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RENDA G5-CC9 Content Creation Workstation - Frequency Enhanced Intel Core i9K

The Ultimate All-Rounder, Optimised for Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects and Modelling, OC Intel Core i9 10900K, Up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, Extensive Storage Options, Flexible Specification

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RENDA G5-CC9 Content Creation Workstation - Frequency Enhanced Intel Core i9K

Built To Order


RENDA G4-CS Photography & Graphic Design Workstation - Frequency Enhanced Intel Core i7K

Optimised For Abobe Photoshop / After Effects / Lightroom, Overclocked Intel Core i7 9700K, Up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, Extensive Storage Options, Flexible Specification

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RENDA G4-CS Photography & Graphic Design Workstation - Frequency Enhanced Intel Core i7K

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Workstations at Overclockers UK

A workstation is a powerful and specialised single-user computer that can be used for a variety of highly resource intensive and demanding tasks. They are similar to ordinary personal computers—and can be connected to a local area network (LAN) and run multi-user operating systems—but are built with much higher technical specifications and, crucially, are intended to serve a specific function. Workstations are therefore designed for more technical applications such as scientific and engineering programming and calculation, software development, audio production, and intense graphic design or image and video rendering.

Some common features of workstation computers:

  • Large amounts of (EEC) RAM
    Error-correcting code memory detects single-bit memory errors, avoiding data corruption and system failure. Workstations can be equipped with as much as 64GB of RAM.
  • High performance graphics cards
    While low-end PCs tend only to support consumer grade cards, workstations support multiple professional grade graphics cards, yielding significant performance gains.
  • RISC (Reduced-instruction-set Computing) microprocessors
    Streamlines and accelerates data processing by minimising the amount of instructions stored in the chip.
  • Multiple core processors
    Computer workstations are configured with more powerful high-end processors than PCs.
  • Solid-state drives
    SSDs are flash based memory, as opposed to a physical hard disk drive (HDD), and are much faster and more reliable.

Best Uses for Workstations

A computer workstation is a highly specialised machine for a specific purpose, rather than an all-rounder, which must serve that purpose with a high level of reliability and endurance. For this reason, workstations are largely utilised for professional purposes and kept relatively free of the clutter involved with personal usage. In business, science, engineering, and sound design, large amounts of data is handled and downtime or memory errors can be disastrous, so they benefit greatly from the durable hardware and reliable EEC RAM of workstation computers.

Workstations are also particularly well-suited to CAD (computer-aided design) applications such as image and video rendering, and 3D modelling. In addition to the usual benefits of reliability and superior hardware, graphics workstations use graphics cards uniquely designed for the intensity of the calculations required by those tasks. When working on any sort of CAD task, these types of graphics cards will vastly outperform consumer grade ones.

Although computer workstations may be very powerful, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are optimised for gaming. In fact, there is often no great benefit in having more than 4-core processors and 16GB RAM for gaming machines. Similarly, gaming requires graphics cards built on a different sort of algorithm in order to deliver good quality visuals, fast loading, and a fast smooth frame rate.

Why Buy a Computer Workstation?

As with any purchase, this will depend on your individual requirements. An ordinary low-end PC is ideal for day-to-day activities like web browsing, word processing, and light gaming such as Minecraft. However, if you’re a power user with more resource intensive requirements over extended periods, PC workstations are the solution. Although workstation PCs are more expensive than other PCs, it’s important to remember that their specialisation will increase efficiency and productivity, especially for processing and rendering audio, images and video.

PCs and Workstations from Overclockers UK

At Overclockers UK we stock a variety of quality office PCs and workstations, featuring a 3 year warranty and high class components to suit your individual needs, from every day usage to specialist graphic design, and sound design.

Primo Pro

The Primo Pro range of office PCs is perfect for those who are on a budget, but refuse to compromise on specifications. Thanks to the use of quality components from trusted brands—including high efficiency power supplies, motherboards, and Kingston RAM—these computers offer outstanding value. They are an ideal halfway-house between budget PCs and high-end workstation computers.


Renda™ is Overclockers UK’s multi-award winning range of workstations specially designed for graphics and video work. Each workstation is optimised to meet the specific rigours of 2D and 3D rendering, animation, and video editing thanks to superior hardware. This premium performance can also be boosted further with the frequency enhanced configurations from our world champion overclocking master Ian “8Pack” Parry.


Overclockers and The Academy of Sound have combined to create the ultimate audio workstation for project studio applications: The Symphonia Audio System range. In music production, processing power, stability, ample RAM to support large projects, software compatibility, and silent operation are particularly vital to ensure professional grade recordings. Symphonia systems are designed specifically to deliver these requirements effortlessly and provide peace of mind for any studio session.

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