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With PlayStation recently releasing a host of ex PS4 exclusives to the PC audience it’s no surprise the rumor mill has kicked into overdrive. Horizon Zero dawn for PC was a huge announcement in early March and we might see a similar official announcement about God of War later this year.

If you’ve forgotten what God of War entails it’s an action-adventure video game series and you play as the powerful Spartan Kratos. He seeks violent revenge on all the Olympians that betrayed him. The game unsurprisingly takes part in ancient Greece and features famous gods from Greek mythology like Ares, Athena, and Zeus. It also happened to win over 190 Game of the year awards!

God of War – Story Trailer | PS4

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How do we know God of War is coming to PC?

The real answer is we don’t. However, with PlayStation being more open to PC ports fans have been keeping an eye on the PlayStation website. This is when it was discovered “exclusive to PlayStation” disappeared off the God of War webpage a couple of days ago. A few TWEETS later and a post on REDDIT and the news is everywhere. However, don’t begin sharpening your war axe just yet. Unfortunately, it appears the website was simply being updated and “Playstation exclusives” is back. This doesn’t mean its never coming to PC however and if Horizon Zero Dawn does well we could see more announcements later this year including God of War.

God of War Atreus

What do we have to look forward to?

Sony Santa Monica hasn’t officially announced a God of War sequel but it’s all but been confirmed with posted job listings for new roles, with one listing clearly naming the God of War reboot. It’s likely this new game will be released for the PS5 and it’s rumored we could see Kratos traveling to Ancient Egypt or Japan for his next adventure. Also, don’t forget if you only have a PC you can still play God of War via Playstation Now. The streaming service gives you access to hundreds of games and although it depends on a fast internet connection instead of the power of your gaming PC the option is there. Unfortunately input lag is always going to be an issue and I’m still hoping for native PC support.

Chatting with Ash Cosplay as she turns Danny into Kratos!


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