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Lian Li
Lian Li O11D EVO XL

The Ultimate Evolution

Lian Li O11D EVO XL

Introducing the all-new O11D Evo XL, an enlarged case that accommodates numerous components while enhancing modularity to meet the needs of most PC enthusiasts.

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Reversible Chassis
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Supports 3 × 420mm Rads
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Enhanced Modularity
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Removable Front Pillar
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Simple GPU Installation
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7 × Drives Capacity
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Multiple I/O Ports
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Cable Management Friendly

Two Colours, Two Modes





Based on the O11D EVO, the O11D EVO XL can be displayed in two modes with just a few simple steps, allowing for a left or right view.

Big Size, Great Compatibility

The O11D EVO XL offers plenty of space to accommodate modern, powerful, and large components. By supporting up to three 420mm radiators simultaneously, this case provides sufficient cooling options for high-end hardware.


larger than the O11D EVO

White case

Flexible Configuration

The adjustable motherboard tray can be moved up and down in three steps to fit different fan and radiator combos. The tray supports up to E-ATX form factors up to 280mm wide.

Position 1 Position 2 Position 3

Struggle-Free Fan Brackets  

Equipped with quick releases, the fan brackets can easily be installed or removed

Top Fan Bracket

Removable from the top

Bracket 1
Bottom Fan Bracket

Removable from the main chamber

Bracket 2

The side bracket can be oriented in two ways, depending on how you set up the fan intake/exhaust or position.

Side Fan Bracket

Removable with a quick-latch

Bracket 3
Relocatable IO Panel Relocatable IO Panel

Relocatable I/O Panel

The I/O panel offers multiple USB connectors to satisfy your needs, including 1 × USB Type-C and 4 × USB Type-A ports.

At the bottom of the chassis, the I/O panel can be relocated to three different positions easily without the use of tools.

Relocatable IO Panel

Extensive Storage Capacity

Offers multiple easily accessible storage mounting locations that support up to 7 × SSDs or 4 × HDDs and 3 × SSDs.

Cable management bar
Cable Management Bar

3 × 2.5" SSDs

The removable cable management bar helps to keep your system tidy and gives it a better aesthetic.

Drive Cage
Drive Cage

4 × 2.5" SSDs or 4 × 3.5" HDDs

Two swinging hot-swappable cages that can mount a 15mm thick 120mm fan on the side to cool the drives.

Drive Cage

Based on the O11D EVO, the O11D EVO XL can be displayed in two modes with just a few simple steps, allowing for a left or right view.

Optional Accessories

Upright GPU
O11DEXL-1X/1W & PW-PCIV-4-90X/W

The upright GPU bracket allows you to mount the GPU outside the case and conveniently put it back. The GPU can be flipped along with the side b racket, allowing you to have GPU ports at the top or bottom.

Upright GPU
Vertical GPU
Not compatible with VG4-4X/VG4-4W

Lian Li's O11D EVO XL, compatible with its universal vertical GPU kit, offers a professional and attractive build aesthetic through vertical GPU mounting.

Vertical GPU

Lower Position/Lowest Slot installation

Vertical GPU

Upper Position/Highest Slot installation


Product Name O11D EVO XL
Case Type Tower chassis
Colour Black White
Dimensions 522mm × 304mm × 531.9mm (D × W × H)
Material Steel, 4.0mm Tempered Glass, Aluminium
Motherboard Support E-ATX (Under 280mm), ATX, mATX, ITX
Expansion Slot 8
Storage Behind BC Tray: 3 × 2.5" SSD
Hard drive cage: 4 × 3.5" HDD/2.5" SSD
Fan Support Top: 3 × 120mm/3× 140mm
Side: 3 × 120mm/3× 140mm
Bottom: 3 × 120mm/3× 140mm
Rear: Up to 2 × 120mm
Radiator Support Top: 420/360/280/240mm
Side: 420/360/280/240mm
Bottom: 420/360/280/240mm
I/O Ports 1 × Power Button
1 × Reset Button
4 × USB3.0
1 × USB Type C
1 × Audio
1 × LED Colour Button
1 × LED Mode Button
Dust Filters 1 × Bottom
1 × Top
2 × Side
Warranty 1 Year


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