Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs: Which One Is Right For You? 

It’s the age-old question, gaming PC or laptop… Wait, no, the other age-old question, gaming or office chairs? Which one is better? 

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs: Which One Is Right For You? 

This guide will take you through the benefits and drawbacks of both gaming chairs and office chairs while offering a comparison of the two. Together, we will determine which is the better choice for your set-up, ergonomic needs, and style. We’ve even got a cheeky rec or two and further reading to help kickstart your shopping! 

What to Look for in a Chair

Before we can start inspecting gaming and office chairs, we need to know what it is we’re looking for in our dream throne. There are a few key factors which we will be referring back to over the course of this article. They are: 

noblechairs LEGEND Gaming Chair Black / White / Red Edition
  • Budget 
  • Ergonomic features 
  • Material 
  • Style 

How important these are will vary from person to person. Those on a tight budget will be thinking more about cost than aesthetics, whereas someone who’s saved up for the mod cons is going to be focused on the ergonomic features. You do you, boo. We’re just here to talk about the chairs because we’re nerds. 

In the name of thoroughness, here is each of those factors in a little more detail and features to look out for:

Budget is about the pricing. Both gaming and office chairs can come with hefty price tags which can be off-putting if your budget is limited. However, a high-quality chair with decent comfort features is an investment for proper back support, a must whichever chair you pick. Still, there are always more accessibly priced ranges to explore as well. 

Ergonomic features can be anything from a gas lift to fancy integrated lumbar support. In an ideal world, we’d all have chairs with the mod cons because that is what is best for us. Sadly, your budget will have a say in things, as the more luxury features, the higher the price tag. If you are restricted by budget, then focus on the most important ergonomic feature for you. Perhaps you need a wide recline angle or a larger seat base – use this as a starting point and find the model that matches your needs and budget. 

Material can be limited by budget, but whatever you pick will be durable and breathable. We did a full deep dive into gaming chair materials, weighing up their pros and cons, which is definitely worth a read if you’re undecided on fabric. 

Style is important. You are a unique individual with your own aesthetic and, like we mentioned before, this is an investment. No one wants to buy a gaming or office chair they don’t like to look at. Of course, there may be external factors affecting your pool of choice, but style vibes are absolutely a deciding factor. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

Nitro Concepts rainbow

What is a Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is a desk chair that has been tailored for gamers. From aesthetics to ergonomics, gaming chairs are designed to be sat in for extended periods. Someone in R&D understood the assignment, we wanna game and we wanna game all day! 

Darth Vader lifestyle blog
ThunderX3 CORE Black Gaming Chair

Available in a range of premium and breathable materials, there are gaming chairs to suit a variety of needs, budgets, and must-have features. Brands like noblechairs have perfected the art of luxury, whereas ThunderX3 and Nitro Concepts have models that meet a variety of price points. 

Whether you want integrated RGB lighting, race car vibes, or a design inspired by your favourite game, these chairs will be chock full of ergonomic features that have been engineered to support you through long sessions. We’re talking lockable reclines, tilt rocking mechanism, adjustable armrests, and even configurable lumbar support. You’ll stay comfortable from the start of your campaign all the way to the final boss! 

For an easy access overview, we’ve detailed a few pros and cons of gaming chairs: 


  • Designed for extended use 
  • Premium materials 
  • High backrests and contouring for comfort 
  • Advanced ergonomic features 
  • Wide range of designs and colour schemes 


  • Can have a premium price tag 
  • Tend to be big – not suited for smaller spaces or users 
  • Limited variety in shape 
Java Office Set Up

What is an Office Chair?

Much like gaming chairs, office chairs are an evolution of the humble desk chair. You may remember the basic desk chairs from your school’s computer suites – scratchy material, falling apart, height adjusters that seem permanently stuck on too high or too low. A proper office chair is a far cry from this, featuring plush materials, ergonomic support, and more robust build quality. As with gaming chairs, they too have been built to provide comfort throughout the working day. 

Leather office chair
Office Chairs

The main area where gaming and office chairs differ is their aesthetics. Gaming chairs tend to emulate the seats used in race cars, with sculpted wings and harness holes. Office chairs offer a bit more variety, from futuristic-looking mesh chairs to luxurious wide-back chairs. Heck, you can even get office chairs that look like they have fallen out of a Victorian library, with aged leather and brass studs. (If you are familiar with my office set up, it will not surprise you that one of these chairs features prominently.) 

With great variety comes great price points, there are office chairs available at a range of budgets that still offer fantastic ergonomic features. Much like with gaming chairs, some amenities come at a premium – be they ergonomic or material – but there are still plenty of accessibly priced office chairs that will offer an exciting array of creature comforts. 

Once again, we have a cheeky pros and cons list for that all-important overview. 


  • Excellent variety in shape and style 
  • Premium materials 
  • Designed for comfort 
  • Great variety in price points 


  • Generally limited in colour and design 
  • Select features come at a premium 
Student lifestyle set up

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

The final head to head. Which is better: a gaming chair or an office chair? 

Drumroll, please! 

Honestly? It’s entirely up to you! It doesn’t really matter if you pick a gaming or an office, so long as it provides excellent comfort, has breathable materials, is in a style you like, and at a price you can afford. If you’re ticking all those boxes, then you’re golden and there are no wrong answers.  

ThunderX3 EAZE Gaming Chair Loft Scenario
Are Gaming Chairs Good for the Office? Yes!

If you’re like me and have a pathological need to sit on the fence, boy do I have the solution for you! Did you know that you can use a gaming chair in the office?

Overclockers UK Top Picks for Gaming and Office

As gaming PC experts, the Overclockers UK range of chairs is largely filled with the, well, gaming variety. That said, we do have some select models that offer more office vibes if that is the aesthetic you prefer. You can explore our full range by clicking the button below, or read on to see our top picks for both a gaming and office chair. Both is also good. 

Gaming Chair: noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Elden Ring Edition 

Frankly, we could have picked any of the noblechairs Special Edition gaming chairs because they are all iconic. We went with the HERO Elden Ring Edition because we will never get over the fabulous world tree embroidery on the back. Or the golden detailing throughout the design. Truly, this gaming chair is a throne. Plus, it comes with integrated, adjustable lumbar support, 4D armrests, and dense cold foam padding to keep you comfortable throughout your marathon gaming sessions. 

noblechairs elden ring special edition gaming chair hero
ThunderX3 XTC Mesh Black Gaming Chair

Office Chair: ThunderX3 XTC Gaming Chair

The ThunderX3 XTC takes the mesh fabric and makes it art. This chair is equipped with a SYNC5 mechanism that boasts five-way adjustability, allowing you to configure the XTC to your exact requirements. Even better, the innovative X-shaped structure with dedicated back and lumbar panels effortlessly self-adjust, providing unrivalled comfort no matter how much you wriggle. Even the headrest can be adjusted for optimum support, with both tilt and height functionality at your disposal. Plus, the classic black aesthetic will look great whether you’re working from home or in the office! 

Boba Fett Small Office

Looking for some inspo for your office space? We have a growing collection of inspiration articles for you to peruse!

Share Your Set Up

What do you use in your gaming or office set-up? Let us know in the comments below or, better yet, take a pic and tag us on socials! 

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