headset Holder (G-T): 

  • Silicone headphone mount  
  • Hold up to two audio or VR headsets (up to 40kg) 
  • 3M adhesive pad can be attached to any surface  
Glorious G-T Trident Headset Holder (G-T)
Kolink Chimera Dual Monitor Desk Mount Monitor Stand - Desk Clamp (PGW-AC-KOL-007)

Kolink Chimera Dual Monitor Desk Mount (PGW-AC-KOL-007): 

  • Dual monitor mount  
  • Up to 12kg per arm  
  • Integrated cable management  
  • Height and swivel adjustable  

Endgame Gear MB1 Mouse Bungee (PGW-EG-MUB-001):

  • Perfect for cable management  
  • Prevents cable snagging  
  • Height adjustable arm 
  • Sleek black design 
Endgame Gear MB1 Mouse Bungee (PGW-EG-MUB-001)
Streamplify HUB CTRL 7 USB Hub

Streamplify HUB CTRL 7 USB Hub (SPUH-HC712227.11):  

  • Stream deck with 7 USB ports 
  • Six USB 3.0 and one 2.0A with LED power indicators  
  • Integrated cable clip to keep all your cables tidy  
  • Sixteen swappable acrylic icons for you to customise the hub to suit your aesthetic  
  • Integrated aRGB lighting  

Your Thoughts?

Have you got any tips for how to keep your desk clean and tidy? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  

In the meantime, I better go and clean up that plate and mug leftover from breakfast…

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