Delid-Die-Mate 2

  • Practical "der8auer" tool for easy removal ("heads") of the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS)

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Manufacturer: der8auer

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Product information:

Delid-Die-Mate 2

Practical tool from "der8auer" for the easy removal ("delidding") of the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS), compatible with Intel Ivy Bridge / Haswell / Devil's Canyon / Broadwell / Skylake / Kaby Lake / Coffee Lake and Comet Lake-S CPUs, Version 2 is made from anodised black aluminium, overclock comfortably and safely like a professional! Anyone who was building their gaming PC in the early 2000s can probably still recall the numerous instances of broken CPUs, as occurred with the AMD Athlon XP whose silicon core broke at the corners when mounting a CPU cooler. In order to avoid the high RMA rate of otherwise perfectly functioning processors, especially when placed in the hands of less experienced users, proceeding generations of processors - beginning with the AMD Athlon 64 and Intel Pentium III - simplified the process of mounting the CPU cooler by installing a metal heat spreader on the CPU package, thereby successfully protecting the CPU die from damage.

This mostly nickel-plated copper Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) guides the heat produced by the chip into the CPU cooler and distributes the thermal energy over a larger surface area more effectively than raw silicon alone. In order to effectively integrate both components a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is located between the heat spreader and the silicon chip, which itself has not consisted of solder since 2012. Instead of solder a standard thermal paste is used, and this has also gone on to take the place of solder in all proceeding series of CPU. However due to its relatively low thermal conductivity it has drastically reduced the potential for extreme overclocking.

The proportions of the CPU cooler in this instance are almost irrelevant, since the heat build-up occurs inside of the processor package. To enable effective cooling of this kind of CPU even while functioning under extreme overclocks, daring enthusiasts and extreme overclockers separate the heat spreader with a sharp razor blade or similar tools. This demands the greatest of care and a supreme confidence in your ability to avoid damaging vital components. This radical method holds a not inconsiderable degree of risk for even professional overclockers with a superabundance of experience to call upon.

The der8auer Delid Die Mate 2 - An Overview:

  • Practical tool for removing the heat spreader of a CPU
  • Quick, easy, and most importantly - no damage
  • Manufactured from premium anodised black aluminium
  • Laser engraved with the stylish der8auer logo in white
  • High compatibility with Intel processors
  • Safe and convenient professional-level overclocking!


Overclock to the Limit Safely & Easily like an Overclocking Champion!

The benchmark-grandmaster Roman "der8auer" Hartung developed, and in version two improved upon, the Delid Die Mate 2 solution. This solution allows anybody to easily, comfortably and safely remove the heat spreader without risking a premature end to a pricey purchase. Known as a CPU delidding tool and manufactured from black anodised aluminium with a laser-engraved der8auer logo, it allows the heat spreader to be removed risk-free in under a minute. The processor is placed into the Delid Die Mate 2 receptacle according to the arrow marking on the CPU, and a slider responsible for cutting the CPU is inserted and then slowly and evenly tightened by means of an Allen key which completely removes the heat spreader which is then separated from the processor. This method allows the removal process to be performed absolutely reliably and without risk of damage.

This previously dangerous act of DIY is turned into something routine and harmless, thereby guaranteeing that the CPU and the now accessible CPU components survive unscathed. This opens up completely new possibilities in the realm of CPU modding to extreme overclockers and their aspirational counterparts everywhere. The issue of additional heat transfer between heat spreader and silicon has now disappeared and the CPU's temperature falls precipitously as a consequence - even without any overclocking. An additional advantage is that a more premium thermal paste with improved conductivity can and should be chosen, for example the offering from Thermal Grizzly . The results speak for themselves: Temperature reductions of 10 °C to 20 °C are achievable.

A popular alternative for some processor generations lies in the choice of Thermal Interface Material e.g. replacing it with a liquid metal thermal paste offering notably improved conductivity. This subsequently allows the heat spreader and a full cooler to be reattached as normal by means of silicon adhesive. To maintain reliable contact between the heat spreader and the CPU, the third component of the Delid Die Mate 2 is required, this is inserted over the receiving module and enacts a vice-like pressure from above. It should be ensured, however, that the amount of pressure applied is not excessive in order to prevent damage to the CPU.

German Engineered Perfection - Developed by World Overclocking Champion "der8auer"

Roman "der8auer" Hartung (pronounced: "der Bauer") is a young mechatronics student, hardware enthusiast and professional overclocker from Germany. In spite of his relatively young age he has been active in the overclocking scene for may years and has already set numerous world records. Always interested in squeezing the last drops of performance out of any piece of high-end hardware he can get his hands on, the OC grandmaster (as of August 2015) sits at second place in the professional "Elite" rankings of the best overclockers in the world (see! At Caseking der8auer offers a range of exclusive OC products to allow hobbyists to get a taste of the breathtaking performance just waiting to be unlocked, as well as massively overclocked Extreme Gaming Systems for enthusiasts and overclocking bundles or even custom LN2/DICE containers for liquid nitrogen or dry ice cooling.

*** Important Warning! ***
The removal of the CPU heat spreader is performed at your own risk and always results in the complete invalidation of the manufacturer's guarantee and warranty

Compatibility Information: Without the integrated heat spreader the mounting height of the CPU cooler decreases slightly and, because of this, coolers with fixed mounting heights can no longer be mounted. For this reason please be sure to check prior to installation whether the selected cooler can also be set to a lower mounting height. If you should require assistance, you can contact Roman "der8auer" Hartung personally
Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 60 mm
  • Type: CPU Heat Spreader Remover
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Anodised Black (laser engraved with the der8auer logo)
  • Compatible with all Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devil's Canyon, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake Socket 115x (so no "-E" versions) Desktop Processors
  • Bundle:
    1x Delid Die Mate 2 (three components)
    1x Allen Key
    1x Allen Screw

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Very good quality Top product

Used this to delid my I7 3770k cpu no problems the tool makes it so easy the clamp is also a usefull tool

glynn 2019-04-07

Couldn't make it any easier!

Really is a great little product. So simple, hassle free, no drama, literally takes seconds.

Luke Edwards 2018-11-24

Do it.....Do it now!

Made this so simple a child could do it. 8700k running at 5.15ghz on water loop.
Previous setting.
5.0ghz @ 1.35v - 86c+
With condutonaut liquid metal
5.2ghz @ 1.4v - 65c max at 100% load.

Need I say more.

Paul shaw 2018-07-03

Quick and easy

Used this to delid my 8700K, before delidding my load temps used to be up in the 70s. Once delidded I used liquid metal to cool the chip and BOOM! 20c cooler!. Delid- die-mate 2 definitely helped with easily being able to remove the IHS without damaging the CPU.

N.B. Always follow the instructions.

Moss 2017-12-31

Great Product

I bought this to delid my I5 4690k.

The product felt very premium, all the parts felt secure and they fit together well.

The delid went off without a hitch and my temps have dropped 15 degrees - This turned a very daunting task into a simple 20 minute job - I never felt during the process that my CPU was at risk

Great product, would reccomend.

Benen Iremonger 2017-08-23

Fool-proof method for delidding & relidding

An absolutely wonderful piece of kit, used it to delid my 4790k which was running too hot, as a first time delidder I managed to do the whole thing in about 10 minutes and 30 mins of waiting for the silicone adhesive to dry.

I have got a 20 degrees Celsius drop in my temps by using this with thermal grizzly conductonaut so it's a massive yes from me.

Build quality is also pretty great and sturdy so no complaints anywhere :)

Admiral Teddy 2017-07-13

Highly recommend!

Delided my 6600K in less than a minute. Super easy and effective.

Done no damage at all. Reliding was easy too as came with a template to slot the ihs into for perfect realignment.

Bit pricey for a 1 time use though. Now selling mine as i now have no need for it. On ebay if interested.

Andrew Vickerson 2017-06-09

Delid-Die-Mate 2

Delid-Die-Mate 2

Basically does what it says on the tin....+ Very Well too !!!
I am using a custom loop, so this can explain some of the good results...
For reference my friend bought one too and runs one of those - "AIO Cpu Block/Radiator Combo" - He is getting great results... I would guess on air the result may differ slightly...

D5 pump (Pump Position 2)
XSPC Bayers Reservoir
2 x XSPC RX360 Radiators...
I7 6700K Skylake
Parvum Systems L1.0 ATX Case (Large) Corsair AF + SP 120mm 15 x fans...
Room Temp 20oC Approx

QUICK REF - IBT 2.54 StressTest (10 Runs @ Standard)

@ Stock, Stock Volts + Load
@ 4.6Ghz @ 1.25v + Load
@ 4.8GHz @ 1.35v + Load

Results -

IBT @ Stock - Load, Temps 35-38oC Approx
IBT @ 4.6GHz - Load, Temps 40oC Approx
IBT @ 4.8GHz - Load, Temps 45 - 57oC Approx

Of all the stress tests I have done, I never saw over 60oC

@ Stock - Below - 60oC
@ 4.6 - 4.8GHz - 77 - 95oC

An absolutely fantastic set of results , very happy...

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut - Liq Metal - "Die to IHS"
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - "IHS to CPU Waterblock"

I hope this helps

Paul 2017-05-19


i7 7700k delidding with this tool is a doddle.
PC is watercooled with custom loop. Chip is OC to 4800 MHz. Using Intel Burn & CPUID HWMonitor
temps are

Core 0 Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Cpu Package Room
Before 78 74 73 67 76 78 17
After 59 60 59 54 59 60 18

TIM used was CooLaboratory Ultra

Jack Leyland 2017-05-12


I've played around delidding old CPUs before with a razor and it always takes ages. There's always a big risk of cutting off a resistor, damaging the die or slicing your finger open.

With the Delid-Die-Mate 2 it removes most of that risk and the process takes a matter of seconds. It took me under 30s to delid my i7-4770K and felt much safer for the CPU.

I was able to replace the terrible stock TIM with some liquid ultra and use the included IHS re-positioning tool and clamp to reattach the IHS in the correct position with some silicone adhesive.

I never would have felt comfortable taking a razor or block of wood/hammer to my i7 but this gave me the confidence to give it a go. And I'm glad I did, it's reduced my idle temps by 2C and my load temps by a whopping 14C!

Brilliant tool, would recommend.

Ben 2017-05-10

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