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 - MDPC-X Shrink Tube 3.4:1 SATA - Blue, 35cm

MDPC-X Shrink Tube 3.4:1 SATA - Blue, 35cm

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35cm shrink tubing in blue with 13 mm diameter and 3.4 to 1 shrink factor for modding projects and sleeving of SATA cables.
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- Colour: Blue
- Length: 35cm
- Diameter (before shrinking): 13 mm
- Diameter (after shrinking): 3.8 mm
- Shrink factor: 3.4:1


As with the famous MDPC-X Sleeving, the MDPC heatshrink quality is globally regarded as the best-in-class, since MDPC started in 2007. Instead of beginning to talk about all kind of technical data, test results and specifications, here is what users typically told us about our heatshrinks: "Hello MDPC, I just wanted to tell you that I have used so many different heatshrinks in my professional career, but yours top them all in every aspect."MDPC just offers what can't be exceeded in quality; otherwise we would not offer it. While most manufacturers of heatshrinks went the cost-saving route in the last years and the available quality degraded, our quality stayed the same.

What makes a good heatshrink for us?

First of all we like ultra-thin walls. It just looks awesome and you can easily over-expand it in order to extend its original diameter even more. MDPC offers the thinnest walls in relation to its corresponding shrink-ratio.

We love a high shrink-ratio, so one heatshrink-size can be used in many situations easily and effectively. "1:1" would mean that it does not shrink at all. "2:1" means that it shrinks down to 1/2 of its original diameter. "3:1" means that it shrinks to 1/3, "4:1" means that it shrinks down to an amazing 1/4. MDPC offers unusual shrink-rates, which make your work as easy as possible.

Absolutely smooth surfaces with a matte appearance is not a very common combination, but MDPC gives this to you. While being ultra-thin, it is important that the heatshrink does not burn so quickly. With this property, it is easy to melt MDPC Sleeve underneath the shrink by applying temperatures of more than 250°C. The very thin walls help you to see when the sleeve melts. You recognize it as soon as the footprint of the sleeving edge underneath the heatshrink turns into a smooth transition.

Different colours are very important, so people can color-code their cables and of course support their designs in a beautiful way. To sum up what MDPC-X heatshrink stands for: Only the best in heatshrink-technology and design is good enough for us. If something could be done better, we have already done it.

How to use heatshrink in combination with MDPC-X sleeve

You either need a heatgun or lighter to shrink the heatshrink. A hair-dryer is not enough to shrink to the minimum diameter. For colored heatshrinks, we recommend to only use a heatgun. Using a lighter, the best technique is as follows: Only use the lower portion of the flame (the flame should be at least 3 cm long) and move it into the heatshrink and out of it again and again, while twisting the cable & heatshrink from time to time, so you heat it up at different sides.

Let the heatshrink completely cool down, before you apply any length-stretching-force onto the MDPC-X Sleeve. Once the heatshrink is cooled down, it turns hard and holds the sleeve in position. If you want to move a cable-end into a connector (i. e. ATX wire into ATX connector), you can heat up the front of the heatshrink, so it gets soft again and adjusts perfectly to the inner shape of a connector. Learn more about using our heatshrink for "melting" techniques in the previous section.
Length 35 mm
Lighting No
Primary Colour Blue
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£1.69 (incl. VAT)
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