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 - MOZA Racing R5 Racing Simulator (R5 Direct Drive wheelbase, ES Steering Wheel, SR-P Lite Pedal)

MOZA Racing R5 Racing Simulator (R5 Direct Drive wheelbase, ES Steering Wheel, SR-P Lite Pedal)

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Racing simulator, ES Racing Wheel, R5 DD Wheelbase, SR-P Lite Pedals, MOZA Pit House support, Premium materials
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Take to the road using a complete racing ecosystem, the MOZA Racing R5 Racing Simulator. This racing bundle includes a steering wheel, pedal set, wheelbase, and table clamp – everything you need to level up your racing set-up. With a plethora of features fine-tuned for racing sims, enjoy streamlined performance in every race. What’s more, this bundle is fully supported by MOZA Pit House software, enabling you to take full control.

MOZA Racing R5 Racing Simulator at a Glance:

  • Racing simulator bundle that includes a steering wheel, pedal set, and wheelbase
  • Sporty ES Steering Wheel with microfibre leather grips
  • R5 direct-drive wheelbase with 5.5Nm of torque
  • Highly adjustable SR-P Lite two pedal set
  • Fully supported by MOZA Pit House software
  • Includes R5 Table Clamp for mounting the wheelbase

ES Steering Wheel

The ES Steering Wheel is manufactured from premium materials, including microfibre leather for the grips and aluminium alloy for the frame. Chosen for their durable properties, these materials enhance the longevity of the steering wheel.

Primed for racing sims, the ES Steering Wheel has many features that will help boost your performance. The shifters utilise an all-aluminium design that gives them a neat and clean feel each time you shift gear. Plus, with the RGB shift indicator, you can time each manoeuvre perfectly. Putting control in your fingertips, there are twenty-two customisable buttons at your disposal and within easy reach. Make quick, on-the-fly adjustments mid-race without dropping a place.

Finally, the ES Steering Wheel features a quick release mechanism that allows you to attach and detach it from any MOZA Racing wheelbase. Incredibly simple, this process takes seconds, enabling you to switch out wheels or bases to suit the sim you're currently playing.

R5 Direct Drive Wheelbase

The R5 DD Wheelbase contains the servo motor that turns the ES Steering Wheel. This base boasts a lightweight frame that optimises the punchy 5.5Nm of torque, letting you feel the power of direct drive technology. What’s more, the motor was designed with the help of engineers and motorsports experts. As a result, this wheelbase has ultra-low torque ripple and groove, for the smoothest steering experience. To track steering, the R5 DD Wheelbase is equipped with a 15-bit motor encoder. This ultra-high resolution enables the base to facilitate a true-to-life feel with incredibly accurate steering.

With aviation-grade aluminium housing, the R5 Wheelbase has a sleek finish as well as incredible durability and endurance. Enhancing component longevity, this wheelbase features intelligent temperature control. Even when endurance racing, this base will provide reliable performance. Thanks to the industrial conductive slip ring, the overall lifespan of this wheelbase is approximately five million revolutions.

SR-P Lite Pedal Set

The SR-P Lite Pedal Set includes a throttle and brake pedal, manufactured from high-strength steel. Paired with the anti-slip pads, this setup creates rock-solid stability, no matter how intense the race may get. Each pedal is equipped with a precise Hall sensor, ensuring maximum consistency and performance, as well as stability.

These pedals are highly adjustable, to meet your ergonomic needs. Configure the foot plate height and spacing to optimise comfort. Additionally, they can be mounted inverted, if that is your preferred set-up. Whether you’re a pro or racing from home, you can arrange the SR-P Lite Pedal set to suit your driving style.

R5 Table Clamp

With the inclusion of the R5 Clamp, you can race even with limited space. Negating the need for a full frame rig, the R5 clamp mounts the wheelbase directly onto your desk or table. With two brackets and adjustable screws to hold in place, the R5 clamp will stand firm even during high-speed twists and turns.

The mounting plate is angled upwards, optimising comfort and reducing risk of knocking into the table as you drive.

MOZA Pit House

The MOZA Racing R5 Racing Simulator is fully supported by their comprehensive software, MOZA Pit House. Available on PC and as an app for cloud-based control, this software allows you to tweak the settings on your wheel, pedals, and wheelbase. Create setting profiles for different racing sims and easily load pre-sets. Adjustments can be made with one-click settings or manually fine-tuned, for beginners and pros alike.

What’s more, the MOZA Pit House serves as a one-stop-shop for all firmware updates. Easily upgrade all connected devices at once, with a single click.

MOZA Racing R5 Racing Simulator Specifications:

Brand MOZA Racing
Model R5 Racing Simulator
Bundle Contents ES Steering Wheel
R5 DD Wheelbase
SR-P Lite Pedal Set
R5 Table Clamp
Materials Wheel: Microfibre leather, aluminium alloy
Wheelbase: Aviation-grade aluminium
Pedals: High strength steel
ES Steering Wheel Features 11” wheel
22 buttons
Intelligent telemetry supported
Quick release mechanism
R5 Wheelbase Features Direct drive form
Infinite rotation
5.5Nm maximum torque
1000Hz USB refresh rate
110V~220V AC —>12V DC input voltage
15 bits encoder resolution
SR-P Lite Pedals Features Hall sensor
Adjustable pedal spacing and plate height
Pedal input adjustment supported
Pedal input reversal supported
Pedal output curve adjustment supported
Anti-slip pad
MOZA Pit House Supported


Product Code SKU R5 R9 V2 R16 R21
RS035 ES × ×
RS026 CS V2
RS25 RS V2
RS036 GS V2
CS V1 ×
RS V1 ×
GS V1 ×
RS19 SRP Lite × × ×
RS11 SRP ο ο ο ο
RS04 CRP ο ο ο ο
RS31 HBP Handbrake ο ο ο ο
RS039 HGP Shifter ο ο ο ο
RS06 E-stop ×
RS16 CM × ×
RS05 RM × ×
RS07 Quick Release
      ✓ - Supported ο - USB direct connection to PC × - Not Supported
Primary Colour Black
Secondary Colour Grey, White
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A great direct drive bundle to start with, plenty of torque and FFB detail

by Andrea star star star star star

I re-entered the Sim Racing world after 10 years of break, and went straight into Direct Drive. After some research I decided to pull the trigger with the R5 Bundle. Such a great choice. Great power and fine tuning, the quick release mechanism is pure pleasure and work flawlessly and scream quality (it's all metal). The base never gave me any issue, plenty of power in my opinion, force feedback is very granular and detailed. Recently I paired it with the RS V2 wheel, which is perfectly capable of handling it, at the cost of an increased dampening due to the increased weight of the RS V2 wheel. Although I've found it even less robotic and more realistic due to the increased inertia! Also used it with the GS V2P wheel, and even with that it's a dream. The Moza Pit House is well done and it has a clean interface. The Moza App from the phone allows for real time adjustments! Overall a great bundle to enter Sim Racing world with direct drive. I've just upgraded it yesterday with a R9 V2, as I wanted a little bit more power. Sold the R5 online and it went within 1h! :-D Although I highly recommend purchasing the brake performance mod kit as without it there's very little resistance in the brake pedal and it's not very realistic, as well as difficult to balance your brake force. Apart from that, highly recommended.

Amazing feel, quick delivery

by KSB star star star star star

Delivered within 24 hours and product is working very well.

Not Just Entry Level....

by Chico star star star star star

To be honest the R5's 5.5 nm of Torque is plenty. I would not place this wheelbase in the weak category at all. As the stock ES wheel is quite heavy compared to other wheels I would imagine a wider, lighter wheel like the Moza KS would also be an acceptable experience. I advise everyone who gets the R5 bundle to purchase the 'SR-P Lite' brake pedal performance upgrade kit from the 'get go'. It works so well with the R5 bundled pedals that I don't see a need to upgrade them anytime soon. The 'Moza Pithouse' software is very easy to navigate and for settings and reviews, I would definitely recommend the 'Race Beyond Matter' Ytub'er. His info matched perfectly with my experience of the R5. One hiccup that can occur sometimes with some R5 & R9 bases is the wheel centering itself a few degrees off of center after a Moza f/w update but it should be sorted by using the 'Wheel Base Recovery and Reset' option in the 'Recovery & Reset' tab in the 'Pithouse' software itself (follow the on-screen instructions). It not only fixes the issue but also makes the wheel rotation smoother as well. This info should have been in a manual somewhere as a troubleshooting tip. Apart from getting a KS wheel at some point, I don't really see the need to upgrade for years to come. Hope your R5 experience is as good as mine.

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£458.99 (incl. VAT)
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