Fallout 2024 Amazon TV Series

War never changes, but our list of most anticipated TV shows sure did! The Fallout TV Series is finally here and we. are. hyped. 

We’re going to keep this article updated as more information is released, stills are shared, and trailers are dropped as we get closer and closer to launch day. 

Date Reveal!

October 2023 might feel like a distant memory, but that was when we finally got a release date for the Fallout TV Series. 12th April 2024. And now it’s here 😍 

Thank you Bethesda for translating the American dates!

Here sooner than anticipated, too. As a thank you for all the support, Amazon dropped the whole series early! And there are already talks of a season two? We’re simply spoiled! (Although, 6pm PT was 2am BST, and I am waaayy too old to be staying up that late on a school night!)

Fallout Trailers

Amazon launched a long-anticipated teaser trailer at the end of 2023, giving us our first glimpse of the Vault 33 jumpsuits, the Brotherhood of Steel in their T-45 power armour, radroaches, wasteland insanity, and even a live-action incarnation of Dogmeat! 

About a month prior to the premier, we got a full trailer. It’s got everything – dramatic music, funny one-liners, and the promise of so much Fallout goodness! 

What Will the Fallout TV Series Be About? 

While Amazon is still being coy on the details, we do know a few tasty titbits. The Fallout TV show will take place in the same world as the games themselves, officially described as “a world where the future envisioned by Americans in the late 1940s explodes upon itself through a nuclear war in 2077.”  

The series is set to follow Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, a Vault Dweller descended from those who took shelter in said vault two centuries earlier. She’ll leave the safety of Vault 33 for the Wastleland of what was once Los Angeles. 

Lucy Amazon Fallout 2024

We know the Brotherhood of Steel will also have a role to play, as we follow squire Maximus, but whether they are friend or foe to Lucy remains to be seen. Frenemies, maybe?

Brotherhood of Steel Amazon Fallout 2024

The third major character in the series is Walton Goggins’s “The Ghoul”, formerly known as Cooper Howard. Like many of his kind, this irradiated man has lived since the bombs dropped. He now makes his way through the Wasteland as a gunslinger and bounty hunter seemingly primed to have a big role in the story. 

Ghoul Walton Goggins Amazon Fallout 2024

Who is in the Fallout TV Series? 

Aside from the three leads, sci-fi icon Kyle MacLachlan appears as Hank, Overseer of Vault 33 and Lucy’s father. Moises Arias plays Lucy’s brother Norm and Michael Emerson appears as Wilzig, an enigmatic wanderer who aids Lucy. 

Hank and Lucy Amazon Fallout 2024

There are a few other famous faces, such as Mike Doyle as Mr Spencer, and Johnny Pemberton as Thaddeus. Other actors have been confirmed for the series – such as Chris Parnell and Leslie Uggams – and we look forward to spotting them on the Americana landscape. 

Where Will I Be Able to Watch the Fallout TV Series? 

As the Fallout TV series is being produced by Amazon Studios, it is no surprise that it will stream online via Amazon Prime Video. We expected new episodes to come out weekly, like their other big shows The Boys and Rings of Power, but the trailer promises all episodes will be available from the premiere! We know what we’re binge watching this weekend. 

Fallout Lore

Been a hot minute since you last played Fallout? The franchise is over 25 years old, after all! Game Spot has put together a video explaining the lore of Fallout. Whether you’re new to the story or need a quick refresher ahead of the series, this is sure to get you spotting easter eggs throughout the show!

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Best Gaming Chairs (And More!) For Fallout Fans 

Need a little more Fallout in your set-up? We get that urge. We have a tasty range of Fallout-themed products, just waiting to make their home in your Vault. Read about it all, or head straight to our website to boost your Fallout collection!

What Do You Think of the Show?

Let us know what you think of the Fallout TV series in the comments below. No spoilers! 

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