Your Guide to PC and Console VR

2023 is The Year of VR! New headsets, tech, and a boatload of games are on the way, but are you ready to play? 

PCVR vs Console VR

In this guide, we’re explaining everything you need to know to choose what type of virtual reality headset is right for you. Console, PCVR, or standalone? The choice is yours. 

What Is PCVR 

PCVR, or PC Virtual Reality, it is what it says on the tin… box… Headset? We promise it isn’t really that complicated! 

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll say there are currently three main types of virtual reality.  

Type 1: Standalone VR 

Standalone VR headsets such as the HTC VIVE XR Elite, PICO 4, or Meta Quest Pro all have one thing in common. They don’t require a PC. The great thing about Standalone VR is the freedom to play games on the go and without a bulky tether cable from VR days past. What’s more, Standalone VR headsets also allow you to connect to your PC wirelessly or with a tether cable for more performance-centric games.

HTC VIVE XR Elite All-in-one XR and PC-VR Gaming System

  • 19201920 pixels per eye (38401920 pixels combined) Resolution
  • 6 DoF Inside-out Tracking
  • 90 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Up to 110 degrees Field of view
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR2 Processor

Type 2: PCVR 

PCVR is the most common type of virtual reality. Requiring a powerful gaming PC to render games and experiences, PCVR can offer the best graphics and performance. What’s more, most standalone VR headsets, such as the HTC VIVE XR Elite, offer fully wireless PCVR.  

Wireless PCVR lets you play all of your SteamVR games and it works by utilising your router or an AirLink adapter to send visuals to your headset over Wi-Fi 6. TLDR: Your PC does all the work, and your home network transfers all the visual information to your headset. The best part? You don’t need a fast internet connection, just a good Wi-Fi 6 or greater router, as the information is only being sent locally. 

HTC VIVE PRO 2 Full Kit - HD VR Headset, Controllers, Base Stations (99HASZ002-00)


  • 2448 × 2448 pixels per eye (4896 x 2448 pixels combined) Resolution
  • 90/120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Up to 120 degrees Field of view
  • Adjustable IPD 57-70mm
  • SteamVR Tracking 2.0

Type 3: Console VR 

Whilst we hate to say it as die-hard PC gamers, PlayStation 5 owners have it pretty good right now. The PSVR2 is, without a doubt, one of the best VR headsets on the market. Putting the brilliant specs of the hardware aside, the console-powered headset boasts some incredible VR games, including Horizon Call of the Mountain and Gran Turismo 7. 

Level Up Your Streaming: How to Capture PSVR 2 Footage

Level Up Your Streaming: How to Capture PSVR 2 Footage

What’s the best PCVR, Standalone VR, or Console VR? 

The best VR headset for you will ultimately depend on what games you want to play, your budget, and if you prefer console or PC. All three types of VR we’ve mentioned offer a great experience. However, if you’re looking for some simple advice: 

Standalone VR offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to play without needing a powerful gaming PC or pesky cables to get tangled in. You can even play PCVR games wirelessly, making a great upgrade path for these headsets.  

PCVR headsets are often more expensive, offer better visuals, field of view, and features. However, with dedicated PCVR headsets, you’ll need to be tethered to the PC at all times via a physical cable or wireless connection. 

Console VR is a great choice for gamers who have already invested in a PlayStation 5 and are looking to play a great catalogue of exclusive and cross platform games.  

Looking for some great VR games? 

So, if all this talk of VR has you hankering for some new VR games to play, we’ve got you covered. The Overclockers UK blog Coming To VR Series showcases an upcoming VR game you’re guaranteed to love each and every month! 

Logo for the VR game Kilelr Frequency with text above that reads, coming to VR:
Breachers VR
Coming to VR: Across the Valley

Ready to take on some PCVR? 

There’s no easy way to put it. PCVR requires some pretty serious horsepower. Don’t worry. The Overclockers UK store has you covered with everything you need to upgrade your current PC. Or, if you prefer to take advantage of a pre-built VR gaming PC, our Refract range are pre-built, pre-tested, and ready for next-day delivery.  

Refract Blog Featured Image

Refract Gaming PCs: Built to Play the Games You Love 

Refract Gaming Celeste – 1080p/1440p Pre-Built Gaming PC

  • Pre-built gaming PC for mid-range gaming and streaming
  • AMD Ryzen 7 7700X CPU
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM
  • 240 AIO CPU cooler
  • Two storage drives
Refract Gaming Celeste 2023

PC specs are subject to change.

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