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EZVIZ Wireless 720P Mini O C2C Indoor Camera 2.8mm Lens Day & Night 2-way Audio Micro SD Cloud Stora
EZVIZ Wireless 720P Mini O C2C Indoor Camera 2.8mm Lens Day & Night 2-way Audio Micro SD and Cloud Storage
£40.99 (incl. VAT)
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EZVIZ Wireless 720P C2Cube Indoor Camera PIR 2.8mm Lens Day & Night 2-way Audio Micro SDCloud Storag
EZVIZ Wireless 720P C2Cube Indoor Camera PIR 2.8mm Lens Day & Night 2-way Audio Micro SDCloud Storage
£45.95 (incl. VAT)
fiber_manual_record In stock

Smart Home

Smart Home

Turn your home into a modern marvel by adding a variety of smart home devices. Control everything from lighting to electrical sockets using nothing but a smartphone or connected assistant such as Amazon Alexa. 

How Can Smart Home Devices Help Me?

By equipping your house with smart home devices you can automate every day laborious tasks, secure your home and get instant information and alerts in real-time. All of these features make smart homes ideal for almost everyone. From families to the elderly, smart homes have something to benefit everyone. 

Standalone vs IFTTT

There are 2 modes of smart home operation. Stand-alone or via IFTTT. A stand-alone setup would simply allow you to turn lighting and appliances on and off via a smartphone or other compatible device.

IFTTT(If this, then that) on the other hand can react to external stimuli. For example, if you (and your phone) depart your house the system could be programmed to turn off all the lights.
Another example of a IFTTT setup would be setting your smoke alarm to disable all the connected smart plugs on detection of smoke and sending your phone an alert. The practical applications of the technology are limitless.

Open or Closed Eco-System?

One thing you need to be aware of when purchasing smart home devices is the cross-compatibility and whether they are part of an open or closed ecosystem. If the device is part of an open ecosystem like Samsung Smart Things, you can connect devices made by 3rd parties. This is very important if you want to integrate a range of products made by different manufacturers. If on the other hand, you choose products that are part of a closed ecosystem, you can only connect smart devices made by that particular manufacturer. 

How Can I Make My Home a Smart Home?

This is very an open-ended question and all depends on your personal requirements. Most people require a range of devices including hub, LED smart bulbs, smart sensors and cameras. Together they form a complete system that offers complete smart home automation.

Samsung SmartThings

Smart Home Hub
The hub is the brain of your smart home and allows communication between connected devices. Although a smart hub/bridge is required for most 'cross' manufacturer smart home installations, a hub is not required for all devices. If you do intend to install devices from different manufacturers, we highly recommend a hub to unify your devices and allow 'single app' control of your entire home. 

Hue Smart Bulbs

Smart Home Lighting
To light up your home in a multitude of colour, smart bulbs create a beautiful ambiance and even help cut your electricity bill. Once connected you can control all your lighting remotely.
Why not set your lighting to come on or go off at certain times of the day. If you struggle to get up in the morning you could set them to slowly come on with the sunrise.
In addition to this, if you are on holiday you can still schedule your lighting so it looks like your home is occupied. If you want to take things even further why not install motion sensors? You can then automate your lighting when you enter or leave a room.

Just be aware when purchasing smart bulbs that they come with different fittings (B22 Bayonet or E27) so be sure to buy the correct version for your particular home setup.

Smart Home Plug

Smart Home Plug
Smart plugs allow you to turn standard non-smart appliances including lights, TV's and games consoles on and off remotely. You can even automate entire rooms.
If for example, you have children, why not automatically turn all their electronics off when they go to school and back on when they arrive home? To automate this you would simply add presence sensors to their school bags or install motion sensors in their bedrooms. 

Smart Home Security Camera

Smart Home Security and Safety 
From remote monitoring via smart cameras to smart smoke alarms, these connected devices can give you an overview of your home 24-7. If your basement is prone to flooding, install leak sensors, If you want the extra assurance your doors and windows are closed, install contact sensors. You can even get alerts when you get mail through your letterbox. If you have colour changing lighting in your bedroom why not have it change colour when your cameras detect movement after 9pm?

Google Home Smart Speaker
Smart Home Voice Control

If you want to interact with your smart home using your voice, install Alexa or google home smart speakers. These will allow you to control your entire home while also acting as a personal assistant. You can play music, ask questions or even control your lighting and heating.

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