We checked out action-packed roguelite rhythm game Beat Slayer, and we think you’re going to love it. Packed with quirky humour, some awesome pulsating beats, and a 90s-inspired dystopian Berlin as the backdrop, there’s just one rule in Beat Slayer. Stay On the Beat!  

It’s All About the Beat 

Rhythm games are very much our jam here at Overclockers UK, and Beat Slayer is no exception to our love for this genre. Developed by the innovative minds at ByteRockers’ Games, Beat Slayer is not your typical roguelite. Button smashing will get you nowhere as you make your way through wave after wave of enemy. Every move you make, must groove to the rhythm of the soundtrack.  

Unleash Your Rhythm Warrior in a Dystopian Berlin.  

We take on the role of Mia, a hardcore music enthusiast and master tinkerer with a knack for kicking robot butt. Armed with her trusty moves and a whole lot of attitude, Mia’s on a mission to take down the villainous Dietrich, who rules the city from his TV Tower, and his army of mechanical minions.  

As a notoriously uncoordinated U N I T of a gamer, the idea of keeping in time to the beat had me a little concerned. However, Beat Slayer’s gameplay is reasonably easy to master, making every punch, kick, and dodge feel so damn good when you get into the grove and start laying down some serious rhythm-based smackdowns. 

As you progress through Beat Slayer, you’ll unlock all sorts of cool moves and upgrades to customise your playstyle. Wanna dash around like a ninja? Go for it. Prefer to pummel your enemies with lightning-fast combos? You got it. In Beat Slayer, no two rounds are ever the same. Each run throws you into a dynamic and ever-changing battlefield, where your decisions and playstyle shape the outcome. Whether you’re feeling daring and opt for risky manoeuvres or prefer a more calculated approach, the game adapts to your choices.  

Clearing each level in Beat Slayer will leave you wanting more. If you’re a fan of fast-paced action, killer beats, and all-around badassery, then Beat Slayer is the game for you. It’s fun, addictive, and scratches that itch I’ve had since completing HiFi Rush.   

We Love Hi-Fi RUSH and Thing You Will Too!

Get ready to feel the beat, as the people who brought us The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo (no, really) present the action-rhythm game Hi-Fi RUSH. It’s taking the gaming world by storm, so much so that we had to play it ourselves just so we could gush about it to you!.. 

All is Klar Herr Commissar Dietrich? 

Beat Slayer is kitted out with an aesthetic that is almost powerful enough to make you want to blast industrial techno and queue for five hours to get turned away from Berghain. All jokes aside, when I say this game is pretty, I mean it’s p r e t t y. Gritty alleyways, towering skyscrapers, and bunkers all dripping with a 90s dystopian Berlin sauce for added favour.  

But that’s not all – the game’s got style for days, with voiced cutscenes and dialogues delivered in a unique comic book-inspired format. So, whether you’re duking it out with robotic foes across the city’s diverse landscapes or in a graphic novel-stylised cutscene, Beat Slayer is a visual masterpiece that’ll leave you breathless round after round. 

Beat Slayer PC Requirements 

ComponentMinimum SpecsRecommended Specs
Operating SystemWindows 8Windows 10
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5 4570 (or quad-core equivalent)Intel® Core™ i7 11700F (or eight-core equivalent)
Memory4 GB RAM8 GB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA® GTX 970NVIDIA® GTX 1060
Additional NotesPlaying with Headphones is recommended. Bluetooth Audio devices may impact rhythm detection & precision.Playing with Headphones is recommended. Bluetooth Audio devices may impact rhythm detection & precision.

Requiring just an Intel i5 4570, 4GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 970, Beat Slayer can be run on almost any gaming PC from the last decade… Yes, the 970 came out a decade ago. Feel old yet? I sure do. If your gaming PC is getting up there in years, it might be time to send it off to go live on a big farm and upgrade! Overclockers UK has a whole host of customisable and pre-built gaming PCs perfect for playing the latest indie and AAA titles.  

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Whilst you can play with a keyboard and mouse, Beat Slayer’s developers recommend using a controller for the best gameplay experience.  

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• Important Product Information Guide
• Xbox Series X|S battery cover
• Xbox One battery cover
• Type C to Type A cable

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  • Thumbstick – adjustment tool
  • USB-C cable
  • Adjustable-tension thumbsticks
  • Shorter hair trigger locks
  • 40 hours of rechargeable battery life

Ready To Get in the Groove? 

Beat Slayer is a hell of a lot of fun and jam-packed with some awesome visuals, a great soundtrack, and honest to hades downright dirty rhythm-based takedowns. Put on your headphones, sync with the beat, and immerse yourself in dystopian Berlin. If you grab this one (and you 100% should, comrades), make sure to let us know how you get on unleashing devastation round after round.  

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