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BenQ Zowie 25" XL2546K 1920x1080 TN 240Hz 1ms DyAc+ esports LED Backlit Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 24.5", Refresh Rate 240HZ, DyAc+ Dynamic Accuracy, 1ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Panel Type TN, Tilt, Height Adjust
£449.99 (incl. VAT)
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BenQ Zowie 27" XL2746K 1920x1080 IPS 240Hz 1ms DyAc FreeSync Widescreen Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 27", Refresh Rate 240Hz, FreeSync, 1ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Panel Type IPS,
£529.99 (incl. VAT)
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BenQ 25" Zowie XL2540K 1920x1080 TN 240Hz 1ms Widescreen Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 25", Refresh Rate 240Hz, 1ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Panel Type TN, Height Adjust, Tilt, Swivel, VRR
£299.99 (incl. VAT)
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BenQ Zowie 25" XL2566K 1920x1080 TN 360Hz DyAc 1ms Widescreen Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 25", Refresh Rate 360Hz, DyAc Sync, Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Panel Type TN,
£619.99 £599.99 (incl. VAT)
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BenQ Zowie 24" XL2411K 1920x1080 TN 144Hz 1ms DyAc+ esports LED Backlit Gaming Monitor
Display Resolution 1920x1080, Display Size 24", Refresh Rate 144HZ, DyAc+ Dynamic Acuracy, 0.5ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Panel Type TN, Tilt, Height Adjust
£199.99 (incl. VAT)
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Zowie Monitors

ZOWIE XL2746K 1080p 240Hz Gaming Monitor

ZOWIE is BenQ’s dedicated esports-focused brand. As such, a ZOWIE monitor combines BenQ’s solid reliability with innovative technologies focused on providing the best gaming experience. As these monitors are targeted at esports gaming, they deliver ultra-high refresh rates at 1080p resolutions. What's more, many ZOWIE monitors boast technologies that help you stay in the zone, ensuring you always play your best.

Esports Technologies

Whether you’re just getting into esports or are a regular on the league tables, a ZOWIE monitor offers innovative technologies to give you an advantage over the competition. One of which is Shield, a removable set of adjustable covers that sit on either side of your display. With these, you’ll be able to block out any distractions around you, letting you focus solely on your game. Additionally, ZOWIE monitors also boast DyAc, a technology which reduces blur from rapid in-game actions such as firing a rifle on full auto. By reducing this blur, you can better maintain a bead on your target, even during a pitched battle. Furthermore, you can balance the playing field on darker maps, thanks to Black eQualizer, which increases the visibility of dark scenes without overexposing any bright areas.

Fast Paced Gaming

The majority of esports players choose to game at 1080p, as it boasts the ideal balance of graphical detail to FPS. ZOWIE monitors have been designed with this in mind, each one boasting a phenomenal 1080p display. Many of these screens utilise TN panels, for their superb refresh rates and lighting quick response times. In fact, ZOWIE monitors range from 144Hz to 360Hz, with just 1ms response times.

Every Gamer is Different

Gamers may all enjoy the same hobby, but how they play can vary. ZOWIE understands this and, as such, they have ensured that their monitors are easy to adjust. This includes the physical design on their monitors, with many offering a small base that, when positioned on your desk, allows ample room for your keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, ZOWIE monitors offer exceptional adjustability, with height and tilt options that can be operated with just a finger. Additionally, a ZOWIE monitor offers excellent options for the visual output of the display. You can setup your display on a game-by-game basis and with multiple profiles available.

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