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The Christmas cut-off for built to order systems has now passed. If you require a PC in time for Christmas, please check out our range of pre-built Refract Gaming PCs.

Acer Monitors

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Acer Nitro 27" XV272S 1920x1080 IPS 165Hz 0.5ms FreeSync HDR400 Widescreen Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 27", Refresh Rate 165Hz, FreeSync, 0.5ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Panel Type IPS, HDR400, Speakers
£259.99 (incl. VAT)
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Acer Nitro 24" XZ240QP 1920x1080 VA 165Hz 1ms FreeSync Curved Widescreen Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 24", Refresh Rate 165Hz, FreeSync, 1ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 3000:1, Panel Type VA, Speakers, Curved 1500R
£199.99 (incl. VAT)
fiber_manual_record In stock
Save 25%
Acer 45" Predator X45bmiiphuzx 3440x1440 OLED 240Hz 0.03ms FreeSync HDR10 Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 3840x1440, Display Size 45", Refresh Rate 240Hz, FreeSync Premium/G-Sync Compatible, 0.03ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1.5M:1, Panel Type OLED, HDR10
£1,598.95 £1,199.99 (incl. VAT)
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Save 29%
Acer Nitro 32" XZ322QUPbmiiphx 2560x1440 VA 165Hz 1ms FreeSync HDR Curved Widescreen Gaming Monitor
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Display Resolution 256x1440, Display Size 32", Refresh Rate 165Hz, FreeSync, 4ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 3000:1, Panel Type VA, HDR 400, VESA Mount, Curved 1500R
£349.99 £250.00 (incl. VAT)
fiber_manual_record In stock
Acer 34" Nitro XV345CURVbmiphuzx 3440x1440 VA 165Hz 0.5ms FreeSync Widescreen Curved Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 3440x1440, Display Size 34", Refresh Rate 200Hz, FreeSync, 1ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 4000:1, Panel Type VA, Speakers
£349.99 (incl. VAT)
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Save 34%
Acer 24" Nitro KG241YM3 1920x1080 VA 180Hz 1ms HDR400 FreeSync Widescreen Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 27", Refresh Rate 180Hz, FreeSync, 1ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 2500:1, Panel Type VA, Speakers
£158.99 £104.99 (incl. VAT)
fiber_manual_record In stock
Save 33%
Acer Nitro 49" EI491CUR Sbmiipphx 5120x1440 VA 120Hz FreeSync HDR 400 Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 5120x1440, Display Size 49", Refresh Rate 120Hz, FreeSync Premium, 4ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1M:1, Panel Type VA, Speakers, HDR400, Curved
£998.95 £669.98 (incl. VAT)
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Save 35%
Acer Nitro 27" XZ273U 2560x1440 VA 240Hz 1ms FreeSync HDR400 Widescreen Curved Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 2560x1440, Display Size 27", Refresh Rate 240Hz, FreeSync, 1ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 3000:1, Panel Type VA, Curved
£449.99 £292.99 (incl. VAT)
fiber_manual_record Out of stock
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Acer Monitors

Acer Curved Gaming Monitor

Acer monitors are perfect for any situation. From fast-paced gaming to streaming your favourite shows, to any manner of creative work. With resolutions ranging from 1080p to 4K and refresh rates ranging from 60Hz to 240Hz, these monitors provide a huge variety to choose from. Furthermore, Acer have incorporated many innovations into their monitors to reduce eye fatigue thus helping you to be able to work or game longer.

User Friendly

Acer has included a number of user-friendly innovations into their displays. To begin with, BlueLightShield Pro Eyesafe certified displays produce less of the blue light spectrum. This light has been found to be the most fatiguing on eyes, leading to many problems such as dry eyes, blurred vision, and sleep loss. Additionally, LightSense detects the ambient light around you and adjusts the display brightness for a more comfortable user experience. Furthermore, with ComfyView Acer have included an anti-glare matte surface to their monitors that reduces outside light sources reflecting off your screen.


Acer produces a wide selection of monitors ideal to match whatever needs you have. For lighting quick response times during online play, then 1080p is an ideal resolution with its reliably high refresh rates. Maybe you enjoy detail-rich games with beautiful scenery, then 1440p with a high dynamic range would be ideal. Perhaps you want to work on your latest 3D model in Blender , then a 4K monitor is perfect for you as you’ll be able to perfectly visualise every detail.

What Cable to Choose?

Just as important as choosing an excellent monitor is choosing the right type of cable to transmit data. Many modern GPUs offer a variety of connections, the most prevalent being HDMI and DisplayPort. The choice between these two cables depends on what you want to use your monitor for. DisplayPort is aimed purely at carrying dedicated video signals making it ideal for high-end outputs such as 8K, 120Hz, or multiple monitors thanks to its ability to be daisy chained. HDMI, on the other hand, can carry a wide variety of signals alongside the video signal such as audio and even the internet. This makes it the perfect choice for a wider variety of uses, such as consoles and home theatre setups.

Alongside HDMI and DisplayPort, there are several other connectors that can be used to connect your PC to a monitor. Firstly, there are USB C and Thunderbolt, both of which are capable of transferring large amounts of data and carrying power along the same cables. A USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type C cable is capable of transmitting data at speeds of 20Gbps and also providing 100W of power. Meanwhile, Thunderbolt 3 is capable of reaching data transfer speeds of 40 Gbps and also providing 100W of power. Both of these connectors are capable of carrying 4K signals.

Otherwise, you may find older ports such as DVI or VGA are also available on your GPU. Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a connector that is capable of carrying analogue, digital signal or both together, and is capable of delivering 1440p resolutions. Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a connector designed in 1987 and has been widely adopted ever since. VGA carries analogue signals, and is able to deliver 1080p resolutions.

Acer Predator Monitor

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Confused about the difference between HDMI and DisplayPort? Check out our blog where we dive into the details of both.

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