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AM3+ (7xx/9xx Chipset)

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AMD Motherboard By Socket and Chipset: AM3+ (7XX/9XX)

Feature Rich, Overclocking Ready

Designed for use with AMD’s Piledriver FX series processors, the AM3+ chipset brings a wide range of features best suited to entry-level and performance gaming, as well as video editing applications. Catered towards those using a discrete GPU, the AM3+ platforms only supports traditional CPUs, not APU platforms. This allows for the features desired most by gamers and high-performance users only requiring raw CPU performance.

Proving ideal for extreme overclocking, the AM3+ platform allows CPU such as the FX-8 8350 and FX-8 9590 to reach impressive clock speeds up to 4.5GHz and 5.0GHz respectively. These impressive gains in CPU performance allows for faster framerates and an improved gaming experience, only requiring an aftermarket cooler to take full advantage of the platform in order to keep thermal temperatures stable.

The platform also supports USB 3.0/USB 3.1, SATA6, DDR3 memory, on-board dedicated audio, PCIE 3.0, as well as M.2 SATA and PCI-E storage drives. Since the platform is focused on gaming performance, users are provided with multi-GPU support, allowing for the installation of up to X4 graphics cards. Within this platform users can decide between standard-ATX and Micro-ATX sized motherboards, giving way for small, medium and larger sized builds.


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