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Complementing the player’s gaming PC both in terms of aesthetics and performance, gaming surfaces provide an extra level of comfort and maneuverability for the player’s gaming mouse. Constructed from a large selection of different materials each with their own feel, thickness and durability, gaming surfaces are designed to maximise the accuracy of fast movements and deliver precise tracking of the mouse, so that each movement is made at the exact moment that the player intends it to.

Available with an incredible amount of features and traits with sizes ranging from standard measurements to that of a full-size desk, spill resistant materials, rubberized grips and low friction textures do well to ensure that players are performing at their best. Where larger sized surfaces provide greater freedom of movement for those who play best across a larger area, surfaces which feature the XL or 3XL specification will suit their needs best. While the performance of each surface is unique to their own, stylish traits and additional functionalities such as RGB lighting and USB pass-through all do well in expanding the feature-set.


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