HAF X Gaming Tower Case - Black (RC-942)

  • Designed for performance systems
  • this chassis is able to house today's latest and hottest CPUs
  • motherboards
  • GFX cards and is even USB3.0 compatible.
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Stock Code: CA-203-CM

EAN: 4719512028674

MPN: RC-942-KKN1

Manufacturer: CoolerMaster

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Product information:

HAF X Gaming Tower Case - Black (RC-942)

The much anticipated HAF X arrives as the flagship of the popular HAF (High Air Flow) series. Designed for performance systems, this chassis is able to house today's latest and hottest CPUs, motherboards, GFX cards and is even USB3.0 compatible. With specialised support and cooling for graphic cards, massive airflow with the help of up to four gigantic fans and easy access to installed components, this is as close as it gets to a system builder's 'dream case'.

- Dimensions: 230 x 550 x 590mm ( W x H x D)
- Motherboard Compability: Micro- ATX, ATX and E-ATX
- 6 x 5.25" Drive Bays
- 5 x 3.5" Drive Bays
- I/O Panel: USB3.0 x 2, USB2.0, Audio x 2, e-SATA x 1, FireWire x1
- Cooling (Front): 230 x 30 mm red LED fan x1
- Cooling (Top): 200 x 30mm fans x 2 (1 included)
- Cooling (Side): 200 x 30mm fan x 1
- Cooling (Rear): 140 x 25mm fan x 1
- VGA Fan Duct: 120 x 25mm fan x 1 (not included)
- VGA Holder: 80 x 15mm fan x 1 (not included)
- PCI Slots: 9
- Base Mounted PSU Bracket

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Product Specification:

Case type
Form Factor
Main colour
Accent colour
Noise dampening
Width (exact)
Height (exact)
Depth (exact)
200 - 300 mm
500 - 600 mm
500 - 600 mm
Weight (exact)
14 - 16 kg
USB 3.0
Audio output
Audio input
Internal 2.5" bays
Internal 3.5" bays
External 5.25" bays
PCI slots
Motherboard tray
Cable management
Front LCD/TFT display
Power supply
Power supply format
Power supply position
Rear Lower
Fans pre-installed
1x 140mm, 1x 230mm, 2x 200mm
80mm Fan
120mm Fan
140mm Fan
200mm Fan
Fans over 220mm
Fan colour
Black, Transparent
Fan controller
Card reader
Front door
Position I/O
HDD anti-vibration
1x Triple (360mm)

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As with one of the other reviewers, my previous case was a HAF 932 and compared with that case the cable management is comparative bliss in the main.

The two features of the case that really make it stand out IMO are:-
a. The two 3.5" SATA caddies at the front of the case
b. The cover for the top mounted power/reset switches (preventing accidental but rare switchoff incidents)

My only real complaint - Unlike the HAF 932, not even one 5.25" bay grill cover with cut-out support for 3.25" bay peripherals such as some of the USB 3.0 Panels. The grill covers are also a different form to that employed in the HAF 932 thus I could not recycle the relevant cover from my previous case.

Overall, an excellent case though and I highly recommend it.


Fantastic Case

This is by far the best case I have owned in a long time. I've had this case for around 6 months now and I've never looked back! Loads of room for cable management and large GPU's. I'm running twin GTX 970's in SLI and still have so much room for cooling and management.

Buy it.

Ben 2016-06-07


I've had this case since 2011 and it's still going brilliant construction it's done everything for me I've changed 4 different motherboards and 5 different gpus since and it fits anything even after all theses years it's still classed as the best for space and air flow I'd recommend this to anyone

Richard john 2016-01-06


I love this case, if your thinking of buying one: read full in depth reviews on websites, have all the features you want/need? Buy it. The value is amazing, and dispite being a 5 year old design it is timeless and still looks like something for the future, I thought I wouldn't like the rugidized styling but it got me in the end.

Case aside I do have a small moan about overclockers UK, although service was flawless the free blue fan promotion is NOT still running, dispite it being advertised on many tech sites and even in this very listings name, a little misleading but it wasn't a deal breaker for me.


4 Years on

My PC has been sitting in this case for 4 years now and there is still hardly any dust in there, it's been upgraded countless times and the case is still quiet and cool, the side fan is starting to make a noise now and again very slight but it's constantly been spinning for 4 years so it's not doing bad and that's a cheap replacement the clear window perspex doesn't seem to scratch to easily as it still looks nice, this is by far the best case i have ever used and if you have the space (as it's huge) you couldn't want for a better case really.


Awsome case

Bought one of these for my first build 2 years ago. Added 3 cougar v12 pwm fans (2 for the corsair hydro h100 watercooler) an extra roof fan and a side fan -230 mm. running a sapphire pure black mobo with an fx8150 and 2 sapphire hd 6870's from a CM pure gold 1000w psu.
With a small SSD for win 8.1 and 2 x 2 WD velociraptor storage drives system is quick and cool temps are 35c in this summer heat at idle and 46 when gaming for a few hours.
Loads of room inside for building and hiding wiring and the dust filters work very well (i just hoover mine from the outside once a week)


Amazing Case

So i got this case around two weeks ago now. I have to say, its bigger then i expected, but that is good IMO.
The case doesn't just look beautiful, it preforms just as well. Keeping my Temps nice and low, and the case barely makes a sound when on. There is tons of room in the case and it is easy to manage, you can take things out that you may not need, giving you even more room (if ever you would need too).

Overall i give this case a 5star rating, and is highly worth every peny.

P.S. The pack of sweets are nice too ;).


Close but no cigar

A lot of reviews will give the you good [ & there are many good points] but after having this case nearly a year & rebuilding recently for an IB upgrade I think this case a a few flaws.
Reset switch & one for front fan led are identical & side-by-side! Had to put a bit of yellow insulating tape on the reset button
Maybe my flat is very dusty but the fillters on the case do a poor job compared to my old Antec 182. Apart from the front one they are very difficult to clean & replace. The side fan has to be removed or blown with compressed air, still leaving some behind. The one under the power supply has to have the PSU removed to replace it.
The front fan is noisy & the top one doesn't seem to move much air.
The attachment of the cable shroud for the PSU needs a better method to attach it to the motherboard tray. The screws are too small to easily get into place.
The optional 120mm fan holder to cool the GPU(s) needs a redesign. Had to cut end off to fit PCI-E leads to graphic card.

Pilgrim57 2012-07-04


Great case, big enough to work on comfortably and my huge 31cm GPU fits in nicely. Comes with good accessories and looks good. Very happy over all

Owen 2012-06-20


Bought this case as a upgrade and im glad i did, lots of space inside for anything and everything, esp water cooling after that still had lots of room this is recommended guys you wont regret buying the HAFX 10 out of 10

Darren 2012-04-08


i recently bought this case and when it arrived all i could say was wow its huge it looks sooooooo nice well done OC fast delivery as always gonna enjoy modding this case now many thanks and yes i recommend the HAF X

Darren 2012-03-16


This case was out of stock when I ordered it and I was offered an alternative.
Absolutely no question of that after reading the reviews. When Overclockers had them in stock it was delivered next day....Fantastic service guys!!.
The inside is like an empty warehouse compared to the cluttered interior of my last case. Had to hire a crane to lower it into its resting place's solid!
Along with the massive and it should be said quiet fans the tool free design is a great feature when building. Front USB connecting from outside the case as I had read about in older reviews as there's cable to connect to the USB 3 header. Can't say enough about this case it's awesome.

In a nutshell regarding the service from Overclockers and the quality of this case....BUY IT!!!

Mark 2012-02-17

What a case

The case is a well built and laid out perfect inside. If you are wanting a case with lots of room needed, then i recommend this to everyone. It took me about 3 hours to build my system but it is well worth taking your time to conceal the cables and take advantage of the space behind the motherboard to hide all those wires. It really does make a difference with heat and it runs a steady 24 degrees. Cooler master gets my thumbs up. 5 stars

Neil Machin 2012-02-14


I got this case on friday and wow I love it .. going from my antec 900 - this is massive and the cable management is fantastic also the dust filters on all fans and meshy parts will keep this a lot clealer than my 900 :) 5 stars

Leighton 2011-10-17

The best. Bar None.

overclockers let me swap an Antec 1200 for this and really, the difference is like chalk and cheese. It really is worth the money, and had oodles of extras like rubber grommets, hot swap drive bays and potential for huge rads at the top.

The best, bar none.

Mark Duncombe 2011-09-27

Great But

Would have given this 5 stars but one of the large fans was dodgy, and the front fan cover was missing, I am having trouble getting this part but hope this will be resolved soon.

Other than that the delivery was swift, the replacement fan was sent out once I had returned the dodgy one, but they want a picture to proove that the front fan cover is missing? I mean why would I lie about something that costs but a couple of pounds to replace?

Appart from the problems above, its a great case with lots of space and is nice and quiet with all fans on full.

Shaun 2011-07-08


First of all if anybody is thinking of ordering this case, order it from here as the OC guys are amazingly fast with their deliveries.

This case is simply the muts nuts as cooler master have thought of pretty much everything. The tool-less features are the best i've seen and the case is massive so is ideal for a triple RAD water cooling and brilliant if you have a huge CPU heatsink and fan like the Noctua NH - D14. plenty of room for cable management and is perfect for you guys thinking of going 4-way SLI with an EVGA X58 Classified MOBO.

Simply a brilliant case, well worth the money.

William 2011-05-03


upgraded from CM 690 nvidia edition...and the difference is stunning!good quality case,plenty of space inside as my 6970 fits ok with plenty of room to spare!
A must have for high end PC!

gigi 2011-04-05


Upgraded from an old dusty thermaltake armor case and the difference in build quality is amazing.

Very solid design, good dust management, cable tidy features and very low noise.

John Kellond 2011-02-13


Excellent delivery for OC as usual. Ordered 4.30pm on the 29th Dec, it arrived 10.30am on the 30th Dec.

Transfer from old case was like a dream thanks to the system of slide in and pus a button to lock design for the drives.

Cale management was easy and inside of case looks open and uncluttered now where as before you couldn't see the bottom half of the motherboard for leads and cables.

I love it, it looks cool, runs cool, is quiet and Will be easy to work on in the future when upgrading. It is Mint and by far the best case I have ever owned.

I've get it a 4 instead of a 5 on the rating purely becuase I feel the side fan needs some red LED's to illuminate the inside of the case.

It is the only thing stopping this case being perfect.

Martyn 2010-12-31

The Beast

Well what can I say, this case is intimidating in a good way with lots of room inside, all black inside makes it look great, the fans have dust filters at last.

I've upgraded from the HAF 932 to the HAF X and compared the difference with the two case next to each and I must say HAF X stands out a mile, cable management is great.

To be honest both cases are fab, me personally I like to upgrade every 2-3 years so I went for the HAF X, loved the look of it. GET THIS CASE, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Fab service from Overclockers order on Monday 20/12/2010 should of received it on the 21/12/2010 however DPD had delivery problems due to serve weather conditions, but received it on the 22/12/2010, Thank You "OC"

Dhillon 2010-12-24

What can't you do with this case?

This is my first attempt at a full build and I'd read all the reviews around the web before I went for this unit and what a UNIT it is.

This beast is all as good as the reviews and makes building a machine a pleasure. Loads of space and it seems they have tried to cater for every eventuality an enthusiast may want.

Nice cable tidy design with loads of room for case mods to jazz it up with as many lights as your PSU can take! I thinking of putting this rig in place of the X-MASS tree this year, it looks that good :)

Stock fans run quiet and the case is always cold to the touch and not that you need it but if you did want an extra inch in height you can always stick on the wheels. Now all I need to do is link up the wheels to the CPU is some way and ride this baby to work!

Gavin 2010-11-25


Sitting alongside my Antec 300 chasis this is a monster of a case!! Everything fits in soo comfortably and with soo much space to spare you almost begin to think you've left something out :)

Great case.. great cooling!.. fantastic cable management [even with my corsair non-modular PSU].. full tower cases are definitely the way to go if you're serious about cooling.

Peter 2010-11-24


Bought this a few days ago for a new build I'm doing and I'm very impressed!

Keeps all of your temperatures down and the case is very cool to the touch. Building inside the case is a doddle and the cable management here is pretty simple too.

Nice black interior too, which is a bonus as the HAF 932 is silver on the inside.

Fans are nice and quiet and the red LED fan at the front is really gorgeous (but if it's not to your taste then there's a handy button on top to turn it off!)

Highly reccomend this case to all enthusiasts.

Mike Scrivens 2010-10-11

Excellent Upgrade

>From an old and admittedly dusty Thermaltake Xaser, this huge beast dropped my GPU temps by about 15 degrees. Very quiet huge fans and also much better sound damping than my previous cases. Provides excellent cooling for my Crossfire-X setup.

Vandraman 2010-10-09

Very Nice Enclosure

I don't normally write reviews but I thought the following observations were note worthy:
The mothboard tray hole didn't align correctly with the rear of the processor on my Asus Rampage III Extreme. I'll have to remove the board when I wish to upgrade my cooling solution.
The various dust filters are not as easy to extract for cleaning as I was lead to believe. Metal lugs need to be manipulated to remove the filters.
Other than these two minor points it's a very good case.

Ian 2010-08-16

Big, Bad (good) and Beautiful

This case is a beast. Lots of room inside, with a well organised interior, this case is a cinch to set up. The drive trays make installing a new HDD effortless, I just installed a tertiary 500GB drive in less than 2 minutes, it's that simple. This case also has superb ventilation with 4 huge fans as standard. During the world cup when the temperature reached over 30 degrees this case was still cool to the touch after 4 days of being in constant use and GPU temp was around 30 degrees with a stock cooler fan. This case will suck in a lot of dust if you do not maintain it regularly. Users should regularly use a duster on the outside and hoover the interior (carefully!) at least once a month to maintain lower operational temperatures.

The Coolermaster HAF is a 5 star case and will last you as long as you want it to. It is more than worth it's price.

harrier2569 2010-08-13

HAF X 10/10

Its been a long time coming after
the HAF 932 and is really not a let down
in any way, its managed to keep the Iconic
styling from all the HAF series, and but also
forcing some new tech in there , with its
unparalleled cooling the HAF X is ahead of the
game and has room to mount some of the most
lusting tech with space to fit 4 gpus , case of the
year winner in my mind.

Christina Larson 2010-08-09

Incredible Upgrade

Upgrading from the haf 932 and wasn't expecting as much as an improvement as i got.
The 9 pci slots and graphics cooler are a crossfire/sli dream and my main reason for purchase.

The images don't the case justice its stunning & along with the dust filters, usb 3 compatibility, cable management and 2 invisible external hard drive bays its worth the price.

The build quality is second to none with secure rubber feet all the way along, there's no mechanical noise from hard drives or metal vibrations. & little things like the power button cover & fan led on/off switch etc. suprisingly adds to the character

There is only one critism i have with this case and that is the smaller fans compared to the haf 932 on the side and top. 200mm compared to the 230mm. I replaced the side fan with the 230mm (just fits) but dont understand the change

Lastly connecting the 3 larger fans to the motherboard to lower the rpm and using silent fans on eveything else. This is a very quiet and cool case

Thomas 2010-08-09


Hello all, I totally agree with the comments about the cable management. The case is just what I was looking for, the looks being very industrial / military looking is just the style I love...
Very nice looking, great cable management, lowered my temps, and you will be susprised how quite 200mm fans are!
What more could you ask for!
I have even done my own youtube video here ---

Michael Rixon 2010-08-04


Been waiting on this case ever since I got the Gigabyte UD9 board and this is one of the very few cases that will take that board.

Cable management is excellent with plenty of room for almost anything you could fire into a case. The fans that come with the case are quiet and do a great job of cooling the interior. So good in fact that It dropped by two ATI 5870 cards down 5 degrees. Meant I could turn down the fan speed on both. System temps on the Northbridge took a tumble by 5 degrees as well.

Front Red LED fan adds a nice aesthetic effect though the interior of the case is still quiet dark so a couple of nice Cold Cathodes bring it to life for the added effect.

One of the nicest cases I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Very Happy.

Druss 2010-07-21


I decided to upgrade to my previous case, Coolermaster Cosmos S, and I am glad that I chose this case.

It runs cooler and quieter, and has lots of room, especially for cable management.

One thing is a lack of a 5.25" to 3.5" adapter and front plate, for card reader, which has been included in previous models, Cosmos S & HAF 932. Have contacted Coolermaster, and awaiting response.

If you are looking for a new, quality, cool and quiet case, look no further, I definitely recommend.

Sam 2010-07-10

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