Gaming mouse pads are available in countless sizes, each with its own particular set of advantages for your gaming experience. XXL mousepads, in particular, offer a huge surface area for all your lightning-fast movements.  

To help you decide if you should level up your set-up with an XXL mouse mat, we’ve put together this guide highlighting all the benefits, along with a selection of our favourite XXL mouse pads.  

Here’s Why You Should Buy an XXL Mouse pad for Your Gaming Set-up!

Endgame Gear MPJ-1200 3XL Gaming Surface

XXL Mousepad

An XXL mouse pad, or extended gaming surface, will typically completely cover the desk or table that you use with your gaming PC and its peripherals.

The dimensions vary with each different manufacturer and model but often XXL mousepads are twice as wide as they are long. This offers you so much more space compared to a standard-sized mouse mat.  

Why You Need an XXL Mousepad

XXL mousepads are suitable for gamers, streamers, and even those working from home.  

The huge surface area ensures you will have plenty of space for all your flicks and glides during critical gameplay. This makes them particularly suited for fans of fast-paced FPS titles or those who enjoy playing games with a low DPI setting. For streamers or those working from home, you won’t need to worry about all your gear taking up precious desk space. There is plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, stream deck, headset, and even a cup of tea to give you that much-needed boost of energy.  

As XXL mouse mats are constructed from only high-quality materials with durable stitched edges and often feature a rubberised base, they will remain firmly in place, no matter how aggressive your gameplay gets. What’s more, an XXL mouse pad offers a layer of protection for your desk or table. You no longer have to worry about any accidental spills or scratches.  

If you can’t decide whether or not an XXL mousepad is for you, check out our dedicated blog article about how to choose the perfect mouse mat for your gaming set-up. 

How to Find the Best Gaming Mouse Pad for Your Gaming Setup! 

Our Favourite XXL Mousepads

If you’re searching for your next mousepad upgrade we’ve got our top XXL picks for you below. If our selections don’t suit your desk or aesthetic, you can also shop all our XXL mouse pads.  

OcUK Mega Mat 3XL Tactical Gaming Surface:

Show off your love for OcUK with our very own branded 3XL tactical gaming surface. Measuring 1180mm x 600mm, this XXL mousepad has been manufactured utilising smooth woven fibre and has been optimised for optical gaming mice. Featuring enhanced quality stitched edges and a rubberised base, the Mega Mat 3XL gaming surface boasts incredible durability, staying strong battle after battle.  

  • 1180 mm x 600mm
  • Woven fibre
  • Rubberised base
  • Stitched edges
  • Ideal for optical mice
  • Stylish grey geometric finish

Endgame Gear MPC1200 Cordua 3XL Gaming Surface:

Adorn your desk with the Endgame Gear MPC1200 3XL Mouse Pad and enhance your gaming experience. This XXL mousepad is made from Cordura, a high-quality fabric that is abrasion resistant and boasts extreme durability. Optimised for optical gaming mice, unlock superior precision and control that is sure to prove advantageous during the heat of battle.  

  • 1200mm x 600mm
  • Made from Cordura fabric
  • Optimised for optical gaming mice
  • 3mm thick
  • All black with stitched edges
  • Rubberised base

Glorious GW-XXL Pro White Gaming Surface:

The Glorious GW-XXL Pro White Gaming Surface is the perfect choice for those looking to achieve that sleek all-white aesthetic. Measuring 460mm x 910mm, this XXL mousepad has been crafted from quality low-friction cloth to deliver ultra-fast reaction speeds and control, giving your gaming mouse the upper hand during those intense sessions. 

It’s even machine washable and portable, perfect for on-the-go gaming! 

  • 460mm 910mm
  • Cloth surface with stitched edges
  • Low-friction
  • All white
  • Anti-slip rubberised base

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Did You Upgrade to an XXL Mousepad?  

Be sure to tell us if you opted for an XXL mouse mat in the comments below.  

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