Your Guide to Gaming Desks

Finding the right gaming desk can be a daunting task, especially with so many options and variants available. But don’t worry, that’s where Overclockers UK comes in! We’ve compiled all our expert knowledge on gaming desks into one handy guide. 

We’ll be highlighting why you should buy a gaming desk, the different types and key features, along with our top recommendations.  

Why Should You Buy a Gaming Desk?

Having a high-quality gaming desk gives you the platform to store and show off all your incredible gaming tech with pride, whilst knowing it’s well supported. 

Gaming desks have been engineered utilising durable materials, such as stainless steel and robust MDF, to ensure it can support the weight of your gaming PC or laptop, multiple monitors, and all your peripherals. They also offer plenty of surface area for your high-speed gaming movements and adventures.  

In addition to this, gaming desks have been fine-tuned to optimise the ergonomics of your set up. This enables you to adjust the layout of your desk, allowing you to game or work for extended periods of time. This notably reduces any excess strain on your back, neck, and eyes.  

There are multiple different types of gaming desks, including:  

  • Small – suitable for small office spaces but still offer plenty of surface area for your PC, monitor, and peripherals. 
  • Large – perfect for those who don’t need to worry about space. Large gaming desks offer an ultra-large surface area for your PC, multiple monitors, peripherals, and even streaming accessories. 
  • Electric – allows you to adjust the height of the desk, swapping between a sitting and a standing position. Electric desks are more ergonomic since you can get up and move about whilst continuing to game or work. They still offer plenty of space for your PC, monitor, and peripherals. 


  • Built from durable materials  
  • Capable of supporting a PC or laptop, multiple monitors, and peripherals 
  • Many gaming desks often include integrated features, such as cable grommets, mounts, RGB lighting, and mouse pads 
  • Often feature special finishes that have been optimised to work with gaming mice 
  • Improved ergonomics, height adjustable gaming desks have been fine-tuned to reduce physical strain and keep you comfortable during work or play. 


  • Can be more expensive than a standard desk  

Key Features of Gaming Desks:

Your individual preferences will influence your choice of gaming desk. However, we have broken down a few of the key features that we think are pretty important. 

Special Finishes:

Typically, a gaming desk will have a robust MDF tabletop that has been finished with a special coating. These coatings have been optimised for all gaming mice to ensure your mouse movements are registered with lightning-fast precision and control. 

Along with these finishes, your gaming desk may also feature an integrated mouse pad. These mouse mats have been crafted utilising high-quality materials, such as micro-woven fabrics, and are compatible with different mouse types. What’s more, to complete the look and blend in with your chosen aesthetic, these mousepads are often finished with a splash of colour.  

Integrated Cable Management:

To help keep your brand-new desk free of unnecessary wires and clutter, gaming desks often included integrated cable management. This can include pass through holes, routing channels, cable trays, and grommets to ensure you can create your dream set up that is free of wires. No more getting tangled!  

Built-in Mounts or Holders:

Speaking of keeping your set up free of clutter, a typical gaming desk will also include built-in headset mounts or cup holders.  

Headset Mount
Cup Holder

Not only does this help you organise your peripherals, but it also even protects the tabletop from any accidental spills. Finally, no more knocking over your cuppa during intense gameplay! 

If you need some extra help keeping your gaming desk clean and tidy, our dedicated Spring Cleaning hub has all our top tips and tricks.  

Height Adjustability:

We all know about the importance of getting up from your desk and moving about. In fact, it’s recommended that you stand up for at least five to fifteen minutes every hour. With a height adjustable desk, you can freely switch between a sitting or standing position, allowing you to get up, stretch, and even do exercise all whilst gaming or working. 

Often height adjustable desks will utilise a built-in electric motor with a button or switch to control and will have a max height reach. We do recommend, however, that you check the max height of your chosen sit/stand desk to ensure it’s compatible with your height.  

Our Top Gaming Desks:

Nitro Concepts D12 Gaming Desk:

The Nitro Concepts D12 Gaming Desk is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a sturdy desk that is compatible with small office spaces. Its frame has been constructed from steel, whilst the tabletop is a durable MDF, ensuring this desk can easily hold up to two monitors and all your must-have gaming accessories. The MDF desktop features a special coating that has been optimised for gaming mice, for superior tracking and control. 

What’s more, the D12 has been fine-tuned for enhanced ergonomics. Underneath the desk, there is ample leg room, whilst the slight inward recess at the front offers additional support for your forearms and elbows. Its sleek all-black design means it will blend effortlessly into any aesthetic. Plus, with built-in grommets, a headset mount, and a cup holder, keeping this desk clean and tidy will be a simple task. 

  • Built from stainless steel with an MDF tabletop
  • Optimised for all mouse types
  • Built-in grommets, headset mount, and cup holder
  • Available in black or black/red

Nitro Concepts D16E Electric Adjustable Gaming Desk:

The Nitro Concepts D16E comes equipped with everything you need in a gaming desk. It is built from powder-coated steel to ensure it can support up to 70kg with space for three monitors. The tabletop has been finished with fine-grained plastic to imitate the look and feel of plastic, which you can opt to cover with the included mousepad. Crafted from micro-woven fabric, the mouse mat is compatible with a vast range of gaming mice and boasts enhanced durability.  

What’s more, since the D16E is height adjustable at up to 121cm, you can effortlessly swap between sitting and standing via the integrated switch on the underside of the tabletop. Lastly, with both a headset mount and three desktop inlets, you can neatly arrange and store away all your cables and headset. 

  • Huge 160x80cm gaming desk
  • Built from powder-coated steel with a fine-grained plastic desktop
  • Includes a micro-woven mouse pad
  • Height adjustable up to 121cm
  • Headset mount and three desktop inlets
  • Available in black or carbon red

ThunderX3 ED7 Adjustable Gaming Desk:

The ThunderX3 ED7 Gaming Desk is the perfect addition to any set up. Utilising a sturdy powder-coated steel, a thick particleboard plastic tabletop, and carbon-fibre finish, this adjustable desk features enhanced ergonomics and a futuristic aesthetic. Capable of supporting up to 50kg, the ED7 boasts a hefty surface area, perfect for storing your PC, monitors, and peripherals.  

To improve your set up’s ergonomics, this desk utilises an electric dual motor mechanism, to allow you to freely adjust from sitting to standing. The digital control panel on the front of the desk means you can easily configure the height with a simple press of a button. This desk goes up to 123cm in height.  

Lastly, the finishing touches to this desk are the cable grommets, cable tray, and under-table cup holder. All of which allows you to organise your peripherals and keep your set up free of unwanted cable clutter, meaning you have more space for all your ultra-fast gaming movements. 

  • Built from powder-coated steel and a particleboard plastic tabletop
  • Complete with a carbon-fibre finish
  • Height adjustable up to 123cm
  • Electric dual motor
  • Includes cable grommets, cable tray, and under-table cup holder

Our In-Depth Guides to Your Gaming Set Up:

From your desk to your gaming chair – selecting the perfect furniture for your set up can be challenging.  

But that’s why we’ve put together several dedicated guides, covering all the key features you need to look out for and more! Plus, we’ve even covered how to maintain and keep them looking factory fresh. 

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