Are you looking to build the cleanest gaming PC possible, well the Phanteks XT Series is what you need. With three new chassis available, all supporting the innovative hidden connector motherboards from MSI and ASUS, say goodbye to those pesky cables. What’s more, they do this whilst being affordable. Is there anything else you could you ask for? 

Three New Cases 

The Phanteks XT Series is a brand-new line of cases, comprised of the XT Pro, XT Pro Ultra, and XT View. Each chassis provides excellent compatibility with the latest gaming hardware, beautiful aesthetics, optimised cooling, and all at a price tag to suit any budget. 

Each case boasts a large main chamber, which facilitates even the chonkiest components. The motherboard tray is compatible with E-ATX motherboards up to 280mm wide. Meanwhile, with a GPU clearance of 415mm, even an NVIDIA RTX 4090 can be easily installed in an XT Series chassis with enough room to route all your cables.   

Phanteks XT Pro
Phanteks XT Pro Ultra
Phanteks XT View

You will be able to build a gorgeous gaming PC with one of these cases. The XT Pro with its all-black design and no RGB, makes it ideal for a minimalist gaming set-up. However, if you prefer a more colourful design, then the XT Pro Ultra is a fantastic choice. The XT Pro Ultra utilises the same stunning design as the XT Pro, with the addition of multiple RGB fans, and a DRGB controller which allows for direct control of all your RGB lighting without the use of software.  

Finally, the XT View draws inspiration from the Phanteks NV line of cases. The front and side panels are both tempered glass, providing a panoramic view of your gaming hardware. Additionally, there is no support pillar for these panels, allowing for an uninterrupted view inside. What’s more, aside from its RGB fans, and a DRGB controller, the XT View also boasts a vibrant RGB strip across the bottom of the side glass panel to illuminate all your prized hardware. 

Excellent Cooling Options 

Keeping your PC cool is made simple with the XT Series. The XT Pro and XT Pro Ultra each feature a large mesh front panel, perfect for feeding plenty of cool air into your PC. In both cases you can mount up to ten 120mm fans, with three at the top and front of the case, a single fan on the rear panels, and a further three mounted to the PSU chamber midplate. Alongside this up to three radiators can also be installed simultaneously, a 360mm model at the top, a 240mm in the front, and a 120mm in the rears. 

Gaming PC built in a XT Pro Ultra
Gaming PC built in a XT View

The XT View with its crystal-clear front and side tempered glass panels, allows for the installation of up to nine 120mm fans. The XT View like the Pro and Pro Ultra supports three fans in the top, a single fan in the rear, and three on the midplate. Two more fans can be installed in the side mount, which draws air from the rear compartment into the main chamber. The XT View is also compatible with the same radiators as the Pro and Pro Ultra. The only change being that the 240mm radiator is relocated from the front to the side. 

Hidden Connectors, Hidden Cables 

Building a showstopping gaming PC has become an important factor to many enthusiasts. As a result many manufacturers produce a wide variety of stunning components, such as the Evangelion inspired range of hardware from ASUS. 

However, cables have often been difficult to make look good. Some methods that have been employed to improve the aesthetics of cables include the use of custom sleeved cables or RGB strips attached to cables. For most people though, hiding cables has been the only choice. To aid in this endeavour, manufacturers have added several innovations to their cases that make this a simpler task, such as multiple routes for your cables, silicon grommets to protect and hide cables, along with cable clips and tie down points to gather loose wires into a single easily managed bundle. 

Well, what better way to hide your cables, than to not having them enter the main chamber of your PC at all. This is thanks to the innovative hidden connector motherboards, which locate their headers such as the motherboard 24-pin and CPU 6+2-pin to the rear of the PCB. This means that any cable that needs to be connected to the motherboard can be completely hidden in the rear compartment of the case. 

Passthroughs of a Phanteks XT Pro Ultra

As this is a new technology, not all chassis support these motherboards. The Phanteks XT Series is just one example that does. These cases provide extra openings between the front and back compartments that give access to the headers on the board. As a result, you can have the vital power cables for your gaming PC completely hidden away, giving enthusiasts more options for building the cleanest gaming computers.

Squirrel Away Those Cables Today with Phanteks 

Are you excited by the possibility of a cableless gaming PC? Then grab yourself a Phanteks XT case from Overclockers UK today. Have you managed to snag a hidden connector motherboard? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Phanteks XT Pro

Phanteks XT Pro

  • Mid tower case
  • Compatible with hidden connector motherboards
  • Mount up to three radiators
  • 415mm GPU clearance
  • Front mesh panel

Phanteks XT Pro Ultra

  • Mid tower case
  • Mount up to ten fans
  • 270mm PSU clearance
  • Four included RGB fans
  • Available in black and white
Phanteks XT Pro Ultra
Phanteks XT View

Phanteks XT View

  • Front and side tempered glass panels
  • No support pillar for unobstructed view
  • Install up to nine fans
  • Seven expansion slots
  • Available in black and white
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