13th Gen Intel Core Processors Beyond Performance

The latest big tech announcement has dropped. That’s right, 13th generation Intel Core Processors are coming. Whilst not officially released for sale yet, we have a few tantalising details to share with you today. Come with us, as we explore all things 13th Gen Intel. 

13th Gen Intel Core Processors Beyond Performance

What Do We Know So Far? 

There are a few key details that we know about the latest Intel Core generation. First and foremost, its architecture name is Raptor Lake. Am I imagining lots of microscopic velociraptors running the processes on these CPUs? Yes, yes I am. That is just the sort of whimsy you can expect from my mind. 

More importantly, Intel has stated that this new family of desktop processors will be the world’s fastest. For gamers, creators, and enthusiasts, these CPUs will deliver phenomenal performance for all workflows. 

13th Gen Intel Core processors Beyond Performance

For Gamers: ST (single-thread) performance has been increased by up to 12% thanks to insanely fast frequencies. These processors can achieve speeds of up to 5.8GHz, optimising your experience when gaming, streaming, and recording. 

For Content Creators: Including more E-cores within the hybrid architecture has boosted MT (multi-thread) performance by up to 25%. Even with multiple creative workloads on the go. 

For Enthusiasts: Overclock like a boss, whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the process. A new software, Intel Speed Optimizer, offers easy overclocking for both core and memory. 

Raptor Lake Architecture

The individual performance of each processor is still being kept under a tight lid, but we do know a few juicy details about Raptor Lake architecture. This will utilise the same innovative hybrid design that we first saw in Alder Lake, improving aspects and adding more support for newer industry standards. 

This means all the new Raptor Lake processors will feature a blend of P- and E-cores, perfectly balanced to suit their performance tier. The maximum number of cores will be twenty-four, split into eight P- and sixteen E-cores, which will be on the i9 model. We can expect to see an increase in E-cores across the range, improving the overall efficiency of 13th Gen. 

These desktop CPUs will utilise Intel 7 Process Technology, a 10nm Enhanced SuperFin node with at least a 10% increase in performance per watt. Pair this with the knowledge that each processor will be able to reach speeds 5.0GHz and up, and we have some fast and efficient CPUs here!  

For keeping up with the latest industry standards, these processors can now support DDR5-6200 and have an increased L2 and L3 cache. With NVIDIA RTX 40 Series inbound, these processors will also support PCIe 5.0.


Intel Raptor Lake Processors are available to pre-order. Explore the range now.

Will You Be Upgrading? 

Are you looking forward to this next generation of Intel Core Processors? Will you be making the upgrade? Drop a comment below if you will! 

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