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Overclockers UK Pre-Binned: Performance Guaranteed

What is a Pre Binned CPU?

All CPU's can hit the boost clock as advertised but not all can surpass it due to minute imperfections in the silicon. Not a single CPU is created equally and all perform differently with less than 5% being able to perform to our highest guaranteed frequency. Pre Binned CPU's remove what is known as the silicon lottery and allow you to buy one of the most capable CPU's in the world.

High performance, overclockable CPUs are highly prized and would cost an individual tens of thousands of pounds to manually source and test hundreds of processors finding less than a 'handful' of what are required to make the grade. Why spend more? Save the hard work for us!

8pack binning

How are CPUs 'Binned'?

Each CPU is individually tested by the world renowned Overclocker 8Pack on specially designed testing rigs which utilise the very latest hardware. Each rig has been configured to utilise pre-determined voltages and settings which allow 8Pack to determine what the silicon is capable of. The CPU's are graded into categories with the very highest being De-Lidded and used in our 8Pack and Infin8 systems with any excess being sold as pre binned. Any CPUs that don't meet the standards required are not simply put back into stock but held for projects or used in any of our machines destined for events.

What is De-Lidding and are there thermal benefits?

8pack delidded CPU

All of the CPU's that make the grade are de-Lidded. This is a process of whereby the CPU's IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) is momentarily removed and the TIM (Thermal Interface Material) is replaced with one that has far superior heat transfer properties such as Liquid Metal. The technique of De-Lidding can reduce load temperatures on average by 10-20°c offering the ultimate in overclocking thermal performance.

We additionally sell a variety of unbinned CPU's that have been delided without having the IHS or liquid metal applied. This allows you to choose a method of cooling without paying a premium for the pre-binning service - Especially great if you want to install a 'direct die mount' cooling solution.

8Pack Delidding X299

PRO Vs Ultra Edition?

8pack delidded CPU

For the ultimate in thermal performance Overclockers UK offer both PRO and Ultra Edition CPU's. Each utilises a specially designed IHS which is crafted from the finest metals and polished for ultra-heat transfer. The newly installed integrated heat spreader can offer between 5°C -12°C lower temperatures than the stock IHS and when combined with our de-lidding service you can expect temperatures between 10°C -32°C lower - depending on which edition you opt for.

Overclockers UK Modified CPU Overview

 De-lid OnlyPre-BinnedPro EditionUltra Edition
Pre Binned No Yes Yes Yes
De-lidded Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liquid Metal TIM Yes Yes Yes Yes
IHS Re-applied Re-applied Copper/Nickle 99.9999% Silver
IHS Polished No No Yes Yes
Performance over OEM IHS / TIM N/A 10-20°c 15-27°c 18-32°c


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