noblechairs HERO ST Series

Suffering a bad desk chair can really make you cry out, “I need a HERO!” Well, noblechairs heard and brought two models to the floor. That’s right, from today we have the HERO ST Black Edition and the HERO ST TX Edition available at Overclockers UK. Two new gaming chairs, with stunning looks and superior ergonomics. Suffice to say, noblechairs really do know how to spoil us.

noblechairs HERO ST Series Black and TX Editions


The HERO ST model originally started as a Black Friday exclusive in 2020. The style proved popular and additional editions have been released over the years, including the Stormtrooper chair. The HERO ST marries the traditional HERO shape with the race car vibes of the EPIC. The result? A gaming chair with a spacious seat base and backrest, with a harness hole in the headrest. Otherwise known as “amazingly comfortable” and “super stylish”.

Black Edition

The noblechairs Black Edition range has been making gamers comfortable since 2019. The high-tech vinyl cover is highly breathable, thanks to the treatment process that creates mircofine pores. Permeable to both air and water vapour, you stay fresh and comfortable during marathon gaming sessions, all-day streams, and office hours

Another fine detail, this high-tech artificial leather is highly durable. Crafted in Germany, this material resists tears, abrasions, and the toll of everyday usage. It’s even easy to clean, a boon to the clumsy among us. (Yes, I am talking about myself…) 

As with the rest of the range, the HERO ST Black Edition is a sleek addition to any gaming set-up. The uninterrupted, all-black aesthetic cuts a fine figure that would look marvellous with a bold gaming PC, such as the Infin8 Venomous.

noblechairs HERO ST Black Edition
noblechairs HERO ST Black Edition

TX Edition

The noblechairs TX range launched a little over a year ago after the limited-edition version proved to be popular. Taking a step away from the various leather upholsteries, the TX range utilises a reinforced poly-blend fabric. It’s durable, stylish, and soft-to-the-touch. Plus, this fabric is cushioned for your comfort, as well as being highly breathable. Perfect for extended use! 

A stunning feature of the TX Edition is the fabric itself. Called anthracite, the grey colouring emulates the brushed effect often seen on PC cases, creating a phenomenal finish. Just imagine one next to a gaming PC built in the Kolink Rocket Complex.

noblechairs HERO ST TX Edition
noblechairs HERO ST TX Edition

Heroic Ergonomics

Both the HERO ST Black and TX Editions are armed with the superior ergonomics we love. Based on the HERO model, these gaming chairs have the larger backrest and seat base, providing a spacious foundation whilst you game. What’s more, they share the advanced backrest features with adjustable integrated lumbar support. 

In addition to this, they possess the same ergonomics seen across the noblechairs range. Recline up to 125 degrees and enjoy 11 degrees of movement on the tilt rocking mechanism. Lean back in complete comfort. Plus, the HERO ST Black and TX Editions both possess 4D armrests. They can be configured in four directions, enabling you to perfectly align them to your needs. As such, they can be adjusted in:

  • Height; 
  • Angle; 
  • Distance to the seat base and; 
  • Depth. 

Premium-Quality Materials

Keeping to the high noblechairs standards, the HERO ST Black and TX Editions are machine-made utilising premium-quality materials. As a result, the frame is highly durable stainless steel, providing a robust foundation. Padding the chair is a dense cold foam, so chosen for its deform-resistant properties, ability to support, and breathable characteristics. 

The base is formed into a five-point shape, utilising powder-coated aluminium. Each branch ends in an extra-large, 60mm caster. These are formed of a nylon core and polyurethane coating which enables them to roll seamlessly across soft and hard flooring. Whether your gaming environment is set up on plush carpet or classy wooden flooring, you can effortlessly roll about on these gaming chairs. 

noblechairs HERO base
noblechairs HERO ST TX Edition

Why Should You Pick a noblechairs?

Why wouldn’t you pick a noblechairs? They are premium, top-quality gaming chairs and there are plenty of benefits to using one. First of all, they are DIN EN 1335 certified for office use and the Safety Class 4 gas lift is TÜV certified. This means they are designed for and approved to be used for extended periods of time – all the while keeping you firmly supported. We can’t have you aching while you game. 

Having a proper gaming chair is vital, especially when looking after your back. noblechairs’ expert pairing of premium materials and completely adjustable ergonomics means you will stay fully supported whether you sit in it for five minutes or five hours. It’s why they consistently remain some of our favourite gaming chairs.

noblechairs HERO ST Black and TX Editions

Available Now

If you’d like to get your hands on either of these gaming chairs, well you’re in luck! They are available now at Overclockers UK. Which is your favourite of the two? Drop a comment below.

noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Black Edition

  • High-tech vinyl leather
  • Superior ergonomics
  • ST edition HERO with harness hole
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Lumbar and neck pillow set included
noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Black Edition
noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair TX Edition

noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair TX Edition

  • Reinforced poly-blend fabric
  • Stainless steel frame and aluminium base
  • 4D armrests and 11-degree tilt rocker
  • ST edition HERO with harness hole
  • Includes lumbar and neck pillows
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