Exciting Fortnite Roadmap Leaks

The recent Fortnite leak might just be the biggest one yet with plenty of teasers for upcoming game content. We’re showcasing all the key highlights and everything you can expect to see in Fortnite over the next year!  

Exciting Fortnite Roadmap Leaks

Yearly Road Map Teasers

Chapter 5, Season 3

Hints at an apocalyptic themed update with Metallica and Pirates of the Caribbean skins coming to the game.  

Chapter 5, Season 4

Fantastic Four, some of the biggest Marvel characters, will be finally making their way into the game.  

Chapter 5, Season 5

Return of the original Fortnite map, weaponry, traps, gadgets, and vehicles.  

ICON/Festival Artists

Four hit ICON/Festival artists will be featured in the game. This includes: 

  • Billie Eilish  
  • Metallica  
  • Karol G 
  • Snoop Dogg 

LEGO Fortnite 

LEGO Fortnite is expected to receive a Star Wars update at some point in May-June which is perfect for your May the 4th festivities. Plus, LEGO Klombo will also be making a return!  

LEGO Fortnite media

Top PCs to Play Fortnite

Are you looking to play Fortnite but don’t quite have the PC for it? At Overclockers UK, you can find plenty of high-quality PCs that are perfect for playing Fortnite. We’ve got our top pick for you below, but if this PC doesn’t match your vibe, you can browse the full range instead.  

Refract Gaming Jade Pre-Built PC

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In a previous update, the Witcher, himself, found his way onto Fortnite.

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What Are You Looking Forward To?

What are you looking forward the most from this yearly roadmap? Let us know in the comments.  

PC specs are subject to change.

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