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Wired Network Adapters

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TP-Link TX401 10G PCI-e Network Adapter
Backwards Compatible, Low Profile & Full Height Brackets, RJ45 port, Multi-Speed Compatability
£129.95 (incl. VAT)
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TP-Link Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter (TG-3468)
TG-3468 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit PCIe Network Adapter is a highly integrated and cost-effective 32-bit Gigabit PCIe Ethernet Adapter which is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEEE 802.3
£10.99 (incl. VAT)
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ASUS XG-C100C V2 10GBase-T PCIe Network Adapter
10GBase-T PCIe Network Adapter with backward compatibility of 5/2.5/1G and 100Mbps RJ45 port and built-in QoS
£96.95 (incl. VAT)
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£28.99 (incl. VAT)
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What is Wired Networking?

Wired Networking allows multiple nodes such as computers, mobile phone, printers or even NAS units to connect and exchange data. The link is established utilising a cabled connection using a specially designed Ethernet cable

Overclockers UK sells a wide variety of wired networking hardware and accessories enabling you to create your perfect home network whatever your requirements.

Wired Network Adaptors

network adaptor

Need to connect your pc to the internet or your home network using a wired connection? You need a wired network adaptor! Luckily most PCs have a wired adaptor built into the motherboard whereas gaming laptops have both options available as standard. The main reason you might want to use a dedicated card and not utilise the integrated version is for performance. Dedicated units generally offer higher bandwidth which means they are much faster at transferring data.

Wired adaptors come in 2 standards: PCI or PCIe so be sure to double check which you require for your motherboard.

Ethernet – Wired connection

Ethernet Cable

Many people ask us what Ethernet cable do I need? The answer is – It depends on what you plan to do with your network. We would generally recommend a Cat 5e which gives you lots of headroom without breaking the bank but ideally buy what you can afford. Take a look at the table below for an idea of what speeds you can expect from each type of cable.

Ethernet cable standards

 Cable TypeMax Data Transmission SpeedMaximum Bandwidth
Cat 3 UTP 10 Mbps 16MHz
Cat 5 UTP 10/100 Mbps 100MHz
Cat5 e UTP 1000 Mbps 100MHz
Cat 6 UTP or STP 1000 Mbps 250MHz
Cat 6a STP 10,000 Mbps 500MHz
Cat 7 SSTP 10,000 Mbps 600MHz


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