Acer Predator 4k2k XB280HK 28" 3840x2160 TN G-Sync Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black/Red

Predator 4k2k XB280HK 28" 3840x2160 TN G-Sync Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black/Red

  • 3840x2160 Resolution
  • 10,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 300 cd/m2 Brightness
  • 1x Display Port
  • USB3.0 Hub
  • 2yr Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-065-AC

EAN: 4713147435593


Manufacturer: Acer

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Product information:

Predator 4k2k XB280HK 28" 3840x2160 TN G-Sync Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black/Red

Acer XB280HK gaming monitor as the world’s first 4k2k display featuring NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology to provide stunning, ultra-smooth, tear-free imagery and rich colors for outstanding gaming experiences. It features Acer’s flicker-less, low-dimming and ComfyView technologies that reduce strain on the eyes for smooth and comfortable extensive viewing.

The Acer XB280HK is intended to be paired with enthusiast PCs for immersive, ultra high-end gaming. It features a spacious 28-inch LED backlit display with 4k2k Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) that’s four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD, and presents stunning high quality images for outstanding visual enjoyment.

With a GeForce® GTX™-powered PC, NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ display technology synchronizes the display’s refresh rates to the GPU to eliminate screen tearing and minimize display stutter and input lag to deliver smoother, faster, more breathtaking gaming experiences. Scenes appear instantly, objects look sharper and more vibrant, and gameplay is more fluid and responsive providing gamers with significant performance advantages.

The Acer XB280HK features 170/170 degree viewing angles so that brilliantly-colored images can be seen from almost every angle. DisplayPort™ v1.2 transmits video signals and four USB 3.0 ports are conveniently located at the side and bottom of the display for connecting to keyboard, mouse or mobile devices.

The Acer XB280HK monitor is made with post-consumer recycled plastic and features a distinctive red ring on the base stand. The multi-functional ErgoStand allows the screen to tilt from -5° to 35° to ensure the best viewing angle; the base rotates 120° from left or right for easy screen sharing; the panel height can be raised by up to 150 mm for optimum comfort; and the screen pivots from horizontal to vertical for more viewing perspectives.

This eco-friendly monitor features a mercury- and arsenic-free panel, LED backlighting for reduced power consumption, and is ENERGY STAR®(1) qualified.


- Flicker-less technology – stable power supply eliminates screen flicker particularly beneficial for heavy users by helping to reduce eye strain.
- Low dimming technology – adjust to as low as 15 percent brightness in low light environments to make it easy on the eyes. Standard monitor settings start at 30 percent brightness level.
- ComfyView technology – the non-glare panel reduces reflection from light source.


- G-Sync Technology
- Flicker-less Technology
- Height Adjust stand with tilt, swivel and pivot
- Display Screen Size: 28" (70.8cm)
- Aspect ratio: 16:9
- Panel Type: TN
- Brightness: 300cd/m2
- Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (Typ)
- Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000
- Resolution: 3840x2160 (Only over DisplayPort at 60Hz)
- Response Time: 1ms (GTG)
- Colurs: 16.7M
- Bits: 8 bits+HiFRC
- Viewing Angle (H / V ): 170 ° / 160 °
- Connectivity: 1x DisplayPort 1.2 (60Hz)
- USB Hub 3.0: Yes (1up, 4down)
- VESA: 100x100mm
- Speakers: No
- Warranty: 2yr (Return to base with Acer - 0371 760 1000)


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I got this monitor as soon as I seen it and it is stunning. The image quality was just amazing.

Worth every penny. My only down side is I'm running a gtx 980 and when using G-SYNC I cant play FPS games due to the input lag normally noticeable with V-Sync. Mouse delays are just unavoidable but turning G-SYNC off I had no problems.

Conor Richards 2015-11-27

Really great gaming monitor!

Upgraded from an older 60hz 4k monitor. The monitor looks really good and took seconds to assemble with minimal tools. Overall quality is very good and I am very impressed with the quality of the monitor. It looks really nice sat on my desk. The main reason i purchased it was to give me a more fluid less stuttery, no tearing gaming experience and this comes with the addition of g-sync. Noticeable straight away and is a really nice improvement. No more stuttering on games when they drop to even 59fps. I wish i got this monitor sooner, roaming around on the witcher 3 on ultra 4k is buttery smooth and fluid Unlike before when it would drop fps and stutter in certain locations and fights which made it horrible to play.

Overall i love it and going back to v-sync to compare the difference is staggering, makes you feel "how did i play like that" with tearing and the horrible stutter and random fps drops. I also found games run faster with G-sync aswell so another bonus :)

The only thing i would change about it is the glossy bezel, i would much prefer a matte one as they show dirt and fingerprints less and dont reflect the screen. Other than that it truly is a great monitor and i love it.


Don't hesitate

I was toying between this monitor vs the Asus pb287q for atleast two weeks, eventually I chose this monitor - and I couldn't be happier with my choice.
The ONLY bad thing about this monitor is the material the border is made from, micro-scratches will come in the dozens.

That aside, I have nothing but praise! However you feel like sitting at your desk, low, high, leaning back - this monitor can adjust with almost no effort to any reasonable viewing angle you need. I'm running a GTX980 playing all of my games in 4k (except games like the witcher -_- ) and I doubt I could go back to 1080p gaming without alot of displeasure. The best thing by far about this monitor is G-Sync. After using this for 3 weeks or so very often, I can say first hand that G-Sync was sent from the gods. You know all of those horizontal lines you just learn to ignore and accept? Gone. 100% removed from existence. I use a panasonic 55" THX TV along side my monitor for certain games, and until I bought this monitor I've never played games with so few motion problems, this is the smoothing gaming I have experienced.

If you're struggling to make up your mind and this monitor is on your short list, just stop looking and but this right now. If a few tiny scratces aren't going to ruin your day - BUY IT


4k'ing awesome!

I've owned this monitor for two weeks now, I also have the Asus ROG SWIFT.

I VESA mounted them side by side, but since getting this monitor the SWIFT has been left switched off and unused.

4k is amazing, and I'll not buy another 60hz monitor without Gsync ever again, it's too good.

Dropping from a 144hz screen back down to 60hz instantly felt jarring, the tearing was terrible and reminded me why I originally switched to 120/144hz screens 3 years ago. So I set an FPS limit to 60, disabled Vsync and enabled Gsync and instantly all problems are solved.

I get smooth framerates, no tearing, and the amazing beauty of 4k (but I can sense my GTX 980 starting to creak!). All I could wish for is a higher refresh rate, even something like 75hz would be enough to smooth out mouse input as I personally find 60hz right on the edge of acceptable.

I'm playing a lot of WoW at the moment and everything looks pin sharp. It runs pretty great and having everything looking sharp and focussed in the distance really adds to the feeling of depth and detail.

GTA 5 looks amazing, but I'm staying off it until I get my new watercooled SLI Titan X system delivered so I can actually get proper playable framerates and decent quality settings.



Had this monitor for a week now. G Sync is so good, will not be buyin a monitor without it. Games look and play much better and you can turn of AA and Vsync off and let the monitor do all the work. Im so glad I got this one.

4K Settings

Battlefield 4 in Ultra
COD Ghosts in Extra
COD Advanced Warfare High
Crysis 3 Medium

Not Bad, as its early days for 4K

Intel 4960X 3.60GHz Extreme (Ivybridge-E) Socket LGA2011 Processor (Not Clocked)
Asus Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition Intel X79 (Socket 2011) DDR3 Motherboard
Samsung 1TB SSD 840 EVO SATA 6Gb/s
2 Nvidia Asus Titan Black in Sli
32 GB Gskill DDR3 Ram 2400 MHz



After looking at the many caveats monitors have this one seemed like the safest bet. Won't go on too much... For 4k gaming this is the best you are going to get at present. For desktop use? it's a little small and certain things do need some squinting. Let's face it though, this is anything but a monitor you use for desktop duties. It's a gaming monitor pure and simple, so I will score it as such.

This is the Swift of the 4k arena.


Close but no cigar

Bought this before Christmas and I was astounded at the image quality it provides going from 1080p. It was amazing. I tended to wander around in a game just looking at things to see how they looked. It certainly had that moment where you stop and thought "wow". For gaming to its excellent as you get to see more of the screen.
I first tried with a GTX 980 and it played games fine at 4k if I turned the detail down a little. So then I went with 970 SLI (I see no Vram issues) and it was amazing. I can even play some games with AA turned on although it doesnt make a difference to be honest. Never mind the people who say 4k gaming is not there it definitely is with this monitor and the right GPU. GSync is the big plus with this monitor and 4k gaming its a must. I also had an ASUS Rog Swift and in my opinion this is a much better monitor. The Rog has awful white levels (like looking through grey fog) and the image quality looked blurred to me on the Swift. Scaling was also not good in Windows 8.1 Yet the Acer was fantastic.
Now for the bad. It had really awful backlight bleed around the edges. As it had onsite warranty Acer get UPS to come and collect it for repair. A week later it came back and still bad backlight bleed and even worse stuck red pixels in a triangle shape that would not disappear with any of the online methods. So its gone back for a second time and I am awaiting its return. This is why 3 stars. Superior image quality and excellent 4k gaming with gsync, but sucky build quality.


Not Happy with Reliability or Service

Unit developed long red stuck pixel strip after 5 weeks, then OC enforce the 28 day rule and I'm told I'm getting a refurb. Then Acer ask me three questions, and close the case with 1 hour of asking before even getting my answers. I'm now having to raise a new ticket.

I'm used to great service from OC and reliable kit. This has been neither.

Having said that for the several weeks the monitor worked fine; it really showed that 4k makes a difference, with excellent crispness, even on an old GTX 680 before I upgraded to 980s. Going back to my 2560x1600 Dell will be hard :-(


Amazing quality but tricky with multiple

I bought this from OcUK during the sales along with a GTX 970. As soon as I plugged this in I noticed the difference in colour, brightness and clarity. I tried this monitor and card combo with FarCry 4 with 4k res with AA off as it's not needed at 4K and the quality was absolutely amazing, it's great for gaming. I was also very pleased that the monitor came with a DisplayPort cable as I did not have one.

Sadly one or two things have annoyed me. First is in the few days I've been using it at one point it started flickering and going crazy but a quick reset fixed it and it's been fine since. My biggest gripe if I have another 2 1080p monitors attached to my PC and am using Windows 8.1. The problem with this is although 8.1 has scaling for multiple monitor sizes due to the massive 4k the scaling goes badly wrong on the 1080p screens, this causes a massive taskbar, weird font and the right click menu to fall off the screen on to the other monitor. This is not the fault of the monitor and hopefully Windows 10 should fix but it's something to keep an eye on.


Absolutely Marvellous!

Got this today and I must say i am very impressed indeed! The G-Sync is noticeable straight away with no tearing visible at all. Also gives me a good excuse to upgrade my SLI 680s which were more than enough at 1920x1080 but are now struggling to keep up. Luckily the monitor also comes with a display port cable as it is not mentioned in the specs.

I think i need some new glasses though to read the tiny icons :-)



This monitor was well worth waiting for. The 4K resolution is gorgeous and Windows 10 (Technical Preview) handles it well on 150% scaling - things such as the Steam and UPlay clients are resized which makes them blurry, but other programs such as Firefox and Office look amazingly sharp.

Out of the box brightness is set to 100% and the colours are vivid - my old 120Hz Acer monitor looks dull by comparison.

Games wise, I was surprised to see that World of Warcraft (Draenor beta) generally ran at 60Hz on Ultra settings with a single 980. There were a few areas where framerates dropped into the low to mid 50s and that's when I tested GSync - which is enabled by default in the drivers. Incidentally you need to turn off vsync in your games to get gsync to work.

All I can say is that I couldn't really notice any framerate drops from then on, which means GSync is doing its job well.

The next test was Diablo 3, which stuck doggedly to 60fps throughout, again with all setting maxed.

Something harder - Watch_dogs, with a mixture of High and Ultra settings (and no AA). This time I was getting 35-40 FPS generally, as shown by Shadowplay. With GSync running it looked perfectly smooth, not as juddery as I would have expected for that low a framerate.

So, a monitor with better colour definition than my old 120Hz panel (which I suspect was only capable of displaying 262K colours). A monitor with USB ports around the side and a monitor which means that 60 FPS is no longer a must-have framerate. In a couple of years this will be mainstream and unremarkable, but for 2014 it's superb. If you want a taste of the near future and have a decent graphics card, this is the monitor for you!


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