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Watercool passive cooler for VGA RAM 8 Pack
Cooling Set from Watercool with eight passive heatsinks for VGA RAM
£7.99 (incl. VAT)
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Custom Cooling. Higher Performance
Designed to provide an improved cooling solution for both performance and aesthetic purposes, aftermarket GPU coolers are available in three different solutions. Ensuring high compatibility throughout a large variety of graphics cards, users looking to increase the performance of their graphics card by the means of overclocking, reduce the noise of cooling equipment or decrease the temperatures of GPU components will find substantial benefits from a custom cooler.

Providing a gaming experience that’s cool and quiet during operation, passive GPU coolers such as the Raijintek Morpheus II Core Edition are built from large copper heatpipes and a nickel plated heatsink, combined with and a great number of fins - working in conjunction with VRM and RAM heatsinks- cooled by the means of the user’s case fans. Optionally, some passive coolers come equipped with fans in order to provide additional cooling.


Built to provide maximum thermal dissipation through the means of high-performance air cooling, coolers such as the Arctic Accelero L2 Plus and the Alpenföhn Peter use custom mounting solutions in order to ensure great compatibility and incredible performance. Ensuring all GPU components are efficiently cooled, these coolers allow for fan installations which can cool the GPU directly, or exhaust warm temperatures from the heatsink. 


Proving to be a great solution for those seeking an experience that’s quiet and cool, guaranteed to provide high-performance cooling, All-In-One watercoolers give way for maximum compatibility and personal preferences for aesthetic styling. Constructed from a copper heatsink, radiator, tubes and a pump, All-In-One watercoolers take the advantages of custom watercooling solutions - doing away with the complex installation of filling reservoirs and testing for leaks. Designed as a universal mounting bracket that’s equipped with a 92mm fan, the NZXT Kraken G10 allows AIO watercoolers to directly cool the GPU. This allows for improved overclocking and lower temperatures, giving gamers the means to increase the performance of their GPUs.


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