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Gaming laptops from Aorus and MSI

Laptops are absolute technological marvels compressing essentially what is a desktop PC into a lightweight, portable chassis. Whether you’re looking for the latest tech or want to upgrade your old lifeless computer, we have a laptop to suit you. From the ultimate VR gaming laptop to a versatile Home Office machine we stock a huge range of laptops from all the most trusted brands including Aorus, Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI and HP.

What is the difference between a desktop and laptop computer?

There are a variety of differences between the 2 formats although operationally they are very similar. Both contain similar core components, utilise a keyboard, mouse and screen plus run an operating system (OS) such as Microsoft Windows. Let’s delve a little deeper and take a look into the differences and benefits of owning a laptop.

Key Differences

Portability Icon


The most immediate difference is portability. Gaming laptops are considerably lighter and far more compact. They can literally be taken wherever you go and are the perfect College and University companion allowing you to game or complete assignments. In addition to this, they are ideal for those who love to attend LAN events – no more hauling a heavy computer!

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Laptops contain a powerful onboard battery which means they can be used for hours at a time without being plugged in. Not only does this go hand in hand with portability but it also means in the event of a power cut you can save your work and even continue until your battery is depleted.

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Green Credentials

Laptops, in general, consume substantially less energy than a desktop so are much ‘greener’ and even save your electricity bill. Laptops are additionally manufactured using far fewer materials than your typical desktop so yet again you’re doing your bit for the planet.

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Ok, so laptops aren’t anywhere near as upgradable as a PC but you can still upgrade some of the core components once your warranty has expired such as RAM, SSD, HDD and DVD/Blu-Ray reader/writer. In fact, if your laptop is running slow and doesn’t contain an SSD we highly recommend the upgrade – It will make a huge difference to boot and loading times and can be bought from Overclockers UK!

Difference between PC and Laptop

Are Laptops Slower than Desktops?

Yes and No. Laptops are considerably more expensive than a similar spec desktop computer but today laptops are on par with their desktop counterparts. For instance, no longer do laptops use cut down mobile GPUs but utilise standard models that are redesigned for mobile operation – Same performance in a smaller package.

What Laptop should I buy?

Today there are so many different types of laptops but here at Overclockers UK we concentrate on 4 main categories. These are made up of Gaming Laptops, Workstations, Home and Business. Lets take a look at them in a little more detail.

Gaming Laptops: The Ultimate in Portable Performance

Designed primarily for performance. These machines generally excel at gaming applications, VR and other demanding tasks. As with all hardware they come in different tiers from entry level utilising anything from a Nvidia 950M up to the enthusiast grade Nvidia 1080 SLI setup and everything in between. Gaming laptops are almost always highly stylised featuring aggressive lines, LEDs galore, a large high resolution screen and full size keyboard.

MSI Gaming Laptop

Example Specifications :

Entry Level Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB CPU: i5 7300 HQ RAM: 8GB
Mid Range Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB CPU: i5 7300 HQ RAM: 8GB
High End: Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB CPU: i7 8750H RAM: 16GB
Enthusiast Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2080 8GB CPU: i9 8950HK RAM: 32GB

Workstation Laptops: Pinnacles of Productivity

Workstations, just like Gaming Laptops are designed for performance but feature a very different, almost industrial design due to the professional application of the laptop. Manufactured from high quality materials and hardware, workstations are generally used for 3D rendering, CAD and other high end business, creative and scientific applications. Workstations generally use Nvidia’s Quadro graphics platform which unlike the Geforce series offers superior durability, double precision computations and an overall higher level performance - especially in tasks that require rendering.

MSI Workstation Laptop

Example Specifications:

Entry Level Graphics: Nvidia Quadro M600M 2GBCPU: i5 6300 HQ RAM: 8GB
Mid Range Graphics: Nvidia Quadro P3000 6GB CPU: i7 7700HQ RAM: 16GB
High End Graphics: Nvidia Quadro P3000 6GB CPU: i7 7700HQ RAM: 32GB
Enthusiast Graphics: Nvidia Quadro P4000 8GB CPU: i7 7700HQ RAM: 32GB


Home: The Entertainment and Social Hub

Designed on a budget as a basic, all-round performer. The home laptop is generally sleek and stylish but may lack some of the features found in performance laptops such as keyboard backlighting.

HP Home PC

A true go-anywhere, entertainment machine that is perfect for pretty much all non-intensive tasks such as watching videos, browsing the internet, homework or even writing your latest blog.

On certain models, you can get away with a little gaming but this very much depends on the internal GPU or the model of Processor as some have relatively good dedicated onboard graphics. Don’t expect a high FPS or the ability to select any settings other than low/medium but you might find some games are actually perfectly playable.

Business Laptop


Business: Lightweight Powerhouse

Business laptops are designed for portability so are usually lightweight, fairly compact and feature a premium slimline industrial feel. They are the perfect companion for the long commute or as a powerful and portable desktop replacement.

Whether in the office or working externally a business laptop will allow you total freedom.

Laptop Accessories

Treat your Laptop with a Range of Accessories at Overclockers UK

In addition to our wide range of gaming laptops and workstations, we also offer a multitude of laptop accessories including laptop backpacks, coolers, and peripherals upgrading your overall experience and increasing productivity.

Gaming laptops from Aorus, MSI, and OMEN by HAP with a steelseries Targus bag

What Laptop Accessories do I Need?

This all depends on how you plan to use your laptop but in general, you will want a few key accessories. These include a laptop sleeve to protect your investment when not in use and if you decide to use on a desk: a laptop cooler will improve thermal efficiency and potentially extend its life.

Let's take a look at what accessories you might want to buy to complement your setup:

I am a Gamer Laptop Rucksack, Headset, Mouse, VR Headset
I am a Home User Laptop Sleeve, Headphones, Laptop Cooler, Mouse, USB Stick or External HDD/SSD
I do a lot of Commuting to and from Work Laptop Rucksack or Messenger Bag, Kensington Lock, Mouse, USB Stick or External HDD/SSD,
My Laptop is my Desktop Computer Replacement Headset, Mouse, Laptop Cooler, Monitor, Speakers, USB Stick, External HDD/SSD

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Whether you are after advice, product information or even aftersales support we are here for you. Overclockers UK offers unparalleled customer service which is available across multiple platforms including telephone, social media, email, webnotes, live chat, and even a dedicated section on Overclockers forum. We even offer a 3 year warranty on our own PC's.


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