Here's Everything You Need to Build Your Ultimate Gaming Setup

There are a ton of wacky and insane gaming PC builds out there. In this article, we’re breaking down the best gaming PCs you can actually buy right now! From wall-mounted, overclocked monsters all the way to some drop-dead gorgeous desktops, you will not believe these PCs actually exist.  

Whether you’re looking for a new custom PC, pre-built, inspiration to build your own, or just like looking at pretty PCs, we’ve got you covered.  

8Pack Cryocube – Intel Core i9 14900K Extreme Overclocked PC 

When you absolutely positively have to be the coolest gamer in the room, accept no substitute. 8Pack and his team have outdone themselves with the 8Pack Cryocube. This frosty beast features a 14th-generation Intel Raptor Lake CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, and DDR5 RAM clocking in at up to 7200MHz. What’s more, the fully custom EK Water Blocks cooling system keeps the PC icy, cool, and whisper quiet. Whether you’re gaming, creating, or working, the Cryocube’s overclocked performance is phenomenal. 

Let’s be honest: having the most powerful PC is cool and all but we all want a system that will leave your friends jealous. Decked out in a sleek all-white design with stunning RGB lighting, the Cryocube is as much a showpiece as it is a powerhouse. Each component is handpicked by 8Pack for top-notch performance, making 4K gaming, digital rendering, and streaming a breeze. 

  • All-white, overclocked gaming PC by 8Pack
  • Outstanding hardware including an Intel Raptor Lake-S CPU and DDR5 RAM
  • Equipped with titan-class NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card
  • EK Water Blocks cooling system with custom Tech Forge distro-plates with 8Pack branding
  • All components cherry picked by 8Pack for cohesive performance
  • Stunning RGB lighting to complete the frosty Cryocube aesthetic

OcUK Gaming Radiance Frosty MK2 – Intel Core i5, RTX 3060 – Powered By ASUS Gaming PC 

How about something a little more budget-friendly? The OcUK Gaming Radiance Frosty MK2 has all the a e s t h e t i c you could possibly need in a cute Lian Li package. Powered by ASUS, this stylish machine is built in Lian Li’s compact 205M chassis and runs on Intel’s 11th generation Core i5 platform. Kitted out with an ASUS RTX 3060 graphics card, the Frosty MK2 is more than capable in the latest AAA games at 1080p without breaking the bank.  

Pretty in all the right places, the OcUK Gaming Radiance Frosty MK2 has an all-white construction with the added benefit of an awesome Kolink Core Adept Braided Cable Extension Kit for added pizzazz. What’s more, you can even choose from a range of cable kits at no extra cost to create your perfect aesthetic.  

OcUK Gaming Radiance Frosty MK2 PC
  • Intel Core i5 11400F processor with twelve threads of processing power is ideal for those who want to stream their gameplay or edit images/video
  • Full customisable RGB allows full creative freedom over the look of the PC. Whether you want a cool blue/white, fiery red/orange, Jokery purple/green or just make it look like a My Little Pony massacre with full rainbow mode, it’s possible!
  • Flexible specifications and easy future upgradeability
  • High Quality Components For Maximum Reliability
  • Full Three Year Warranty with Labour Free Upgrade Service

OcUK Gaming Genesis MK2 – Limited Edition Evangelion Gaming PC 

I’m scared that If I make one more Evangelion joke while working here, a member of the team might hurt me. That said, I’ve been trying to think of one, but I’ve been waiting forEVA! Jacob, please, I’m sorry.  

Now, let’s dive into the limited-edition world of anime-inspired gaming PCs with the OcUK Gaming Genesis MK2. This powerhouse of a machine takes its design cues from the iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion series, featuring ASUS x Evangelion hardware that’s as visually stunning as it is high-performing. 

Packed with an Intel Core i9-14900KF CPU boasting a boost speed of 6.0GHz and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU with 24GB GDDR6X VRAM, the Genesis MK2 is ready to tackle any gaming challenge with ease. But it’s not just about performance; the Genesis MK2 sports a custom red and black aesthetic inspired by EVA-02, complete with renderings of beloved characters like Asuka Langley Sohryu and Evangelion Unit 02. 

Engineered for high-performance gaming and content creation, this PC features 32GB DDR5 RAM and an AIO cooling loop with an OLED display, ensuring cool and quiet operation even during intense gaming sessions. With its stunning aesthetics and top-tier hardware, the OcUK Gaming Genesis MK2 is a must-have for any Evangelion fan looking to level up their gaming experience. 

  • Limited Edition Evangelion gaming PC using ASUS x Evangelion hardware
  • Intel Core i9-14900KF CPU with 6.0GHz boost speed
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU with 24GB GDDR6X VRAM
  • AIO cooling loop with an OLED display
  • Ultra-fast DDR5 RAM and storage for latency free gaming
  • Custom red and black braided cables and stunning RGB lighting

8Pack Frame R8 – AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Extreme Overclocked Wall Mount PC 

Looking for a new sculpture to hang on your wall? 

Hold onto your wallets because the 8Pack Frame R8 takes gaming PCs to a whole new level—literally! Ian “8Pack” Parry teamed up with Creative Solutions For Gamers (CSFG) to create a wall-mountable masterpiece. Using CSFG’s innovative Crow PC case as a base, the Frame R8 showcases your high-performance components like fine art. 

8Pack Frame R8

This build features AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X CPU, overclocked to 5.2GHz all-core or 5.9GHz with PBO2, and an AMD Radeon 7900XTX GPU, also overclocked. Packed with premium components like the ASUS ROG X670E Crosshair Hero motherboard, this PC is not just a looker, but a performer, too. The Frame R8 is housed behind a secure tempered glass panel, so you can admire its beauty without worrying about dust or damage. 

Cooling is top-notch, with custom EK Water Blocks and Mayhems Fluid keeping everything running smoothly. The custom distro plates, tailored for the Frame R8, ensure efficient cooling, while the AMD red illumination pays homage to its all-AMD build. This PC is a true work of art, combining aesthetics with unparalleled performance. 

  • Totally unique form factor PC
  • First complete AMD build from 8Pack (RYZEN™ 7950X CPU Overclocked to 5.2GHz All Core or 5.9GHz PBO2 / RADEON™ 7900XTX GPU – Overclocked)
  • Premium components including an Asus ROG X670E Crosshair Hero motherboard
  • Wall-mount manufactured in Europe

I Want To Customise My Own PC! 

Hopefully, these awesomesauce gaming PCs or, more accurately, works of art have given you a few ideas for your own custom gaming rig. Overclockers UK has a vast selection of fully customisable systems for you to add your creative flair to. Or if you’re looking to fully branch out on your own then make sure to check out our deals on PC components.   

Ready To Game? 

Whether you’re due for an upgrade or planning on building a whole new custom PC, let us know in the comments how you customise your PC.  

*Prices correct at time of writing and PC specs are subject to change.

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