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We can cater to every creative need, delivering an extensive range of high-end hardware and the latest technology. Elevate your workflow with Overclockers UK.

Calling all content creators. At the Overclockers UK Creative Professional Hub, you can find all the bespoke hardware solutions you need for your passion projects. With our experience in high-performance computers and enthusiasm for specialist technology, we can engineer the ultimate optimised set up for all creative endeavours.

From podcasting to video editing, graphic design to music production, our extensive range of PCs, laptops, components, and peripherals are perfect for the task at hand. If you're after a full set-up or just an upgrade or two, you’re sure to find everything you need from quality, industry-leading brands.


We have all the tech you need to improve your computer-aided design work. From AMD Threadripper CPUs to high-capacity RAM kits and elite-tier GPUs, our professional PCs have been crafted to seamlessly handle complex tasks, like 3D rendering, with great efficiency. Streamline your workflow and level up your designs.

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Game Development

Craft the perfect set-up for game development. We are passionate about gaming, and that is reflected in our extensive range of hardware that is perfect for running software like Unreal Engine 5 and other game engines. From CPU to GPU, PC to peripherals, we have everything you need to make the next best-selling game. All you need to provide is the imagination!

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Music Production

Get what you need to produce the next number one hit, viral TikTok sound, and catchy earworm. Our professional PCs have been used by many musicians, each expertly engineered with the processing power to multi-task and high-speed memory solution to keep production running smoothly. Plus, we have headsets, microphones, and audio accessories from industry-leading brands to perfect your studio-quality sound.

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Podcasting Equipment

Upgrade your podcasting equipment with our extensive range of audio hardware to bump up your production values. We stock premium microphones, headphones, soundproofing, pop filters, and more from industry-leading brands you can trust. What’s more, we have high-performance PCs to make editing, uploading, and branding your podcast a smooth and seamless process. Explore the full range of podcasting kit and record the next number one podcast.

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Video Editing

Say goodbye to slow and laggy PC performance, thanks to our video editing computers. Packed with multi-core CPUs, high-capacity RAM, and powerhouse GPUs, you can seamlessly edit in 1080p, 1440p, 4K, and even 8K! Our range of video editing PCs has been expertly engineered to effortlessly handle intensive processes and can be fine-tuned or customised to better suit your workflow.

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Graphic Design

Bring your creative vision to life with specialist graphic design hardware and computers. We have an extensive range of professional PCs, peripherals, and colour-accurate monitors for you to explore. From high-performance CPUs to tablets, we have all the necessary tools to streamline your workflow – leaving you free to concentrate on making a masterpiece.

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Photo Editing

Upgrade your photo editing suite with our extensive range of PCs, peripherals, colour-accurate monitors, and more. Our photo editing PCs have been expertly engineered to facilitate the best performance, offering seamless operation. From brightening up photos to making composite images, we have the hardware to streamline your creative process.

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High Frequency Trading

Our range of high-performance computers has been expertly engineered to be ultra-fast, extremely efficient, and primed to handle high frequency trading (HFT). Sporting workstation processors, like AMD Threadripper or Intel Xeon, and quad- or even octo-channel RAM, each component works cohesively together so even the most complex algorithm is executed within seconds. We’ve curated a range of powerhouse PCs, ensuring the right fit for every need.

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