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TP-Link Archer TXE75E Wi-Fi 6E Bluetooth 5.2 PCIe Adapter
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Upgrade Your PC With the Latest Components

Infin8 Hunter Gaming PC

If you're building your first PC or upgrading your existing system, keeping it simple or going super complex, we have a vast choice of core and secondary components for you to build the perfect rig. Computer hardware has come a long way, and now combines both form and function, meaning PC components look and perform amazing - a total extension and expression of yourself.

Core Components

Motheboard (Mobo)

The motherboard is the primary piece of the puzzle that connects everything together including your CPU, RAM, PCIe devices, and storage - as well as any audio and USB that your case may feature. These come in various form factors, styles, and tiers of support and are compatible with either Intel or AMD.

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Processor (CPU)

This is the brains of the outfit. Responsible for the processing, it deals with running instructions and delivering information to the other components. Designed in a structure with various cores and clock speeds, the more cores - the greater number of tasks that can happen at once and the high clock speeds - the faster the CPU can run the instructions.

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Memory (RAM)

RAM is responsible for handling temporary data - such as web pages, open documents, image software, and much more. DDR4 is the latest current standard for RAM, spanning several generations of chipsets, and offering more support generation to generation.

When choosing your RAM, the larger amount of available RAM, the more temporary data can be storages - and is measured in GB (gigabytes). The speed of the RAM dictates how quickly data can communicate with the CPU and storage devices, and this is measured in MHz (megahertz).

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Memory RAM

Graphics Card (GPU)

The GPU is a piece of hardware that primarily deals with image data. For gamers, this is one of the most important factors when building or upgrading, as this can directly help with higher FPS and quality.

A GPU with a higher core count and clock speeds can handle information much quicker, while the bus width and memory speed dictate how fast the onboard memory (VRAM) can deal with textures, resolution, anti-aliasing and post-processing effects. A powerful GPU is also favoured by professionals who deal with image software such as those dealing with graphics design and image manipulation.

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graphics cards

Storage Drive

Your storage drive is the home of all of your files, games, programs, and operating system. There are various types of storage for your PC but fall into two categories - solid state and hard disk.

Solid state (SSD) is available in a 2.5" form factor and a M.2 NVMe drive. These drives don't use moving parts and are therefore much quicker. Whilst these drives are super quick, they tend to have smaller capacity, so are usually used for OS installation and a working or games drive.

Hard disks (HDD) has a spinning platter, and tend to come in two speeds: 7200 RPM and 5400 RPM. Available in 3.5" (used in desktops) and 2.5" (normally used in laptops), they are slower to read and write but offer much higher capacities - with over 10TB of storage now available.

Explore Storage Drives
Storage Drives

Power Supply (PSU)

Your PSU is what powers everything in your build and should not be skimped out on. A reliable, stable, and adequate PSU is paramount. PSUs are rated in how efficient they are, termed 80PLUS, and are most commonly 80 PLUS Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium - the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit.

The wattage you'll require is decided from the parts you use, but for those looking to potentially upgrade or overclock in the future a slightly higher wattage would be advised.

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Power Supply

Other components not in this section:

Secondary Components

Adapter Cards

Adapter cards are PCIe devices that allow more connectivity and functionality to your system. These can be anything including capture cards, PCIe storage, and more.

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Optical Drives

Optical drives allow users to back up data to and from CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks - and simultaneously use them to play DVDs and Blu-Rays or listen to CDs.

Explore Optical Drives

Networking Cards

Ideal for adding Wi-Fi when a tethered connection isn't possible, or for users with specific networking requirements.

Wired Network Adapters

Wireless Network Adapters

Sound Cards

As the name may suggest, sound cards allow for a dedicated process for audio - and are used to add surround sound or other connectors, such as optical rather than the standard 3.5mm jack.

Explore Sound Cards

Upgrade Bundles

If you're looking for a simple solution for your next upgrade, our Upgrade Bundles are a great place to start. These are pre-configured and designed for compatibility and performance, available for both Intel and AMD users, our bundles comprise of a motherboard, CPU, RAM, and cooler - with some bundles having customisation options.

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Want to Read More?

Did you know we run our very own Overclockers UK blog? Enrol at the Overclockers UK Academy and learn everything there is to building your dream gaming PC.

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PC Components FAQ

What are the most important PC components?

Without a motherboard, processor, RAM kit, and power supply, your PC will not work. Storage is necessary for holding files, programming, and game saves. If your PC is primarily going to be used for gaming, then a graphics card becomes a necessity. Certain processors have integrated graphics, but they do not compare to the performance of a dedicated GPU. Other components listed on this page are for tailoring your gaming PC to suit your needs.

Are PC components universally compatible?

No. Each component has its own generation, for instance DDR4 for RAM or Alder Lake for Intel processors. There is also brand compatibility to consider, for instance an AMD chipset will not work with an Intel processor. When building your gaming PC, you need to take these factors into consideration when choosing hardware.

Do PC components come with RGB lighting?

Certain makes and models do! Across the range of products we sell at Overclockers UK, there are motherboards, graphics cards, RAM modules, power supply units, and more that come equipped with RGB LEDs.

Do I need to cool my PC components?

To keep your gaming PC running longer at peak performance, then yes, a thermal solution is a must. This can be either air cooling, using fans to bolster the natural airflow of your case, or water-cooling. Water-cooling is a little more complicated but runs much quieter, and leaves scope for impressive custom loops. The most important pc components to cool are your CPU, graphics card, and power supply. PSUs tend to have a built-in fan.

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