Xtrfy A1 Enhancement Kit for Mechanical Keyboards

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5x white button caps, 120x noise-suppressing O-rings, 1x cleaning brush, 1x button cap remover
  Sandberg 6000mAh Outdoor Powerbank

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Sandberg (420-27) 6000mAh Outdoor Powerbank, Waterproof, Dust-proof, Shock-proof, Flashlight, USB, 5 Year Warranty
  Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

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Naturally contoured design, Onboard memory, Customisable backlight colour
  Playseat Evolution - Alcantara - Racing Simulator Gaming Chair

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Unique foldable design, Realistic cockpit, Highly adjustable, Very stable and comfortable
  Cougar MINOS X1 Optical Gaming Mouse

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ADNS-5050 Optical gaming sensor, Optical Gaming Sensor with Adjustable DPI, Dual Zone Backlight
  Roccat Taito 2017 Mid-Size Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad, Black (...

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400 x 320 x 3 mm, Long Life Material, Ruggedized for High Strain, Designed for Maximum Glide and Pinpoint Control, Non-slip Rubberized...
  Razer Goliathus Medium Control Fissure Surface

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Heavily textured weave for precise mouse control, Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors, Highly portable cloth-based design,...
  Razer Goliathus Large Speed Cosmic Surface

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Slick, taut weave for speedy mouse movements, Pixel-precise targeting and tracking, Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors,...
  Asus ROG Claymore 100% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherr...

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Per-key RGB LEDs, N-Key rollover, Polling Rate: 1000 Hz, Macro Keys: All keys programmable, ROG Support for Compatible Hardware...
  Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Ultra-fast RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, Exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches, Up to 25 percent faster actuation with increased...
  Razer Goliathus Large Speed Terra Surface

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Slick, taut weave for speedy mouse movements, Pixel-precise targeting and tracking, Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors,...
  SteelSeries Arctis 3 - 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset - Black (61433)

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Ski Goggle Suspension Band, ClearCast Mic, SteelSeries 7.1 Surround Sound, Exclusive AirWeave Ear Cushions, Multi-platform and...
  Razer Goliathus Large Control Gravity Surface

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Heavily textured weave for precise mouse control, Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors, Highly portable cloth-based design,...
  Sandberg 2600mAh Outdoor Powerbank

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Sandberg (420-21) 2600mAh Outdoor Powerbank, Dust & Rainproof Camo Case, 5V, USB, 5 Year Warranty
  OcUK Value Nano-Sized 600 Mbps WiFi Dual Band USB Adapter

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Dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi, Plug n’ Play USB2.0 interface, Wireless Encryption: WPA/WPA2, WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES)
  Ducky Shine 5 White Mechanical Keyboard, Black Cherry MX switc...

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Featuring Cherry MX RGB Switches, Dual Layer PCB for brighter backlighting and Double Shot Premium Keycaps, the Shine 5 is the ultimate...
  Lioncast LX50 Gaming Headset

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Modular design, Driver: 53mm high performance neodymium driver, Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, Compatible with PC Xbox One PS4...
  RAC ProofCam 4.0 MP GPS Super HD Dash Cam - 1296p - Black

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2.7" TFT Screen, GPS Tracking, Super HD recording, Forward Collision Warning, Over Speed Alarm, 150 degree view.
  Asus Reco Smart 1080p Dash/Portable Camera

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1080p Recordings, Versatile, Real Time Viewing, 150 Degree View, Instant Previews With App
  SpeedLink Trailblazer Vibration Effect Racing Wheel with Pedals fo...

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SteelSeries Siberia 650 7.1 Dolby Surround... SteelSeries Siberia 650 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset - White (51192)
james baskerville Review 1 Jan 2017 Really good sound quality also very comfortable to wear even after 3-4 hours gaming only thing is when connecteted via usb sound quality isn't great but when connected to a good sound car... more...
Razer Blackwidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming... Razer Blackwidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Adam Review 30 Dec 2016 Absolutely fantastic! Best gaming keyboard I've ever used. more...

What is a Peripheral Device?

A peripheral or computer peripheral is a device that connects to a computer but does not form part of the core computer architecture, e.g. the central processing unit, power supply or motherboard. The purpose is to enhance the functionality for the user. Technically speaking, computers require peripheral devices in order to be used; devices such as a mouse, keyboard or monitor all fall within this category. However, unlike computers, a peripheral device cannot operate alone, and must be attached to a computer in order to function.

Types of Peripheral Devices

There are two main types of peripheral device: input and output devices. Input devices interact with or send data from the user to the computer (mice, keyboards, etc.). Output devices provide output to the user from the computer (monitors, printers, etc.). A third category, input/output or IO devices, exists for peripherals that perform both functions. These categories are discussed in more depth below.

Input vs. Output

Before further considering the types of peripheral devices, it’s useful to draw a clear distinction between input and output peripherals to illustrate how they operate together. An input device sends information to a computer system, however it cannot receive information; by contrast an output device reproduces or displays the results of that information, but it cannot be used to send information.

Input Devices

An input device is defined as any hardware that interacts with or sends data to a computer. Almost every computer includes a keyboard and a mouse or touchpad; these are essential hardware items and are considered core input devices. That said, there are many types of input devices depending on what the computer is used for. For example, games controllers are widely used in favour of a computer mouse, as are graphics pens or styluses. Beyond this, webcams and scanners all perform the essential function of transferring data or commands to your computer.

Below is a list of common input devices that can be utilized with a computer or a computing device:

  • Mouse
  • Touchpad
  • Pen/stylus
  • Keyboard
  • Microphone
  • Game controller
  • Webcam
  • Remote
  • Scanner

Output Devices

An output device is any peripheral that receives data from a computer and reproduces it in visual, auditory, or even physical form. For example, a monitor is able to display information contained on your computer, while a printer is able to create a hard copy of this. Monitors and printers are the most frequently used output peripheral devices. Other output devices include:

  • Monitor
  • Projector
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Video card
  • Printer

Input/Output Devices

There is a third category called input/output or IO devices. These are peripheral devices that are able to both send and receive data from a computer. A good example of this is a portable storage device which is able to transfer data both to and from a system. Optical drives can also be used to read data (input), and write data (output). For more examples of IO devices, see the list below:

  • External hard drives
  • External optical drives
  • Media card readers
  • Digital camcorders
  • Digital mixers
  • MIDI equipment
  • Modems
  • Touch screens
  • Memory cards
  • USB flash drives

Peripheral Devices at Overclockers UK

At Overclockers UK we offer a full range of peripheral devices. Choose from a wide selection of keyboards, mice, and game controllers to help you compete; or communicate with people anywhere in the world thanks to our top-of-the-line range of headphones, microphones, and headsets. We also make it possible to improve your WiFi with the latest in router technology, create a network in your home easily using powerline networking, while our NAS systems connect to all PCs on the network and provide a multi-purpose shared storage solution for data of all kinds. So, build the system of your dreams and discover the complete Overclockers UK range today!

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