noblechairs EPIC Spider-Man Edition

Iron Man was the first Avenger in the noblechairs officially licenced Marvel gaming chairs line-up. Joining the ranks, we have the noblechairs EPIC Spider-Man Edition, and we are heckin’ excited! Following the release of No Way Home, it’s time to bring Spider-Man home and give him a place at your gaming set-up. Check out this gaming chair – what a beaut! 

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Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man 

There are so many beautiful elements with this chair, it’s hard to know where to start! Firstly, the noblechairs EPIC Spider-Man Edition matches the colour scheme of the superior black and red Spidey suit. Precisely machine tailored, the webbing and logos have been embroidered perfectly to emulate the iconic design. Moreover, in a true homage to Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, the original Spider-Man logo is prominently placed on the backrest. It’s enough to get your spidey senses tingling. 

Upholstered utilising PU leather, the EPIC Spider-Man is going to stay bright and vibrant, no matter how many of Spidey’s foes are brought to this dimension. What’s more, this material is 100% vegan and highly breathable. Consequently, you’ll stay fresh no matter how intense the gaming session. Pairing with the upholstery, this chair is padded with a dense cold foam. Incredibly comfortable, this padding holds its shape over extended use. Battle after battle, this gaming chair will remain the pinnacle of comfort. 

noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair - Spider-Man Edition
noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair - Spider-Man Edition

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility 

The noblechairs EPIC Spider-Man Edition features the complete range of superior ergonomics that we know and love from the model. Designed to emulate a race car seat, the EPIC has won awards for its premium features and incredible support. The Spider-Man Edition is no exception. 


Not content with just being a comfortable chair, the noblechairs EPIC Spider-Man Edition has fully adjustable ergonomic features that can be matched to your exact needs. Firstly, the backrest can be reclined from upright all the way down to 125-degrees. That’s 35-degrees to explore and find your perfect relaxing recline. Additionally, this gaming chair has a tilt rocking mechanism that boasts 11-degrees of movement. Web-slinging may be cool, but it doesn’t come with this level of lumbar support. 

What’s more, the EPIC Spider-Man Edition is equipped with innovative noblechairs 4D armrests. Operating across four axes, these armrests can be adjusted in height, depth, swivel, and distance. As such, configure them to best suit you and enjoy the extra grippy surface. No, it’s not the same mini hairs Spider-Man uses to climb walls, it’s better. Utilising a polyurethane coating, the 4D armrests have improved grip as well as being incredibly comfortable to rest your arms upon. 

noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair - Spider-Man Edition


Peter Parker has his Spidey suit, the EPIC Spider-Man Edition has a stainless-steel frame. Providing a stable and robust foundation, the stainless-steel frame means this gaming chair is highly durable with amazing longevity. What’s more, the base is manufactured from powder-coated aluminium and formed into a five-point shape. Each point ends in a 60mm caster made from a combination of Nylon core and polyurethane coating. As a result, they seamlessly glide over both soft and hard flooring. 

noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair - Spider-Man Edition

Integrated into the base, the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – Spider-Man Edition is equipped with a Safety Class 4 gas lift. Thus, this chair can support up to 120kg of weight. Plus, with 10cm of height adjustment, you can configure this gaming chair to best support you and your back.  

All in all, this gaming chair will keep you supported and look amazing. Whether you’re gaming, uniting with the Avengers, or working your way through homework 

I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noblechairs

You pre-ordered your tickets to see No Way Home, now it’s time to pre-order the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – Spider-Man Edition. Be sure to send us pics of your new chair as part of your gaming set-up, @OverclockersUK. Brownie points if you recreate the iconic kiss! 

noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – Spider-Man Edition

  • Officially licenced by Marvel
  • Red and black Spidey suit design
  • Embroidered webbing and Spider-Man logo
  • 35-degree recline and 11-degree tilt rocker
  • 100% PU leather and cold foam padding
noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair - Spider-Man Edition
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