Monitors to Suit Every Need at Overclockers UK

Whether gaming, working or watching a film, your computer monitor influences every aspect of your computer experience, so it is worth ensuring that you are using the monitor best suited to your needs. That is why we offer an extensive range of high-quality monitors, from solid all-rounders to the latest in monitor technology. Pick from our range of gaming monitors, LCD monitors, HD monitors, widescreen monitors or TFT monitors, and give your computer setup the screen it deserves.

Frame and Refresh Rate Technology: G-Sync, FreeSync, 144 Hz or 120 Hz

For gaming, it is vital that your gaming monitor is capable of displaying the intricate graphics of many of today’s games and facilitates a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience. Choppy, broken frames are not only annoying, but can also seriously impact your in-game performance. To avoid these issues and enhance your gameplay look no further than NVIDIA’s G-Sync or AMD’s FreeSync technology. By synchronizing display refresh rates to framerate, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag, G-Sync monitors and FreeSync monitors achieve revolutionary performance. These ultra-modern Variable Refresh Rate technologies result in scenes that appear instantly, look sharper and provide super smooth gameplay. A G-Sync or FreeSync monitor from Overclockers UK ensures your gaming is a stunning visual experience and gives you a real competitive edge.

Alternatively, rely on tried and tested traditional 120 Hz or 144 Hz monitors. These traditional V-sync options require the framerate to sync up to a fixed refresh rate and are generally the more budget-friendly option for gamer monitors. That is not to say that they make for a less immersive gaming experience, as they still provide better motion resolution, less tearing and increased responsiveness compared to other monitors.

Our gaming monitors are available at a variety of different price points, so no matter your budget, we have the right monitor for you.

HD Monitors and 4K Monitors

At Overclockers UK we also offer a range of 4k monitors, which deliver sharp visuals and pixels that are not visible to the naked eye. If you want to really enjoy the stunning graphics the very latest video games offer, a 4k monitor will take your gaming experience to new heights. Where the 4k monitor really shines is for applications like Adobe Photoshop. If your work involves editing images, videos or graphics, a 4k is the obvious choice for you, as it will allow you to view images in the highest resolution possible. Scaling up images to be larger on a 4k monitor means you can see the image in full detail, leading to superior results.

If your computer monitor doubles as your home entertainment system, our competitively priced HD options may prove to be the better investment over a traditional TV screen. As content shifts towards higher and higher resolutions, you need a monitor that will allow you to enjoy all the advantages this has to offer. In addition, your eyes are usually closer to a computer monitor than they are to a television, so you will really be able to notice the incredible pixel density that Overclockers UK monitors offer.

Curved and Widescreen Monitors

If you want the latest technology and the latest in design for a truly immersive experience, look no further than the Overclockers UK range of curved and super-widescreen monitors. Curved monitors are the latest pioneering development when it comes to screen design, as the curvature mimics the curve of the eye's retina. This means that the viewing distance for each pixel remains consistent, which results in less contrast loss through different viewing angles. Whether for gaming, work or films, a curved screen from the Overclockers UK range delivers a premium, cutting-edge finishing touch to your computer set-up.

Widescreen monitors, like curved monitors, provide a superior monitor option. For those who routinely use two or more screens for work or gaming, widescreen monitors streamline your computer setup, with less wires and less demand on your video card. This results in a not only more aesthetically pleasing result, but also a more smoothly operating computer. Overclockers UK offers some of the best super-wide and widescreen monitors available today and, as always, we take all budgets into account. Find your ideal computer screens at Overclockers UK today!

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