A detailed look at the must-have gaming chair for Fallout fans:

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noblechairs is a well-established gaming chair company that prides itself on using high-quality materials to create beautifully designed and expertly manufactured gaming furniture. Recently noblechairs teamed up with the prestigious games development studio, Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda is known for creating a range of popular titles throughout the companies successful 30-year history. Many players have fallen in love with at least one of their games, and amongst the most legendary titles is Fallout. Thanks to this exciting partnership, there is the opportunity to own an officially licensed Fallout gaming chair.

Fallout noblechair at desk

The Fallout gaming chair is part of the multi-award-winning noblechairs Hero lineup. This special edition Hero chair has a unique, standout colour scheme that pays homage to the famous blue and yellow Vault-Tec colours found throughout the game. Vault tech logos and Vault Boy also feature, which means this chair is sure to be a must-have item for any Fallout fan.

noblechairs fallout dimensions


The noblechairs Hero comes well packaged with plenty of protection during shipping, which ensures each chair arrives safe and sound. Self-assembly is required, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow, which makes the process quick and straightforward. It’s possible to assemble the chair by yourself. However, it will be easier for someone to assist.

Inside the box, everything required, such as tools and fixings needed for assembly, are included for convenience. The use of high-quality manufacturing ensures superior components and construction is straightforward with zero frustration.

noblchair fallout edition Arm rests

Vault-Tec approved Comfort and Ergonomics:

The Hero is one of the latest additions to the noblechairs lineup, and the use of extensive input and guidance from eSports professionals featured in the design process. The features on offer ensure it is ergonomic and comfortable even when used for an extended period. The seat area is firm and supportive thanks to the dense, high-quality cold foam used in its construction.

Over time the seat becomes more pliable and comfortable like a well-loved pair of shoes, and it won’t let you down by losing shape, compressing, or sagging, ensuring a long life span. The Hero takes the form of a relaxed racing style with a backrest that is broad and elongated, spacious seating area, and larger armrests. There is more room to move and relax while also providing a better distribution of weight for more significant support. The headrest has built-in memory foam to provide additional comfort, and the included luxury neck and lumbar pillows can also be attached.

noblechairs fallout edition lever

A large number of adjustability options ensure the chair is suitable for a wide range of preferences, and one of the standout features of the HERO is the adjustable lumbar support. The side-mounted rotary dial allows quick and easy customisation of this feature, and as a result the shape is personalised to your preferences with no need for additional cushions. The side of the chair has a handbrake style lever which adjusts the tilt mechanism and allows recline of up to 135°. When the rocker is unlocked, the chair tilts back a further 11°, which is perfect for a quick nap or relaxed session playing Fallout with a controller.

The height of the class 4 gas lift can be adjusted underneath with an easy to reach lever. At the chairs’ lowest setting, I can nearly touch the floor with my 5’7 frame making it suitable for the taller amongst the population minus the Deathclaws. The armrests on the HERO are 4D adjustable, which means there are various buttons and levers to change the height, position, and angle quickly and smoothly. Each one provides ample space and is coated with a firm rubber that is pleasant to lean on.

noblechair fallout edition rear desk

Nuke proof construction and quality:

noblechairs excel when it comes to manufacturing processes and build quality. The materials used are of high quality, and the workmanship is state of the art. The premium PU leather is thick and hard-wearing with the benefit of being waterproof for easy cleaning and maintenance. The stitching that holds the upholstery together is neat and provides the perfect base for the Colourful embroidered Fallout design elements.

Beneath the comfortable exterior is a solid steel frame foundation that is capable of supporting up to 150KG when teamed with the robust wheelbase. The 60mm Nylon wheels are equally sturdy and designed to ensure smooth and quiet movement across all kinds of flooring.

noblechairs fallout backrest logo

A design to match your jumpsuit:

This special edition noblechair successfully takes the stylish, modern aesthetics of the HERO and blends it wonderfully with a variety of elements from Fallout to create a truly eye-catching chair. The bright blue and yellow colour scheme is the obvious choice to complement the Fallout theme, and the Vault boy and Vault tech logos complete the design.

To ensure longevity, the logo and image are embroidered with a high-quality finish that looks excellent and adds to the premium aesthetic. Of course, the chair wouldn’t be complete without “Prepare for the Future” emblazoned on the backrest, and this Hero will be the main focal point of any Fallout themed setup or gaming space.

Fallout noblechair overview:

  • Eye-catching design with uncompromising quality.
  • Comfortable and supportive with plenty of adjustabilities to suit a range of preferences.
  • Use of Premium materials and construction for a durable, high-quality design.
  • Easy to assemble, 1-month comfort guarantee, and a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

The partnership between noblechairs and Bethesda is an exciting one, and the Fallout edition of the Hero is a must-have item for every enthusiast & collector.

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