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PC Christmas Delivery

The Christmas cut-off for built to order systems has now passed. If you require a PC in time for Christmas, please check out our range of pre-built Refract Gaming PCs.

Welcome to PC Gaming

With over 20 years of experience, based in the centre of the UK, Overclockers UK are one of the leading forces for enthuisast hardware and PCs on the market.

We stock a wide range of high quality and best performing hardware, including cherry-picked components, plus an inhouse team of experts and our overclocking guru Ian "8PACK" Parry, all on hand to craft a machine that's not only reliable, but performs spot on time after time.

Our systems come with a three year warranty as standard, for peace of mind.

Explore the Range

A PC that fits around you

We understand that there isn't a "one size fits all" when it comes to solutions, which is why we offer an extensive choice to our PCs. From small form factor to super towers and even desk builds.

Whether you need something small and discrete to tuck away, pick up a pad and get gaming, or a hardcore enthusiast who dedicates every spare minute to pwning n00bs, who needs a fully watercooled monster, we have the PC of your dreams.

Our range offers performance and value in mind, with flexible options to configure your PC to your needs - meaning if you need more storage, a more powerful CPU or GPU, or even just a different case or lighting - the choice is yours. And when it's time to upgrade, you can get everything you'll need from us too.

Everything you need

There's all types of gamers out there, who all want to game in their own way. You don't need to compromise and we won't make you! You find everything to make your set-up complete, including monitors, peripherals, chairs, and desks - we also offer networking and NAS solutions too.

Here at Overclockers UK, we pride ourselves by being gamers at heart - so we know how much it means to have a realible machine to sink hours of your favourite game into. We pay close attention to detail when building your machines, like they were our own, and the same goes for when we design a system - careful picking components that are not only compatible, but that look great when put together!

Custom Built

If you're after a custom PC, a system that's built the way you want it, a rig that's more you, then it's way more easy than you might think! Thanks to our Configurator, you can choose from a multitude of options - from hardware, to cases, and even accessories - to make sure you get the system you want.


We take care to make sure that the final product gets to you how we intend - packed safely and securely and ready for you to get going. For more information on our system warranty click below!


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