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i7 7700k Pre-Binned Processor No 5GHz

Discussion in 'Ask 8 Pack' started by xiamwebb, 14 Jun 2017.

  1. xiamwebb


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    Got a pre-binned Processor5 ghz chip from overclockersuk, can get a stable 4.8ghz MAX at 1.4v, cant get a stable 5ghz, tried 1.3 - 1.45v, the higher the voltage the more 'stable' it gets, but still bluescreens and crashes when stress testing, using cinebench,passmark,prime95, intel extreme, etc to run these tests btw. have spoken to overclockers on the phone and they keep recommending 1.375v but this is actually worse than when I'm tinkering.

    I've got a corsair h115i watercooler with x2 Noctua NF-A14 140mm industrialPPC-3000PWM Cooler fans, I've re-applied thermal grizzly paste multiple times, I'm seriously getting frustrated now spending £150 extra for a not guaranteed 5ghz chip.


    Recommended settings from product page via overclockers
    Settings for 5.0GHz:
    - Vcore 1.32-1.39v load typically 1.35v needed at most.
    - VCCSA 1.05 for 3200mhz mems Upto 1.25 for DDR4000mhz +
    - VCCIO 1.0 for 3200mhz mems. upto 1.25 For DDR4000mhz +
  2. Aa83


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  3. Ste


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    What temperatures are you running and what are you using to test stability?
  4. snips86x


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    What motherboard? Could be that or another settings which is throwing it out! What's your LLC running at?
  5. Hotwired


    Joined: 17 Aug 2009

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    Non AVX Prime 95 is what these chips are tested with (among other things) and it says so on the product page.

    If anything you are testing it with uses AVX code then that will probably be the reason it is failing.

    AVX code is more demanding and the chips are not sold as AVX stable overclocked.
  6. Minstadave


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    I don't understand why people are buying mid-tiered binned CPUs. They overclock about as well as a non-binned CPU but you're absolutely guaranteed to not get a golden CPU as they've been tested and if they overclocked amazingly they'd be in a higher bin.
  7. Reality|Bites


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    Yeah i'm in the same boat really, It's stable with everything running at 5Ghz but when I load up the Witcher 3 it just get too hot and either the game freezes or I get a blue screen.
    I've tried up to 1.39v to make it stable but with more voltage you get more heat so...
    I even installed a custom water loop last week but that doesn't help.
  8. Reality|Bites


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    So other than increasing cpu voltage what could I adjust to get a stable 5Ghz in everything?
  9. Hagar


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    Room temperature!
  10. Nickolp1974


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    Whats your bsod code, 101, 124, 50???? Also what temps for cinebench r15 at stock settings
  11. 8 Pack

    OcUK Staff

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    Need more details to fully help. The 5g cpu 7700k is binned 5.1ghz for R15 so something else is off here