Your Guide to Gaming Chairs

Investing in a gaming chair can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. Fear not, we’ve compiled all our expert knowledge on gaming chairs and put it in this handy guide. Just for you. Aren’t we sweet? 

Your Guide to Gaming Chairs

In this guide, we will go over the why, the what, the who, and the how. The why gaming chairs, the what to look for, the who to choose from, and the how to care and clean. You already know the where – that’s Overclockers UK. There’s even a you can do what now?! but that doesn’t really vibe with the whodunnit thing I was going for. So, grab yourself a cuppa and a snack as we cover everything you need to look for with your next gaming chair purchase. 

Why do You Need a Proper Gaming Chair? 

We are all about those long gaming marathons. We know you are, too. But in truth, sitting at a desk for a long time isn’t great for us. That’s why we have HR training to remind us to get up and wriggle every now and then. Great for brain breaks at work, but when you’re mid-boss battle in a two-hour-long dungeon crawl, standing up for a stretch is well… a bit of a stretch! 

This is where gaming chairs come in. They have been designed and crafted to stay supportive, comfortable, and ergonomic over long periods of time. Many brands consult with esports gamers to integrate the features they’d want during long competitions, bringing top-tier level comfort to your own home. What’s more, they are generally constructed from premium-quality materials to provide long-lasting support. 

But why, I hear you ask, still. Why do you need outstanding support and high levels of comfort? To reduce the risk of aches and pains that come with sitting down for long periods of time. Whilst it is still vitally important that you do get up and stretch when you can, having a tailored gaming chair is going to keep you supported better when in use. 

Nitro Concepts S300
noblechairs LEGEND Gaming Chair Java Edition
BackCare Awareness Week

If you’d to learn more about how gaming chairs support you, and especially your back, check out our dedicated article for Back Care Awareness Week. 

Key Features

What are the key features you are looking for then with a gaming chair? There are going to be personal factors – like picking the right colour for your room or choosing one to suit your height and build – but there are also four universal components. These are: 

noblechairs LEGEND Gaming Chair Starfield Edition
  • Deform resistant padding 
  • Breathable fabric 
  • Sturdy materials 
  • Adjustable ergonomics 

You could find the most stylish chair in the world, but if it lacks these features then it will be entirely useless. Here’s a little more on why each of these factors are so important. 

Deform Resistant Padding 

When we think of comfortable things, we tend to think of fluffy, soft, marshmallow-like qualities. However, when it comes to a gaming chair you are going to want firm, dense padding. It may sound counter-intuitive, but a deform-resistant material is still going to be wonderfully comfortable and able to provide the support you need. Soft paddings will flatten over time, until you may as well be sat on the bare frame. Dense, deform-resistant padding holds its shape. From when you are a level one noob to mastering a game, firm padding will stay plush and supportive. No sagging, no squashing, nada.  

Brands will label this differently, so words to look out for are cold foam, high-density, and latex foam

noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair White and Black
noblechairs LEGEND Gaming Chair Black / White / Red

Breathable Fabric 

Having a breathable fabric is going to make a world of difference when it comes to being sat for a long time. Without it, you’ll be too warm, uncomfortable, and probably sweaty. All in all, not fun. On the other hand, a breathable fabric will allow air to circulate and help regulate your temperature. 

Great news, deform-resistant paddings often possess breathable qualities, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Just the upholstery to consider. Great materials to look out for are real leather, vegan PU leather, and certain fabrics. With that last one, especially, brands will often denote features of their materials that promote breathability. For example, ThunderX3 have innovated AIR Tech fabrics with a pinhole design to enhance airflow.  

noblechairs EPC Gaming Chair Black, White, and Red
noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair TX Edition
Leather vs Fabric Gaming Chairs: Which Luxury is For You

Leather or fabric? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking the perfect material for your gaming chair. Good thing we have a guide to help with that!

Sturdy Materials

Now, you’ve found a chair with dense foam and breathable fabric, the last thing you want it to do is crumple when you sit. Having robust materials, especially for the foundation, are a must. Stainless steel frames and powder-coated aluminium bases will provide enhanced durability and lend strength to your gaming chair. By virtue, this also extends to the upholstery. Flimsy fabrics will deteriorate with use, thus negating any comfort (or aesthetic!) value they provided.  

Nitro Concepts gaming chair base
ThunderX3 EC1 Gaming Chair

Adjustable Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a word you will see bandied around a lot, especially when it comes to gaming chairs. But what does it mean? The literal dictionary definition is “human engineering”, whereas ergonomic (no ‘s’) means “designed to minimise discomfort and physical effort”. In terms of gaming chairs, this means features designed to enhance your comfort. This can include lumbar support, deform-resistant padding, and armrests. 

Taking this to the next level, gaming chairs often include adjustable ergonomics. So not just armrests, but armrests that you can manoeuvre to suit how you sit. Lumbar support that you can configure to support your back just so. The ergonomic features that a gaming chair will have, understandably, will vary from brand to brand. A few common ones are 3 or 4D armrests, backrest recline, lumbar support, and tilt rocking mechanisms. 

ThunderX3 TC5 Gaming Chair recline
noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair with adjustment ranges

Should You Add a Pillow Set? 

To make matters more confusing, there are also accessories you can add to your gaming chair. Namely, pillow sets. With gaming chairs being so crafted for comfort, are pillow sets even necessary? If you want them to be. With a neck and lumbar pillow, you can add extra support for these two vital areas. Many chairs are even bundled with a matching pillow set as standard. Plus, with a Special Edition Pillow Set, you can add a touch of colour and style to your set-up. Especially if you have opted for a more subtle aesthetic with your gaming chair. 

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of a pillow set: 

  • Enhanced support for neck and lumbar 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Breathable material 
  • Flexible placement 
  • Additional cost 
  • Won’t necessarily match your gaming chair 
noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set DOOM Edition
noblechairs Pillow Set Spider-Man Edition
noblechairs and Footrest

I haven’t begun to talk about foot rests, either! It’s a good job I already extensively covered that. Check out everything you need to know about foot rests, and some excellent chair combos to go with them. 

Brand Breakdown 

So, we know what features to look out for, we might have a colour palette in mind, but we still have to narrow it down to a brand. From here on out, there are no wrong answers – all of the gaming chairs we stock will provide outstanding support and cover the features listed above. It all comes down to preference, budget, and your own unique style now. That said, this portion of our guide will be a cheeky fact file of all the gaming chair brands we stock, with plenty of helpful links taking you directly to their corner of our website. 


noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair The Elder Scrolls Online Edition

Name: noblechairs 
Budget Range: £££ – ££££ 
Key Features: Fully adjustable ergonomics, 4D armrests, premium materials 

About: noblechairs has established themselves as a premium gaming chair brand. Their gaming chairs range from moderately priced to big ticket items, depending on if you are opting for Special Edition chairs or higher quality materials. Their blend of precision manufacturing, adjustable ergonomics, and supercar style will definitely add a touch of luxury to your gaming set up. Check out our ultimate noblechairs guide to find out which model suits you best. 

Nitro Concepts 

Nitro Concepts E250 Gaming Chair

Name: Nitro Concepts 
Model Series: S300, X1000, E250, S300 EX 
Budget Range: ££ – £££ 
Key Features: 3D armrests, 125-degree recline, bright colour schemes 

About: Nitro Concepts has the esports aesthetic perfected. Available in a bright array of colours to suit any set-up, these gaming chairs have adjustable ergonomics, breathable fabric or PU leather covers, and casters designed to roll on soft or hard floors. What’s more, the different series cover a range of price points suitable for a variety of budgets. 


ThunderX3 TC3 MAX Gaming Chair

Name: ThunderX3 
Model Series: TC5, EC1, TC3, BC1, TC5 MAX, TC3 MAX 
Budget Range: ££ 
Key Features: AIR Tech fabric, latex foam, XL models 

About: ThunderX3 is another brand that focuses on esports – both as style inspiration and features to include. With six series to choose from, their gaming chairs are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and price points.  


Aerocool Crown Nobility Series Gaming Chair - Black/Blue

Name: Aerocool 
Model Series: Crown Nobility, Guardian 
Budget Range: ££ 
Key Features: High density foam, distinct styles, leatherette cover 

About: Aerocool brings together sleek style and comfortable function. Each series sports its own unique aesthetic, whilst sharing the ergonomic features we know and love. Armed with Safety Class 4 gas lifts, these chairs are fully tested to meet the BIFMA quality standards, thus making them suitable for both gaming and office set ups. 


Asus SL300C ROG Chariot Black Gaming Chair

Name: ASUS 
Model Series: SL300 ROG Chariot 
Budget Range: ££££ 
Key Features: Locking wheels, 145-degree recline, PU leather 

About: ASUS is a gaming brand that needs no introduction. But did you know they did gaming chairs? Marked with distinct ASUS ROG branding, these chairs are packed with ergonomic mod cons and some even sport RGB lighting! Take advantage of breathable materials, adjustable comfort features, and enhanced support from the removable lumbar padding. 

Are Gaming Chairs Good for the Office? Yes!

We’ve established by now that gaming chairs are great for, well, gaming. But did you know these same ergonomic features can improve your work setup, too?

Caring For Your Gaming Chair 

Getting a proper gaming chair is an investment. As such, it is imperative you take proper care of them. Why? Keep your gaming space clean, make the products last longer, I could go on. But I’d rather get to the good part, how to care for your gaming chair. 

For your gaming chair, the how will depend on whether have a leather-based or fabric cover. Fabric chairs can be hoovered with the extension hose, perfect for grabbing crumbs from crevasses. Any spills should be tackled with a damp cloth and left to dry. For leatherette, PU leather, high-tech vinyl, and real leather, however, there is the noblechairs Premium Care Kit

noblechairs premium leather care kit for gaming chairs

This handy dandy little kit contains two microfibre cloths, a polishing sponge, cleaning gel, and protective care gel. The clear cleaning gel combined with a microfibre cloth will easily wipe away spills, messes, and general grime.

Then it’s time to buff with the polishing sponge and protective care gel. This will do two wonderful things: one; provide a protective layer over the material and two; leave a subtle, factory-fresh leather scent behind.

What About Pillow Sets? 

Pillow sets can be machine washed at 40°C, and cooler. I can ramble on some more, but there’s not much else to cover here! Easy peasy maintenance. 

Tips to Maintain Your Gaming Chair

If you would like more details on how to care for your gaming chair, check out our top tips!

Now For Something A Little ✨Extra✨ 

Remember at the top of this article I mentioned there was a you can do what now?! Well, this is what I was referring to. At Overclockers UK, we offer the option for you to have your own artwork and designs printed onto a selection of noblechairs gaming chairs. I’ll just put a couple of examples here, while you pick your jaw off the floor. 

Blue and Queenie Gaming Chair print
noblechairs with kayPOWXD branding

It’s pretty cool, right? 

There are a few stipulations for this service. For one, no copyright infringement – that is the big no-no. Secondly, we require all images to be sent to us in a vector file format utilising the CYMK colour model. This just means we can properly scale your image to the right size and accurately recreate the design. 

You can have your designs printed on a HERO, EPIC, LEGEND, or ICON gaming chair, each offering a unique canvas size and space to fill. 

noblechairs EPIC dimensions
noblechairs HERO dimensions
Headrest: 130mm x 90mmHeadrest: 200mm x 100mm
Backrest: 360mm x 330mmBackrest: 360mm x 550mm
noblechairs ICON Custom printing
Headrest: 170mm x 150mmHeadrest: 140mm x 140mm
Backrest: 320mm x 400mmBackrest: 360mm x 400mm

These measurements are width x height. 

Personalise Your Play

If you would like to learn more about this service – or just stare at more gorgeous chairs – then check out the full Personalise Your Play Article. Sure, I’ll throw in a few more chair pics here for good measure, too. 

noblechairs with Artyfakes branding
noblechairs with kassiopeeia branding

Ready to Upgrade? 

Feel ready to pick out a gaming chair now? Let us know in the comments below which throne you chose! 

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