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GeForce GT 730

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Learn More About GeForce GT 730 GPUs

Casual Computing Improved

Built to enhance the multimedia experience of basic PCs - designed for everyday computing such as OEM-based systems, the GeForce GT 730 stands as Nvidia’s dedicated solution that’s easy to install with no additional power requirements. Built with everyday computing in-mind for those in need of improving the responsiveness and speed of their general computing purposes, the GeForce GT 730 is equipped with X3 display output connectors consisting of a Dual Link DVI-D, HDMI and VGA. These connections allow for casual users to connect additional displays in order to increase their screen real estate, as well as using their PC as HTPC.

As the GeForce GT 730 is available in three different configurations the specifications for each model of the GeForce GT 730 will yield different performance benefits depending on the application in use by the user. As the specifications remain within the same metric of performance users can however expect similar results. Offering 96 graphics processing cores at 700MHz the first GPU features DDR3 memory running at 1800MHz across a 128-bit Bus. Increasing the core count to 384 at 900MHz, the second GPU also features DDR3 memory - reduced to a 64-bit Bus. The third GPU of the GeForce GT 730 line-up features similar specifications to the prior GPU, with GDDR5 memory in place of DDR3 - resulting in memory speeds of 5000MHz. Each model of the GeForce GT 730 is available in VRAM configurations of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB.

As the purpose for the GeForce GT 730 graphics card is to enhance the everyday computing experience for casual users - watching movies, listening to audio, basic video and image editing, web browsing and email, the different configurations for the GPU will deliver similar improvements throughout given the nature of the applications it’s intended for. Drawing just 49W of power at the maximum, the GPU doesn’t require additional power connectors, meaning it can be installed in any OEM system for an instant increase in performance.

GeForce GT 730 Specification:

CUDA Cores : 96 / 384

Core Clock (MHz) : 700MHz / 900MHz

Memory Amount : 1GB - 2GB - 4GB DDR3 / 1GB - 2GB - GDDR5

Memory Interface : 64-bit / 128-bit

Memory Clock (MHz) : 1800MHz / 5000MHz

Outputs : Dual DVI-I / HDMI / VGA


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