Your Guide to Gaming Mice 

What mouse you have in your gaming set-up can make (or break!) your performance. As such, there’s no excuse for keen PC gamers to be without a top-notch gaming mouse.  

Your Guide to Gaming Mice 

This article provides an in-depth guide, taking you through key features to look for when purchasing your next gaming mouse. Armed with the right peripheral, and you can improve your accuracy, increase comfort levels, and even make games easier thanks to extra buttons, specialised features, and better sensors. So, grab yourself a cuppa and read on! 

Why do You Need a Gaming Mouse? 

What are the benefits of using a dedicated gaming mouse, rather than your bog-standard computer mouse? We’ve come a long way from the boxy early renditions. Gaming mice are sculpted for comfort, use state-of-the-art technology for enhanced performance, and come in a stunning selection of styles to meet everyone’s aesthetic needs. What’s more, we have more connectivity options, gaming-focused features, and even integrated lighting. Everyone knows RGB makes you game better! 

Glorious Model D PRO Lifestyle

Anatomy of a Gaming Mouse

What are the key features you need to be looking out for in your next gaming mouse? Whilst there is a lot of variety across gaming mice, they all have common features. Things like sculpted shape, optical sensors, buttons, switches, weight, and feet. These features will be crafted to suit different mouse grips, game genres, and more, but still retain commonality across the board. 

There will be plenty of factors influencing your choice, from budget to gameplay. One such aspect might be how you physically hold the mouse, as different shapes support different grips. If you’re unsure which grip you use, check out this infographic. 

Want to see it in action on the Glorious Model O PRO? Of course you do!

Most mice will support a combination of grips, but it’s still something worth keeping in mind. 

Now, onto a breakdown of the key features to look out for when buying a gaming mouse! 

Shell Shape

Although they may feature unique sculpting, gaming mice generally have a fairly standard shape.  Rounded shell, smooth edges, roughly hand sized. Some will have taller shells to better support palm grips whilst others are shorter to facilitate fingertip grips or smaller hands. Regardless of specific features, the overall shape will be ergonomic and sculpted to best provide comfort during long gaming sessions. 

Another commonly seen ergonomic design is a lip to rest your thumb upon. Typically, they form a ridge on the left-hand side of the mouse and provide a resting place for your thumb whilst the side buttons are not in use. 

One final point on the shell, many gaming mice have textured shells to enhance grip. This will help to keep your hand in place as you game, work, and create. You can even optimise grip with tape, which we will cover in further detail later on. 

ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse
Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse

Optical Sensor 

All gaming mice come with optical sensors. These are incredibly sensitive and well suited to the fast-paced action of gaming. They work by taking thousands of pictures of the surface beneath the mouse and using those images to determine the exact position of the mouse as it’s being moved around. The sensitivity is measured in DPI, or dots per inch, because it covers how many dots per inch the sensor can see. The higher this number, the more sensitive your gaming mouse will be. Greater sensitivity allows your mouse and gaming PC respond to smaller movements, in theory, making them more precise. 

Of course, how precise will largely come down to your own skills. (Lucky thing we have a guide helping you to improve your aim!) In fact, a mouse with too high a DPI can be hard to control, but thankfully most gaming mice come with DPI adjustment functionality. Either via DPI buttons integrated on the mouse shell or by crafting a precise sensitivity in companion software, you can switch between settings to best suit your ability and game. I’m a fan of lowering DPI when using mounts and vehicles in my favourite RPG, as it grants more control when trying to navigate high-speed travel. 

Understanding DPI

If you would like to learn how to best use DPI to your advantage, check out our dedicated guide. 

Polling Rate 

The polling rate is another technical term that makes a big difference to functionality. This represents how often the mouse reports its position to your PC, so the faster the better. The standard currently is 1000Hz which means the mouse reports its position 1000 times a second. This equates to roughly 1ms latency. Select gaming mice will offer adjustable polling rates. 

8,000Hz Polling Rate

As with every aspect of the gaming industry, innovation is constant. The technology for 8,000Hz polling rates has been developed and is becoming increasingly more available. 


There are three buttons we expect to see on gaming mouse: the left and right buttons, plus a scroll wheel. (Gosh, who’s old enough to remember when scroll wheels weren’t a standard!) Gaming mice offer more buttons, to increase functionality. Quite often, they will feature two side buttons that lie around where your thumb rests. They can be used to map frequently used functions in game, like attacks, or even for navigation on internet browsers. 

Taking this a step further, certain mice add extra buttons to support specific genres. MMO mice integrate a full, miniature number pad into the side of the mouse, allowing you to assign the various spells, attacks, and shortcuts to the individual buttons. FPS mice sometimes include a DPI snipe button which, when pressed, drastically and temporarily lowers the sensitivity so you can properly aim on long-distance shots.  

Other extra buttons include having a DPI switch to toggle between pre-saved sensitivity settings. What’s more, if your mouse has multiple connectivity options, there may be a slider on the underside to flip between modes.  

Most of the buttons around the mouse can be customised with software, and often different profiles can be stored to suit various game genres. Occasionally, these can even be stored on the mouse if it’s got dedicated memory. 

Corsair M65 RGB ELITE Tunable FPS RGB Optical Gaming Mouse
Razer NAGA X MMO USB Optical Razer Chroma RGB Gaming Mouse


When you say “switches”, you often think “mechanical keyboards” or “Cherry MX”. Gaming mice also have highly durable and accurate switches equipped on the main buttons. These provide consistent performance and are often rated for millions of clicks, ensuring a long lifespan for your gaming mouse.  

These switches can be mechanical or optical, depending on the brand you choose. Razer utilises their own proprietary mechanical switches, whereas Endgame Gear will often instal Kailh optical switches. Each come with their own satisfying feedback, as well as premium performance. Which you go for will be a matter of preference. 


A lightweight gaming mouse remains much more comfortable use over long periods of time. Many gaming mice have optimised construction to reduce as much weight as possible. Typically, wireless mice are heavier than wired mice, as a battery has to be integrated in the design. However, these are becoming just as streamlined and even wireless mice tout ultra-lightweight masses. 

Of course, some of you may prefer having a little more weight to your gaming mouse. Whether it’s a feel preference or an advantage to your gaming, select brands offer tuneable weights. These usually come in different denominations, that can be stored within a dedicated chamber on the mouse. These weights can be mixed and matched to craft your perfect mass. 

Corsair M65 RGB ULTRA Tunable FPS Optical Gaming Mouse without extra weights
Corsair M65 RGB ULTRA Tunable FPS Optical Gaming Mouse with extra weights


It’s not just the mammal kind of mice that have feet – on the underside of the shell, there are PTFE plastic or ceramic skates. These can be four small dots, two larger pads, or a combination of the two. However the feet are arranged, these provide low-friction action on your gaming surface or desk, allowing the mouse to simply glide. What’s more, they are highly durable with incredibly long lifespans. It should be noted that they are the component that sees the most wear, but many gaming mice brands offer skate replacements to keep your mouse going for longer. 

Endgame Gear XM2 skates
Logitech G Pro USB RGB Gaming Mouse


We’ve mentioned wireless and wired connectivity briefly already, merely stating that these options exist. It’s time for a more detailed look. Currently, there are three standards for connecting your mouse to your gaming PC or laptop. Wired, typically via USB, or wireless, which can be over 2.4GHz radio waves or Bluetooth. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, so here’s a breakdown of each. 


Once upon a time, mice connected to your gaming PC via a PS/2 port. Thankfully, we now use the much quicker USB. Usually, this will be USB-A, especially with mice that have fixed cables, as it is the most widely accessible form. Select gaming mice will utilise USB-C, due to it being faster and becoming more mainstream. Unfortunately, there is often limited USB-C availability on your gaming PC, but there is a middle ground solution: USB-C to USB-A cables. The USB-C port will be on the mouse, as the smaller port suits the overall size of the mouse better. This then means the USB-A end of the cable connects to your gaming PC. A nice balance between port availability and better performance. This set up is commonly seen on mice with detachable cables. 

The benefit of utilising a wired connection is that they are more reliable, but the downside is being anchored by the length of your wire. This may not necessarily be much of an issue when gaming from a desk, but the wire can lead to clutter or getting caught on other objects kept on the surface. 

Endgame Gear XM2WE Wireless Optical Lightweight Gaming Mouse - White
Glorious Mouse Bungee

2.4GHz Wireless

There are two wireless connectivity methods, the first being via 2.4GHz radio frequencies. All gaming mice that utilise this connection method will come with a receiver dongle that plugs into a USB port, so a downside of this method is that it will still use an available slot. However, this technology has been greatly optimised and provides low latency connectivity. 

Of the two wireless connections, this one is less battery-efficient, especially if you have RGB enabled. You will need to charge or replace batteries more frequently than with a Bluetooth gaming mouse. Of course, you still have the great benefit of not being tethered by wires. These gaming mice are highly portable and can be used in more flexible game set-ups. 

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro - White Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse
Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse


Bluetooth gaming mice connect to your gaming PC or laptop directly, provided they have Bluetooth enabled. This is the most energy efficient wireless connection, but charging or replacing batteries is still necessary. Once again, this method is low latency, provides reliable performance, and is incredibly portable. 

The main drawback of Bluetooth gaming mice is it depends on whether your gaming PC or laptop offers this method of connectivity. Most do, nowadays, but if you’re operating on an older model then there could be some incompatibility. It won’t just be your gaming mouse that needs the upgrade! A cheeky workaround is adding a Bluetooth dongle to a USB port. Whilst this does use a precious USB port, they are designed to support multiple devices. You can pair your mouse, keyboard, headset, and more to one dongle! Hardly a drawback, really. 

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Ultra Lightweight USB RGTB Optical Gaming Mouse - Snow
ASUS TUF Gaming M4 Wireless USB Lightweight Gaming Mouse


Whilst it may not affect the functionality of your gaming mouse, its style and aesthetic are going to play a big part in the decision. What would be the point of buying a mouse you didn’t like? Gaming mice come in a delightful array of colours, shell styles, and lighting options. You can go for classic black, for the timeless look. Perhaps a white mouse, to match your all-white PC and peripherals. Maybe you’re looking for a splash of colour. You have options. 

Glorious Model I 2 Gamung Mice
Glorious Model O Pro Gaming Mice

Next, do you want a solid or a honeycomb shell? Gaming mice with honeycomb shells tend to be lighter, as they physically have less material going into their construction. If you’re after an ultra-lightweight mouse, it’s something to consider. 

Glorious Model D PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse Black lifestyle image

Then, of course, it’s that ever important question: to RGB or not to RGB? Sleek aesthetics can be achieved without lighting, but if you’re all about that splash of colour then it is the only way to go! 

Glorious Chroma Key Mouse Mat
Glorious Series One PRO Wireless

Left-Handed or Ambidextrous Gamers

So far, I have mostly been talking about right-handed mice. They are the dominant model shape on the market right now. But there are more ambidextrous shapes and even some mice that offer true left-handed support by adding the ability to move side buttons.  

Left Hander's

You can learn more about the ambidextrous gaming mice available at Overclockers UK by clicking the link below. There are even some fun left-handed facts in there, too!

Accessorising Your Gaming Mouse 

As previously mentioned, you can enhance your gaming mouse’s performance with accessories. Optical sensors will work better with a dedicated gaming surface – your desk will thank you too! We have two great guides to help you select the perfect mouse pad for your set-up. 

How to find the Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Check out this guide for a more general overview of mouse mats and what they bring to the gaming table. 

If your thinking is “go big or go home,” then head to this guide. It’s all about the benefits of an XXL mouse mat. 

Here's Why You Should Buy an XXL Mouse Pad

I hear you in the comments, a mousepad is its own thing not an accessory. How about this guide, that covers everything from cable bungees to replacement skates? All in the name of optimising performance. 

Mouse Accessories

This article goes over how each accessory may benefit your gaming set-up whilst showcasing a few of the best products available on the Overclockers UK website. 

Brand Feature 

We’ve talked about features. We’ve talked about connectivity. It’s time to talk about brands, and what they tend to offer. In this next section, I’ll be breaking down a few brands and showcasing one of their popular models.  

Endgame Gear 

Endgame Gear XM2WE Wireless Optical Lightweight Gaming Mouse - Black (EGG-XM2WE-BLK)

Name: Endgame Gear 
Model Series: XM1, XM1r, XM2 
Budget Range: ££ 
Gaming Type: Esports 
Features: Optical sensors, adjustable DPI, lightweight designs 

Pictured above is the Endgame Gear XM2we. It is a wireless gaming mouse with an optical sensor and Kailh GO switches. This gaming mouse has been precision crafted to provide outstanding performance in popular esports titles. It utilises a PixArt PAW3370 sensor with up to 19,000 CPI* and has an adjustable polling rate. Both of these can be adjusted in the XM2we configuration software, which also provides customisation for lift off distance and the debounce time. Make the XM2we work for your gaming style! 

*CPI stands for counts per inch and is just another way of measuring your gaming mouse’s tracking. 


Glorious Model O 2 USB RGB Optical Gaming Mouse - Matte Black

Name: Glorious 
Model Series: Model O, Model I, Model D, Series One 
Budget Range: ££ – £££ 
Gaming Type: FPS, general gaming 
Features: Stunning aesthetics, high-performance sensors, RGB lighting 

Glorious is known for its gaming-focussed designs. The Model O 2 is the improved version of their much-loved Model O gaming mouse. It builds on the features we loved and takes them to the next level, like the iconic honeycomb shell and ambidextrous shape. Equipped with the Glorious BAMF 2.0 sensor, this gaming mouse can be set up to 26,000 DPI utilising Glorious Core software. This can also be used to map the six programmable buttons, enabling you to craft functionality to suit your favourite games. What’s more, this gaming mouse only weighs 59g – ultra lightweight for enhanced comfort! 


ASUS ROG Gladius II Core USB RGB Optical Gaming Mouse (90MP01D0-B0UA00)

Name: ASUS 
Model Series: ROG, TUF 
Budget Range: £££ 
Gaming Type: FPS, general gaming 
Features: Different connectivity options, exclusive switch socket design, sculpted shells 

ASUS ROG and ASUS TUF are two of the biggest gaming brands out there. The ASUS ROG Gladius II Core lives up to the standard set. This gaming mouse has been ergonomically designed to suit all mouse grips, making it a serious contender for just about every gamer! With its PAW3327 sensor and lightweight design, you can enjoy fast and accurate tracking with enhanced comfort. The shell even sports durable, non-slip grips to keep your hand firmly in place. The star feature of this gaming mouse is the exclusive ASUS switch socket design, that allows you to swap out the switches on the main buttons. Replace worn and broken switches or match your preferred feedback to game styles. 


Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse

Name: Logitech 
Model Series: G, G Pro 
Budget Range: £££ 
Gaming Type: Esports 
Features: Industry-leading innovation, Subtle aesthetics, high-performance sensors 

Logitech is a household name when it comes to their electronics, but their G Series gaming mice is an esports favourite. Pictured above is the Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse, equipped with Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed Wireless technology. Connections are secure with a 1ms latency, ensuring high-speed performance as you dominate the competition. What’s more, this gaming mouse has dedicated on-board storage for up to five profiles, allowing you to engineer the G Pro to suit all your gaming needs. Map the eight customisable buttons and perfect your gameplay. Additionally, this mouse supports true ambidextrous use, as select buttons can be removed and swapped to the other side of the mouse. 


SteelSeries Rival 5 Lightweight RGB USB Optical Gaming Mouse (62551)

Name: SteelSeries 
Model Series: Rival, Aerox, Prime 
Budget Range: ££ – £££ 
Gaming Type: MMO, general gaming 
Features: RGB lighting, lightweight design, gaming-focused features 

Pictured above, we have the SteelSeries Rival 5. This gaming mouse is from one of SteelSeries’ most popular lines, crafted to perform well in MOBA, MMO, FPS, Battle Royale and other fast-paced genres. With distinct lines accented by RGB, this is certainly a stunning addition to your gaming set-up. What’s more, the Rival 5 offers true one-to-one tracking thanks to the TrueMove Air precision optical sensor. It has a competitive weight of 85g and nine ergonomically placed buttons that can be customised with in-game hotkeys. Comfort, style, and function all in one. 


Corsair M65 RGB ULTRA Tunable FPS Optical Gaming Mouse

Name: Corsair 
Model Series: M Series, Harpoon, Sabre, Scimitar 
Budget Range: ££ – £££ 
Gaming Type: FPS, MMO, general gaming 
Features: Gaming focused features, RGB, ergonomic 

Corsair takes the notion of your gaming mouse being part of your arsenal seriously – many of their gaming mice are named after weapons! We’re taking a closer look at the M65 RGB Ultra because it has a snipe button and tuneable weights. The Corsair Marksman sensor can be set up to 26,000 DPI, but with a simple press of the big red button on the side and you can drop that whilst you take aim. It even has a crosshair on it. The tuneable weights allow you to adjust this gaming mouse from 97g to 115g with the six included weights. Craft the perfect mass for all your genres. What’s more, this mouse has native support for the 8,000Hz polling rate, putting the M65 RGB Ultra right at the bleeding edge of tech. 


Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro USB Optical Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse - Black (RZ01-04630100-R3G1)

Name: Razer 
Model Series: DeathAdder, Naga, Viper, Basilisk 
Budget Range: ££ – £££ 
Gaming Type: MMO, esports 
Features: Green and black aesthetic, ultra lightweight, proprietary switches 

Razer products are designed by gamers, for gamers. Their DeathAdder V3 Pro is on its third iteration, with refined ergonomic form and cutting-edge upgrades. It’s even 25% lighter than its predecessor! For its sensor, this gaming mouse utilises a Razer Focus Pro 30K optical sensor which has a DPI of – you guessed it! – 30,000. This is a wireless gaming mouse that can be connected by a USB-C to charge, so not even low battery will slow you down! Designed with the help of esports pros, this gaming mouse facilitates powerful performance with ergonomic support.

Glorious Model O 2 Gaming Mouse

Of course, this little brand round up has barely scratched the surface on which gaming mice are available at Overclockers UK. We have plenty more brands, wireless, wired, RGB, and budget gaming mice for you to explore!

Caring for Your Gaming Mice

As your gaming mouse sees a lot of use, it is important to keep this piece of hardware clean. Just as with your gaming PC, excessive grime and dirt can lead to poor performance. We have a full guide on the best ways to clean your gaming mouse. 

How to Clean Your Gaming Mouse: Overclockers UK’s Top Tips!

From alcohol wipes to the best ways to dust, we have you covered. 

If your gaming set-up needs a little TLC on the whole, we have our full spring cleaning blog for you. Useful all year round. 

Spring Cleaning

Time to Level Up 

After this guide, you should be confident with how to level your mouse game. If you have any more questions, drop them in the comments and we’ll answer. The especially good ones will get added to the blog – or maybe even their own dedicated article! 

Is there a particular guide you’d like to see next? Let us know! 

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