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PSU Power Supply Calculator

Whether you are building your first or 100th gaming PC, you need to ensure all your hardware has a consistent flow of power. Thankfully, that’s where our PSU Calculator comes in. We’ve designed this easy-to-use online calculator help you figure out what power supply wattage you need for your PC.

Why Do I Need to Calculate My PSU Wattage?

It’s vital you pick the correct PSU wattage for all your hardware. If you don’t, you won’t have the power you need to run all your components at maximum performance during peak loads. This may later result in unexpected shutdowns, damage to your components, or even reduce your PC’s overall lifespan.

What Determines How Much Power My PC Needs?

No PC’s power requirements are the same as they differ with each component you have installed. PCs designed for casual gaming and less intensive workloads won’t have as high of power demand as one built for AAA gaming or workstations.

More complex configurations, such as custom water-cooling loops and multiple GPU layouts, will also increase how much wattage your PC needs.

How Our PSU Calculator Works

To calculate your required wattage, our PSU calculator will use the peak power consumption of all your components as listed by their manufacturer.

All you need to do is simply enter the hardware you plan to use in your system, and the calculator will do the rest! Plus, you can also save your configuration and load it anytime, as and when you need to refer back.


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