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Bespoke Hardware Solutions for Business

We deliver bespoke hardware solutions, using the latest technology and unparalleled performance, to take your business to the next level and ahead of the competition.

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RENDA™ is a solution, not just a computer. Our experience in performance computing enables us to optimise hardware to your unique requirements and the software you use. This results in our systems conclusively outperforming the competition, whilst you gain the maximum performance.

With the unmatched reliability and sheer performance of RENDA™ - we help reduce the time it takes to run applications, meaning that you get results faster & do more with the resources available.


We’ve worked with many different companies in the motorsport industry including a world renowned F1 team - Designing and optimising their underlying hardware platform for car design, simulation & testing. By replacing dated, stock hardware with our bespoke, frequency enhanced solutions they achieved an overall software performance increase of up to 70% when used in conjunction with software applications such as HyperMesh, Abaqus, Catia, OptiStruct and SolidWorks.

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Digital Forensics & Law Enforcement

Working with several of the UK's Police & Cyber Crime Offices including Merseyside, we provide enhanced performance solutions to support the ever expanding digital operations. Our unmatched reliability ensures an average 99.999% uptime with a support team ready to respond to any potential issues that might be encountered. All of our systems come free of any preinstalled bloatware unlike standard off the shelf solutions. This ensures RENDA systems are not compromised from the very start offering unparalleled data protection and security.

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Academia & Scientific Research

RENDA has a long running history working with education establishments providing hardware solutions for the next generation of academics and ensuring that they have access to machines which can complement their extraordinary abilities. From Deep Learning, Robotics and Aeronautical applications at Oxford Universities, to Earth Sciences at Bristol University - we power the scientific discoveries of tomorrow.

Utilising high performance computing (HPC) we enable institutions to conduct research and testing at a substantially improved pace. This allows for rapid development and immediate implementation of concluded research.

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Audio & Visual Effects

Graphic workstations are the modern-day workhorses for media based content, generating visual effects, creating immersive environments and even rendering CGI. By using high performance computing (HPC) computers from RENDA you ensure rendering times are minimised, allowing you to invest more time perfecting your digital content.

RENDA actively work with content creators such as Firesprite, Double Negative, Frontier Developments, and many more of the UK's leading digital & media content creation studios, to commission workstations which not only provide state of the art performance but the reliability to operate around the clock.

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Finance & HFT

We understand that speed lies at the core of your business and latency is paramount to gain an edge on the competition. This is why every Renda HFT computer or server is built exclusively for your personal requirements and developed specifically for both high-frequency and algorithmic trading.

Renda offers industry-leading sub-nanosecond latency that provides the lowest tick to trade times possible allowing you to dominate the market.

Unlike traditional IT companies, we work closely with hardware manufacturers, software developers, and our clients to gather unique insights. In addition to this, we have been pushing the limits of hardware for over 20 years utilising refined overclocking, cooling, and speed-binning techniques.

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Construction & Architecture

Today’s Architecture & Construction companies need to perform across multiple facets of design work, modelling, virtualisation, analytics & refinement and financial management before a single brick is laid.

Our range of fully optimised RENDA hardware solutions will help to increase performance levels and user outputs across all of these facets whilst also helping to reduce costs, risks and time spent.

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Maximise Performance

RENDA™ is a solution, not just a computer. Our experience in performance computing enables us to optimise hardware to the unique requirements of the software you use. This means our systems conclusively outperform the competition and you get the maximum possible performance.


Improve Productivity

Get more done thanks to the unmatched reliability and sheer performance of RENDA™. Reducing the time it takes to run applications enables you to get results faster and do more with the resources available to you.


Reduce Costs

Faster software performance allows you to reduce overall expenditure through savings in hardware investment, software licenses and staff hours. Building and cooling high-end systems is our specialty meaning you get the best stability and less downtime.

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