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Custom Gaming Chairs

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noblechairs HERO Custom Printed Gaming Chair
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noblechairs just got even more epic. They are now available for custom printing for your designs, make it yours with the Overclockers UK printer. Headrest - £29.99 Chair back - £99.95 Both - £129.94
£394.99 (incl. VAT)
fiber_manual_record Built to order
noblechairs EPIC Custom Printed Gaming Chair
noblechairs just got even more epic. They are now available for custom printing for your designs, make it yours with the Overclockers UK printer. Headrest - £29.99 Chair back - £99.95 Both - £129.94
£359.99 (incl. VAT)
fiber_manual_record Built to order

Custom Gaming Chairs

Personalise Your Play

Overclockers UK custom print

Level up your aesthetic and personalise your gaming chair. At Overclockers UK, we offer custom printing on select models of noblechairs. Create something iconic and legendary, add it to your favourite HERO, and enjoy the EPIC results. Whether you’re promoting your brand on stream or have some amazing artwork you want to show off, the noblechairs EPIC, HERO, ICON, or LEGEND will make the perfect canvas. The printing process cures the image onto the surface, creating impeccable colour and defined edges. What will you have printed?

How to Custom Print Your Gaming Chair

Printing Details

When it comes to printing your personalised design, there are a few parameters your image needs to meet. These are:

  • Be a print-ready vector file
    We accept .AI or .PDF formats, with the image preferably ready to be printed. This means it needs to be cut out and separated onto a single layer. Being ready to go means that we can add white and primer layers if needed.
  • Use CMYK colour model
    At present, this is the only colour model available on our printing system. Other colour models cannot be printed accurately. To save disappointment, provide us images in CMYK.
  • You must own the image
    Your image cannot infringe on copyright laws. For more details, see below.

Why Vector Files?

Vector images are presented as mathematical equations, which is easier for the printer program to read and scale accordingly. As a result, any adjustments made will not reduce the image quality.

Standard pixel images, such as .JPG/JPEG, .PNG, and .GIF, do not scale and adjust with the same quality retention. This is because they are made of tiny squares, which blur and deteriorate when resized. As such, we do not accept them as a printing format. There are programs, such as Inkspace or Illustrator, that can convert your pixel image into a vector file. Additionally, there are also paid services online that can convert files for you.

Business Branding

Are you a business looking to bulk order custom chairs? Please get in contact with our B2B team. They’ll make sure you get sorted with everything you need.

Example Prints

Sizzsarz custom branded chair
Overclockers UK custom print close up
8Pack branding custom printing

Blue and Queenie custom branded chair
Artyfakes custom printed chair
kayPOWXD custom printed chair

Lionheart custom branded chair
Kassiopeeia custom printed chair
Lionheart logo custom printed chair

Your Canvas

Each model offers different spaces to work with. Here are the measurements for where you can print on the EPIC, HERO, ICON, and LEGEND:

These measurements are width x height.

EPIC custom printing dimensions

The space available for your designs is as follows:

  • Headrest: 130mm x 90mm
  • Backrest: 360mm x 330mm

The space available for your designs is as follows:

  • Headrest: 200mm x 100mm
  • Backrest: 360mm x 550mm
HERO custom printing dimensions
ICON custom printing dimensions

The space available for your designs is as follows:

  • Headrest: 170mm x 150mm
  • Backrest: 320mm x 400mm

The space available for your designs is as follows:

  • Headrest: 140mm x 140mm
  • Backrest: 360mm x 400mm
LEGEND custom printing dimensions

Chair Maintenance

When keeping your chair in peak condition, it is advised to avoid persistent scrubbing on the printed areas. That way, the image will stay fresh, and no colour will degrade. It should be noted that stronger detergents are likely to damage the chair material. We recommend the noblechairs premium care and cleaning pack. This care kit has been specially formulated to clean and protect your gaming chair, complete with a factory-fresh, subtle leather scent.


As stated above, you need to own the rights to the image you want printing. It cannot infringe on third-party rights or statutory regulations. This includes and is not limited to: personality rights, trademarks, and copyrights. Additionally, we will not accept images or designs deemed to be radical, dubious, or defamatory.

Please check your design’s legal status or ask the rights holder to grant you permission for restricted use.

When parodying brands, especially big-name brands, you still need to provide proof of permission, otherwise we cannot print your design. Should you be providing your own design of an existing motif, you would need to provide assurance you are not breaching rights held by third parties. Any breaches of copyright or otherwise would be borne by you. Illegal usage of copyrighted material can lead to high penalties.

Personalise Your Play

Want to Read More?

Did you know we run our very own Overclockers UK blog? There you can learn more about our custom printing service. Click the link below!

Read More

Custom Gaming Chairs FAQ

What chairs can I customise?

You can customise the noblechairs EPIC, HERO, or ICON. Available models for customising are listed in this category. Due to their existing designs, the noblechairs Special Edition chairs are not eligible for custom printing.

What image file types and sizes are accepted for chair customisation?

We accept vector image files, such as .AI or .PDF. Their size depends on the chair model you have chosen for printing. Please refer to the images above for maximum dimensions.

What parts of the chair can I customise?

Your designs will be printed onto the back of the chair’s backrest and headrest.

How long does the chair printing last?

The UV printing technique we use is permanent – your designs will last forever. If you do manage to remove the print, the cover – whether real or PU leather – would be significantly damaged. As such, we do strongly advise that you are absolutely, 100% satisfied with your design at the final proofing stage. This is the point of no return, and changes made afterwards are not possible.

What warranty comes with the chair printing?

As standard, the noblechairs Gaming Chairs come with a two-year warranty. The printing will be covered during the same period of time.

Can I return a chair that’s been customised?

We can only accept a returned customised chair in the case of a defect covered within the two-year warranty. Should this occur, it would be a like-for-like replacement only, and nor would we be able to offer any refund.

For further information, please visit our help centre here.

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